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What a great cookbook! The material is well written and presented in an easy to follow manner. I look forward to trying out several of these recipes.
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The is an easy win for me....I’m a sucker for not only a cookbook, but a Keto Mexican cookbook.....Yes please!!  This is so much than the same old boring Keto cookbooks.  This is a must for anyone who is looking for low carb but loves Mexican food!
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Low-carb diets are extremely effective; however, these diets don’t really appeal to Latinos, who crave beans, rice, tortillas, tequila, potatoes, yuca and other tubers that are forbidden for those keeping ketogenic. What’s a chava to do?

Well, Chiquis Rivera has the answer for you. For those who aren’t familiar with the Latino music scene, Chiquis Rivera (stage name for Janey Marín Méndez) is the daughter of the late, beloved Mexican singer Jenni Rivera. [Her nickname “Chiquis” derives from Chiquita (little), a reference to Chiquis’ petite stature. So it lends itself to the pun “Chiquis Keto.”] The buxom Chiquis has become a beloved singer in her own right. But her greatest contribution to Hispanic culture (and health) is going to be this excellent cookbook. On her diet-and-exercise plan, the erstwhile-zaftig Chiquis has shed enough weight to fit into a size 8 and hopes to get down to a size 6. She credits her so-called Chiquis Keto regimen with not just helping her lose weight but also with giving her more energy and mental clarity.

While leaning heavily toward Mexican cuisine, a lot of these recipes can be adapted regardless of where you’re from, be it Spain or the Americas. The recipes will also appeal to Americans with a taste for Tex-Mex. Yet, what I really appreciated the most from Chiquis was her commonsense approach to low-carb eating: no counting carbs and no extreme ketogenic menus. Chiquis even recommends setting aside a meal per week where you satisfy that carb craving! What with these easy, delicious recipes and her 21-day exercise plan, every gordita will be looking bien, bien guapa soon enough!

Just a warning for the strait-laced, Chiquis’ language can get pretty grosera (foul). It’s a small price to pay for ketogenic tortillas and enchiladas. Plus Chiquis doesn’t write like a diet guru; instead, she sounds like an amiga chévere (fantastic friend), always ready to guide and reassure. My only reservations are that there are no carb-count or caloric information for the recipes and no photographs. Still, it’s one of the better low-carb cookbooks I’ve come across. ¡Felicidades, Chiquis!

In the interest of full disclosure, I received this book from NetGalley and Atria books in exchange for an honest review.
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Learn to eat Keto with Latina flair!  This book contains many keto recipes with grocery lists.  I say, “Viva la keto” and to eat yourself thin with these alternatives to fattening Tex-Mex!
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The 21 day starter kit for taco and tortillas had me (I don't drink alcohol). This book is fun full of sassyness and delicious recipes. 

I believe I have mentioned before I am a lackluster Keto dieter. Therefore this book is perfect for me. Now add the fact that because this is filled with Mexican food deliciousness my family doesn't even notice I'm feeding them a keto dinner BAM!! 

Yes it's that dramatic my family doesn't want to keto so I am on my own. Which generally means it's hit or miss. This book is just right since the author has a relaxed approach and yummy recipes. Ummm yes please!! 

I do need to point out if you are die hard keto you possibly should pass on this one. I know people can get fairly upset over the relaxed keto method so be forewarned. But honestly I  am perfectly ok with that. I'm a lifestyle change "my way" kinda girl and too much structure will derail me 

One thing to point out is the shopping list is not specific on amounts to purchase so you can't just run with it. You will need to figure out amounts from the recipes. 

I do love the workout playlists and plans I find those fun and helpful. I wish they had formatted the book because certain recipes are referenced but they all say page 000.

That left me needing to search for the recipe.... I'm sure that will probably be fixed in editing but it is a little annoying in this copy because I couldn't just flip to those recipes.

So in the off chance that is not addressed... Digital is NOT your friend with this cookbook get the actual book. 

If you are a Chiqui fan you will love this book. Her personality really comes to life through the pages. I was unfamiliarwith her before this book and I found her approach to jeto honest and interesting she keeps it real. 

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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First, I have no idea who Chiqui is, but she had me on board with the subtitle of this book "The 21 day starter kit for taco, tortilla, and tequila lovers". That's me!
Second, I'm not strictly keto. My husband is diabetic and the recipes often give me great low and no carb options. 
My entire review will be through these lenses.
In the first few chapters, Chiqui tells you all about who she is, her philosophies on life, and her way of doing keto. Then the plan begins. My issue with the shopping list is that it doesn't tell you how much you'll need. Just WHAT you'll need. I do love the workouts and workout playlists. The next section is for recipes. I wish they had formatted the book for each week's items together. Everything for week 1 together, week 2, week 3. Digital is NOT your friend with this book. 
I imagine if you are a Chiqui fan, you probably will love this book. Her personality really shines through. I did find a few recipes that I am really excited to try.
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This is a really fun and sassy keto cookbook. I liked the workouts that went with each week and the song playlist for those workouts! So fun! I think the recipes are really nice, but the lack of photos is a turn off. I wish there are some so I can visualize the types of food. I think the cover of the book is so different from the inside - there is so much pink inside the book that I wish there was more pink on the cover!
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This book is adorable.  I'm pretty strictly keto so I was a little nervous reading the introduction that says to throw macros out the window (fear not, they're still explained in the book) and that the recipes will lack carb counts.  But just by looking at the ingredients in the recipes, I can tell that they are truly keto friendly.  I absolutely love the tortilla recipe with ground pork rinds (my personal favorite flour substitute).  Not hugely into the use of "carb free" protein powders used in the sweeter recipes - those tend to kick me out of ketosis and cause inflammation.  And there are a lot of flavored ghees included which I have never seen in a grocery store before so they're a bit confusing.  Little nitpicks aside, the writing is very fun and encouraging.  I enjoyed reading the "self help" portion of it - it's definitely a great pep talk if you ever need one.  And I do think that the grocery lists and weekly menu plans are helpful - I would recommend swapping the order perhaps?  Recipes followed by shopping list feels more natural.
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You learn a bit more about the author in this book than about keto. Some information seemed incorrect or incomplete, with some ingredients not being keto approved. Macro info wasn't included, and that's important for keto. Therefore, you may or may not be receiving accurate info. I liked the fact that a meal plan, workout guide, and recipes were included, but I"d expected more complete information with the recipes. This could be useful to people who want a modified keto plan.
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An easy enjoyable read and a lot of good recipes. Would'be been very helpful if a number of servings along with calories and macros were given, That would take guesswork out of how to fit these dishes into rotation calorie wise. Authors focus a lot on eating and don't necessarily keep in mind that you still have to eat within your calories, keto or not, and be in caloric deficit to lose weight.
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I think there were a lot of great recipes in the book. I live in Texas so I enjoy a lot of Mexican food. I  kind of skimmed the beginning so I can not form an opinion on if this book is "Keto enough" but I am sure there will be plenty of "Keto Police" who say it isn't. ALL of the recipes that I marked to try were perfectly Keto. This book may be more for people who want a more relaxed stab at a way of eating that some people find incredibly intimidating. I think there are so many great alternatives. I have so many recipes I am going to try out this week, the first recipe I plan to try is the tortillas. I am ecstatic to have a low carb version to try that isn't all cheese.
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If you like Chiquis and want to hear her personal story, then her personality really comes across in this book.  If you are wanting to go keto, please find another source.  What she and her personal trainer are doing might be working for her, but there is a lot of misinformation or at least incomplete information in this book.  Example is that under sweeteners she okays sorbitol and mannitol, neither are approved keto and she didn't mention erythritol or xylitol which both are.  To be keto you must know what your macros are yet she didn't include this information in any of her recipes, so you either have to stick to her meal plan without deviation and hope that she did the macros for you and just didn't tell you, or you have a lot of homework to do before you can eat.  I was completely disappointed because I was looking for a keto cookbook that showed me how to eat the Latin foods that I love.  The book does include a meal plan, a workout guide, recipes and a whole lot of Chiquis.
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Chiquis keto book was a great book for anyone interested in learning about the keto diet from someone that is in mainstream latina entertainment. The book was written in a fun way and had fantastic recipes as well.
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