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LOVED this book! As a Jewish woman, I hardly ever see myself reflected in literature, especially in YA. The characters in this book were great and I really enjoyed the themes that were brought up.
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Rowan Roth and Neil McNair have been high school rivals for the last four years. On the final day of high school, they are going to learn who is the valedictorian. They have the same grades and are even co-presidents of school council. After Neil wins the title of valedictorian, Rowan wants to win the final prize of their senior year. The graduating class does a special scavenger hunt every year, with this year’s price being $5,000. When Rowan learns that another student is planning on sabotaging Neil, she teams up with him to win. This is the first time they’ve spent time together not competing against each other, which makes them acknowledge their feelings for each other.

This is an amazing story! I could relate to Rowan’s experience in high school. I wasn’t the top of my class, but I had different expectations on what high school would be like. Rowan wrote a list of things she thought she would accomplish in high school when she was a freshman. When she opens the list on her final day, she realizes she didn’t do anything that she thought she would. This is such an honest representation of high school. Usually in movies or tv shows, high school focuses on the most popular kids who follow that typical idealized version of school. There are very few, if any, students who fulfill that role in high school, so I think Rowan would be relatable to many readers.

Rowan loves romance novels but no one else in her life thinks they’re worth reading. I could relate to this too. I loved reading when I was younger, but my friends in my teen years weren’t big readers, so I drifted away from it. If my friends didn’t approve of something I liked, I ended up putting it down. Now I know I should have stood up for what I liked, but it’s difficult to do when you’re a teenager trying to fit in. I think this part of Rowan’s life would be relatable to readers too.

I loved this book! I can’t wait to read Rachel Lynn Solomon’s adult debut next month!

Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Today Tonight Tomorrow was a very cute contemporary novel. Taking place over the course of a day, it definitely was a fast paced book and executed the 24 hour trope very well.  It was sex positive which I loved and it really explored connecting with religion and identity.
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The rivalry between Rowan Roth and Neil McNair began with a book report contest at the start of high school. Neil came in first and Rowan came in second and so the competition began. Now they are seniors and it is the last day of high school.  Both are in the running for valedictorian but it is Neil who is chosen and Rowan ends up the salutatorian.  Rowan has one last chance to beat Neil at something. The last day of high school the seniors participate in a scavenger hunt called The Howl. It is an intricate and difficult scavenger hunt and  Rowan is determined to finish in first place. As the contestants get eliminated the competition ramps up. Despite their ongoing rivalry Rowan and Neil team up hoping to win the competition.
TODAY, TONIGHT, TOMORROW follows a popular storyline. All through school Rowan finds Neil annoying. Suddenly or not so suddenly Rowan starts to think that Neil is cute with all his freckles and notices he has developed a some muscle tone. How could she possibly like him when she has always observed him as a pain and thorn in her side?
Even though the reader knows what to expect with this popular storyline I thoroughly enjoyed the transition from “I can’t stand you!” to “I am so into you!”. Rowan and Neil are likeable characters and carry the story to its’ happy conclusion. 
I would recommend TODAY, TONIGHT TOMORROW to fans of contemporary romantic Y/A fiction. 
Thank you to Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read an advanced e-edition.
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Loved it! It was cute, it was exciting, it was sexy, it was everything I love in an excellent story. So much about the story was dedicated to making sure that we, the readers, understand just how much Rowan loves Seattle, and by the end, I did. I loved this girl, and her love of genre specific books. Her love of her city, her friends, and her faith. Her drive and her compassion. I looooved Neil. His love of words, his freckles, his intensity, all of it. What a brilliant way to bring two people from seemingly polar ends of the spectrum together. Yup. I loved it. Have I mentioned that yet?
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This was truly addicting and adorable, I couldn't put it down.

I loved reading this. Seeing their relationship grow and overcomming their preconcieved notions about each other.
Hate to love would be astrong way to put it. I don't think they ever truly hated eachother, I'd say it was more like friendemies. It really seems like they played off eachother and never realised the potential they had together.

Eveything about this was just so good and I'd definitely reconmend it.
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This is the first book that I have read by this author. It was very interesting to read about the Jewish Faith. I think it’s the first one that I have read. 
Going into this book I had no idea what to expect. I was surprised at how much I loved this. It was a bittersweet, loveable book. When I started to notice that it was an enemy to lovers book, I started to love it. There’s just something about enemies to lovers that I just can’t get enough of. 
I finished this book with a smile on my face. I highly recommend this book.
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Today, Tonight, Tomorrow such a fun story. 
It's about two arch enemies teaming up to beat a game that every group of seniors play on their last day of high school called Howl.  The unexpected collaboration and teamwork leads them to learn more about each other, their families, how they grew up, likes and dislikes and what they hope for the future.  I really enjoyed the dynamics between Rowan and Neil, their witty comebacks and conversations.  If only I had that much confidence, drive and passion when I was in high school!

The questions the characters posed in the story are I'm sure, ones we can all relate to.  

About being afraid…of not being worthy enough..

"The thing is, I'm afraid.
Afraid of saying I want what they have.
Afraid they'll dismiss it as a hobby.
Afraid that if they read my work, they'll tell me I'm not good enough. 
Afraid they'll tell me I'll never make it."

Rowan comes up with reasons for why she loves romance novels and feels she has to justify them for the sake of others.  I love this reason:

"This is another reason I love romance novels: the way they attempt to normalize these conversations."

Normalizing conversations about love, romance, sexuality are so important, especially with teens as they're learning about their bodies, about themselves and each other.

This was a fantastic and enjoyable read. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing an copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I LOVED this book. I am sure you now know my favourite trope is enemies to lovers. I was done so well and I loved how Rowan and Neil teamed together to just stick it to the others. Even the story was only over a couple days I felt the author did a great job at making the characters romantic development seem genuine and feel true. I am glad that this was my first RLS book as I hear that the other ones are more hard hitting and I am definitely not up for that right now. I need some happy. I loved how the story was set up as a scavenger hunt as you could see how well these two worked together as a team and it is also an excuse to go to other peoples houses and learn about their family life and learn new things about the other. I love characters that can quip back and forth like and filled with banter. 

*Thank you to Netgalley for providing me a copy for an honest review!*
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Rowan and Neil have been rivals throughout their time in high school. Now with senior year about to end, and Neil having secured the valedictorian role, Rowan has one last chance to win against Neil in their class’ senior game, Howl. But when Rowan overhears that a group of their peers plan to specifically go after Rowan and Neil so neither will win, the two decide to team up, with the agreement that they will turn on each other in the end. Of course, as Rowan and Neil spend more time together, they realize maybe their rivalry was a bit misguided and maybe there are some different feelings there as well. 

This was a REALLY sweet and adorable book, and I had a great time reading it!

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow has everything you would expect from a YA book. Rowan was questioning what life would look like as her friends go off to different schools and make plans without her. She also is realizing that her rivalry with Neil may have forced her to miss out on learning about the people around her, and focusing on things other than their competition. She worries what she’ll do without having Neil to spar with, and wonders if she made the most out of her time in high school. 

Sometimes, when I read YA the characters seem over=dramatic and their issues seem trivial. This is, of course, because I’m a woman in my 30’s, and am not the target market for YA books. However, Today, Tonight and Tomorrow really tackled these “teenage issues” in an incredibly relatable way that reminded me what it was like to be a teenage. I loved how “into” the game of Howl everyone got, because I remember being so invested in those spirit events in high school and university. Prom, valedictorian, and leaving for college are so important at the time and I felt all sorts of nostalgia reading this book. 

The development of Rowan and Neil’s friendship and relationship was also just so pure and sweet. Yes, it moves quickly, but in all honesty, I could see something like this happening in real life. They’ve known each other for a long time, but it’s only after they start working together that the realize their feelings may be been under the surface for a long time. 

Overall, this was a fun and sweet read – a wonderful, easy escape book to read when you just want to have a good time. It’s also incredibly fast-paced and full of action, since it takes place over just a couple days. 

Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for providing an E-ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this story of two arch enemies teaming up to beat a game that every group of seniors play on their last day called Howl, and in the process start to learn more about each other and maybe even fall in love.

Rowan and Neil were such well rounded characters and I enjoyed seeing their struggles and their successes, within each other and also on their own.

This is a unique story told during the duration of one day and so many things happen and despite it being so short of a time frame, the tension and slow burn these characters have for each other is so believable.

Elements of the story I particularly enjoyed were the aspect of the scavenger hunt, Rowan loves reading, the parents and siblings were involved and the friendships.

These characters weren’t always making the best decisions, weren’t always the most likeable in their friend groups at times but that's what made them more intriguing.

I also forgot to mention I read the entirety of this novel in one sitting, staying up until about 2am to finish and was pulled in right from the beginning.

Rachel has a great way of writing that makes it easy to understand but such a hard time putting it down. I am intrigued to read her backlists and even more so to read the novels she will release in the future.
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I love how much this one highlighted how important it is to just love whatever you love, and not worry about calling things “guilty pleasures”. Rowan had a major love of romance, and felt a lot of the book feeling shame for loving that particular type of literature (same, girl). But then she slowly teaches the people around her that romance as a genre is important because it’s one of those mediums that is tailored specifically for women; teaching the readers to be sex positive, and understand consent etc. etc. ALL THE CLAPS FOR YOU RACHEL LYNN SOLOMON!!!

I also really love a book with a short time span (it’s literally today, tonight, and tomorrow haha). This book was quick, cute, and absolutely perfect! I loved the romance, and I love an enemies to lovers story 😍😍😍. Okay, I’m done. For now.

Thanks to my friend @litwithlauren for recommending, and to NetGalley and Simon Pulse for ‘granting my wish’ and giving me an eCopy for my honest review!
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This book was perfect. I loved every second of it. 

The story is about Rowan and Neil, who have been rivals ever since the beginning of high school. They are both at the top of their class and compete in essay contests, extra-curriculars, and, now, who's going to be valedictorian. Rowan and Neil are famous around school for how much they hate each other. EXCEPT, on their last day of high school, Neil and Rowan decide to team up for an intense senior class game and things... happen.

This book had everything I could ever want. Rachel Lynn Solomon is such a fantastic writer and both the characters of Neil and Rowan are so well-developed, you can tell she knows every detail about them inside and out, as if they are real human beings. Rowan is an over-achiever in love with romance novels that has given her a mildly unhealthy obsession with having a magical true-love moment. Whereas Neil, who usually comes off as cocky and sure-of-himself, is too familiar with unfortunate realities after going through some family hardships that he never tells anyone about.

These two characters are perfect together. I thought I would hate the enemies-to-lovers trope, because I tend to not enjoy it all that much, but this is written perfectly. Usually, what bugs me about the enemies-to-lovers trope is that I never understand how two people can fall in love after hating on each other and generally saying mean thing to each other for some time. But with Neil and Rowan, the fact that they start off as "enemies" benefits the both of them, as they constantly challenge each other to be better, and their attempts to sabatoge each other are more hilarious than they are mean. And I absolutely loved how, even though their romance took place over the course of a day, it didn't feel like they were falling in love out of nowhere. I think it was very smart of Rachel Lynn Soloman to already establish a relationship (no matter how un-romantic it was) before the start of the book, and really build on that during the book, so the characters don't seem thrown together randomly. Neil and Rowan really WORK together and I loved them both so much.

I also loved the very important themes that were woven so respectfully and wonderfully into the story. Rowan and Neil are both Jewish and encounter forms of anti-Semitism that are discussed in the novel. Rowan and Neil both have such amazing conversations about topics like why things catered towards women (fanfic, romance novels, reality tv) are always seen as trashy, or why you can be a sexually active girl and still be at the top of your class, or how it feels to be hurt by a family member and not being ready to forgive them. And they're all talked about so gracefully. It was perfect.

Plus the game the characters have to play, Howl, which is a senior class game comprised of a scavenger hunt across the city where you also have to tag people out, was SO fun. I love when there are interesting games in books, like in the TATBILB series. I just think they're so fun and give the characters a reason to team up or have their inner feelings towards each other come out. I loved how it took place across Seattle! It was really interesting to read.

I loved this book so much, and I love Neil and Rowan together, I kind of want a sequel of them in university now!!
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If you like YA books and are in the mood for something cute, then you should pick this one up. It was a fun read and it took me right back to high school. I thought the main characters were well thought out and well written. While filled with some typical high school drama, it also had a lot of heart and was both silly and adorable! 

For their entire high school career, Rowan and Neil were rivals. Always trying to best each other their last competition comes with a fun senior game called Howl - a scavenger hunt for the senior class before graduation that even includes a monetary prize! When they quickly realize that a majority of the class is out to get them and knock them off the winning pedestal for once, they decide that their only way to win is to team up to make it to the end. They will decide what to do then. Told over the course of 24 hours, we get to watch their relationship totally transform. 

Described as The Hating Game meets Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist, this book had everything you would expect of a YA romcom. It was a cute story and I liked the way Neil and Rowan's relationship progressed into a sweet high school love story. Thank you to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending this one my way and allowing me to read it.
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Review of ‘Today Tonight Tomorrow’, by Rachel Lynn Solomon
I have to admit that, as someone who didn’t want to have sex at a young age but was very curious about it, I got my first primer on the matter in romance books, and it did make me feel very empowered to make my decisions regarding what I wanted to do, with who, and when.  So I particularly appreciated main character Rowan Roth’s love for the genre, and her opinion that romance novels are not the trash they are usually deemed to be.  Being set at the end of high school, author Rachel Lynn Solomon spent some time to delve into the concept of endings and the related grief.  I feel that the entire book was very well-written, lingered on important topics just long enough to make a point without belaboring it, and presented its antagonist in a multi-layered way that helped readers feel pretty much like Rowan did—at first annoyed and put off yet intrigued, until finally, cheering him on.  A light-hearted yet surprisingly insightful read that will make any recent (and even not-so-recent ones such as myself) high school graduate feel nostalgic for the life they left behind.
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I may never shut up about this book. Truly. This book is beyond-words-beautiful. Today, Tonight, Tomorrow follows Rowan Roth and Neil McNair, notorious rivals and co-student-council-presidents at their high school in Seattle. As graduation looms, they set out to best each other one final time: at their school's Seattle-wide scavenger hunt, called Howl.

Over the course of 24 hours, Rowan and Neil grow from begrudgingly-respectful rivals, to reluctant friends, to lovers, and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT. This book is a testament to the fact that no matter how much you don't get along with someone, you might have more in common than you think.

The scavenger-hunt is an exciting setting - because of which I now know more about Seattle than I ever thought I would - but it's the characters that really makes this book as spectacular as it is. Enemies-to-lovers is an oft-used trope, so there were so many ways that Rachel Lynn Solomon could have made this book boring or cliche, but she didn't. 

Rowan is an intelligent, romance-novel-loving overachiever who has no qualms about her self-worth. She doesn't need a man - or anyone, really - to tell her that she's worth it, because she knows that she is. She's strong-willed, and outspoken about her opinions on "women's" media and a woman's position in society. 

Neil is equally as intelligent, but it doesn't go to his head. As much as he might not like Rowan at the beginning of the book, he is consistently respectful of her, and doesn't let competition get in the way of his being a decent human being. 

This book models a healthy sense of self and a healthy teen relationship in every single aspect. As if that weren't enough, the teens ACTUALLY act like teenagers, which is refreshing. The romance, by the way, is absolutely dizzying. 

I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, and I STILL pre-ordered a hard copy. It's that good. I fully intend on re-reading it once I get my physical copy.
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This was a lovely read that I read over a few sessions in a single day. It was light-hearted and fun, and like all good romances a little silly and OTT. In her message after the author describes it as a love letter to love and Seattle, and while I agree with this, I would say it was also a love letter to romance novels. Much like the author there are times when I have been in a reading slump or just couldn't psychologically cope with darker/heavier material, and romance novels have been the spark I needed to get out of the reading slump, despite me previously looking down my nose at such novels.
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Thank you to Netgalley, Rachel Lynn Solomon, and Simon & Schuster Canada for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion!

Another book I loved! I knew next to nothing going into this one, was intrigued by it and another winner! The premise of a game on the last day of high school is incredibly fun and makes me wish my own high school did something like that! 

A story about friendship, priorities, being true to yourself, sharing your true self with those you love, and a fun little romance trope are all building blocks of this book. I love that Solomon shows that sharing yourself with those in your close circle isn’t always an easy thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it will go as bad as you think either! I also enjoyed the friendly competition between Rowan and Neil and how you never really know people’s motivations or what drives them!

I found the characters to be true, and it was a great array of characters. I am happy to see LGBTQ+ characters in more stories these days, and this one has some representation! I also enjoyed the discussion of some of the stigma around romance novels. I think this is important because there are many more romance authors and different genres of romance within the main genre, and it tends to get a bad rep of being smutty and fluffy and silly. And sure, that may be the case for some, but not all!

If you’re looking for a trope, inclusion, fun, and some good topic discussion, pick this book up! It definitely made me want to read more books by Rachel!!!
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I became interested in reading "Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" by Rachel Lynn Solomon after seeing the cover and reading the synopsis, and I was both excited and grateful to receive an e-ARC copy of the book from Simon & Schuster Canada, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

"Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" is an enemies-to-lovers YA contemporary romance novel, following two characters and taking place over the course of one unforgettable 24-hour period. 

High school senior Rowan Roth has spent her entire academic career in a rivalry with Neil McNair. Ever since he won an essay contest in which she placed 2nd, the two of them have been at odds, trading victories and even becoming co-presidents of the Student Council. Both of them want to be named Valedictorian of the graduating class, but when Neil edges her out for the honour, Rowan vows to best him in a game of Howl, which is a grade-wide tradition for the senior class.

When a group of students band together to eliminate both of them from the game, they're forced to work together, in spite of their history, Rowan thought she knew everything about Neil (and vice-versa), but over the course of a single night, everything changes. Rowan has always loved romance novels, but could her happily ever after have been right in front of her all along?

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! I generally enjoy the enemies-to-lovers trope in books, but this might just be the best book I've read with that trope. It was sweet, it was funny, it was romantic, and it somehow managed to be a slow-burn while still taking place in a 24-hour period. I loved seeing the progression of Rowan and Neil's relationship, and the competition aspect was something unique and different for this type of book, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Rachel Lynn Solomon brought these characters and these situations to life beautifully, and the book exceeded all of my expectations!

"Today, Tonight, Tomorrow" is scheduled for publication on July 28th, 2020. Fans of Nicola Yoon and Kasie West will definitely want to add this to their shelves! Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book early!
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This is such a cute and lovely read. You will enjoy getting to know Rowan and Neil and their rivalry during their high school years as they race around Seattle for a scavenger hunt in celebration of the end of their high school career. So prepare yourself to laugh and swoon.
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