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Dark Agents, Book One

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I don't feel it's fair to give a full review on this book, because the format was so jumbled I was unable to follow any storyline.  It was as though all the pages had been shuffled, and then thrown in a stack.  

From what I could gather, it was likely a fun YA story, with demons and witches and the underworld, but there was no continuity.  

It was extremely difficult to read, as it formatted oddly on my phone, and wouldn't show up at all on a PC.  

 I gave it a three because the story had the potential to be interesting it if was in order, and I liked the artwork.
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I dont know if it's because the digital review copy I received was difficult to read with it bold font but this felt like it was more trouble than it was worth. The plot and characters werre alright, but I'm not super into Greek mythology so the world didnt do much for me. There were also some parts that didnt quite add up. I appreciate the important themes featured, but it wasnt enough to keep me engaged. The art fell a little flat for me. It just wasnt the type of art I personally enjoy.
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This book was made as a tool to help child therapist and it shows.

Called "an instruction manual with pictures." by fellow NetGalley reviewer Ije B., this book really focuses on the trauma and mental illnesses of all the characters. However in the process it sacrifices a good story and pacing. Teaching kids about mental illness and mindfulness is great and all, but can we get a good story too? And not a Greek mythology/ Harry Potter fanfic with witches? And can get some good art that doesn't look like glorified stick figures? Maybe? That's all I'm asking man...

I would recommend only for people who want to teach their kids about mental health, everyone else give this a hard pass.
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This was certainly not for me. It is an adventure story about a young witch who goes through a traumatic experience. She then gets admitted to a training programme for agents and as she trains she learns about trauma and how to respond to it.  The book gives a detailed explanation about mindfulness etc. 

Might be helpful for young people who have experienced trauma but it certainly wasnt for me. I just wanted a good graphic novel to read. This felt like an instruction manual with pictures. 

Nice artwork and colouring though.
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Actually, I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would! It had a good introduction and an simplistic art style, which made it easy to get into. Still some things were a little confusing and I felt like the book gave you too much information about one thing and then before you could comprehend it, it already gave you some more information about something else. 

The characters and their relationships with each other were soooo cute. I especially loved Violet and Cassie´s relationship. Also, Damen deserves the world!

This graphic novel also dealt with an important topic: PTSD. (I can´t tell you, if it was good representation) However, it wasn’t to serious. It also had many fun moments. (for example the main characters were at a bar and the drinks they ordered were hilarious!)

[Btw Idk if it was just my copy, but the font was sometimes hard to read]
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This was my first Graphic Novel. The Artwork was great. I think that the underlying helpfulness if the lessons of mindfulness were wonderful. The story was intriguing. My only critic would be that the words were sometimes hard to read even blown up a different text with a little better spacing might read clearer.
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