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Nothing says summer than a Cowboy! This novel was amazing from start to finish! I loved the characters and their love story. I will definitely be looking into this author and their other novels! Highly recommend!
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I love Claire- she is definitely the type of friend you need in your life. She's loyal, trustworthy, and willing to just be there when you need her. Ford was just the man to ride into her life and bring her her HEA.
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Carly Bloom delivers just the right amount of humor in this cowboy romance. Claire and Ford are so stubbornly adorable that you want all of the banter and bickering, but you desperately want all of their heated kisses more.

I especially enjoyed experiencing the friendships between men - all of the teasing and friendly taunting to get a rise out of each other. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at their antics. 

A Favorite Quote:
"Hey, I'm sorry if I'm flip and irreverent. It's what I do when I get nervous. Which is very unfortunate. You deserve a friend who can provide real comfort instead of just farting out of her mouth." 
We all have this one friend and we love them for it.

Things that made me laugh:
The backstory of Ford's name
The "Sunday safety pin"
Claire's sparkly show chaps 
The characters have a book club and there's one reader who didn't finish the book (that's real life y'all)

What I loved most about COWBOY COME HOME is that it's not just a second chance romance.  It's about family and finding a place to belong. And it's about community and taking care of each other, and you can't help but feel like you're a part of it all.

I loved it!!!
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Told from two perspectives, we have a ranch in trouble, a broken heart, a ton of cattle, plenty of superstitions and a cowboy back on the scene and believing himself cursed when it comes to matters of love.  And if that’s not enough to get you intrigued, we can add in friends and family, a tough yet sweet heroine with guts and determination to burn and chemistry that steams up the pages.  

Claire is twenty-nine, an only child, and the sole heir to the family ranch. But the ranch is in trouble and while Claire holds the ranch dear, she’s not quite experienced enough to be the boss in charge, and her father is aging.  Enter (or re-enter) Ford. The cowboy who broke her heart years ago, brought in by her father because he’s the man for the job. And, hopefully this time he’ll stick around for more than a bit.  

Ford loves Claire to death, but he’s convinced that he’s no good for her – in fact, he’s not cut out for love and romance of any kind. That’s why he left her years ago and took work, hopping from job to job and place to place, never allowing himself to get too involved. But, he never forgot Claire, and never let go of his belief that he’s cursed.  

When you add in the ‘second chance’ elements here – pulled by their chemistry, and the perspectives of both of the characters, with Claire’s near frenetic determination to save her family’s ranch – the two must work together. But she’s constantly denying the pull, he’s determined to avoid her whenever possible, and when the two do meet – the sparks, and the dialogue is witty, sharp and pointed.  Slowly but surely, they start to trust one another on a personal level, and the flames burn hot and fast. But with Ford struggling with his own issues while seeing the supportive friendships, camaraderie and love from friends and Claire’s family – it makes him want.  Not just Claire, but the whole picture.  If he can only trust in himself, even half as much as Claire seems to trust him – things would be better than good – they'd be explosive and for keeps.   

A lovely story full of superstitions surrounding ranching and cattle, the business, friendship, family, examining loyalties and taking chances – as a couple that was meant to be shows passion, commitment and plenty of hope as they move forward.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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My favorite book in the series so far! 

Claire and Ford's story was as little angsty, a lot of fun and extremely hot. I loved them together--their bickering, their unmistakable chemistry and that undeniable connection that shined through the page with their every interaction. I loved that the author didn't make it easy for these two to get together. Both were stubborn and had their own hang-ups (Ford) and assumptions (Claire). Neither one trusted what they felt, which made for some great introspection from both of them. Plus, their candid yet guarded conversations, paired with their flirty banter, were an amazing way to showcase how deeply their connection ran despite their continued efforts to convince themselves that their relationship was just "friends with benefits".

In the end, every element the author brought to the mix made the story flow seamlessly for me. I love it when a book has me laughing one minute and crying the next, it just makes me that much more invested in the story. 

All in all, a wonderful story and a fantastic addition to the series!
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I really liked this one! The world building is fantastic here and I always look more from it. Definitely recommend.
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4.5 stars

After I read and loved Big Bad Cowboy so much, I was sure that Cowboy Come Home would be another amazing book. Carly Bloom did not disappoint!

Claire and Ford were hinted at previously and their second chance romance was so sweet. Claire was a smart, capable heroine who is someone I'd love to have as a friend. Ford was frustrating a couple times but he didn't have the best example of relationships and how to make a real commitment. I did really like, though, how he believed in Claire and never doubted her abilities.

In addition to the excellent romance there was lots of laughs, small town fun, and some great moments with the book club group.

I am so glad I found a new favorite author!
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Cowboy Come Home is my first Carly Bloom book but certainly not my last!

I don't often read cowboy romances (definitely going to change that!) but I've seen Bloom's name around romancelandia for a while now so when I had the opportunity to request one of her books, I jumped on it. And thank goodness I did because this book was excellent. I really enjoyed dipping my toes into the cowboy romance genre with this one.

Bloom is a fantastic writer and I was immediately drawn into the story and second chance romance between Ford and Claire. Cowboy Come Home was a fun, sweet, and easy-going read; and even though this was the first book of Bloom's I'd read, it felt like 'coming home' with the way readers were immersed in each of the characters' lives (including the many side characters). There are several characters who I look forward to revisiting in Bloom's other books and hope to keep an eye on in Bloom's future books. 

I can't wait to read more from Bloom in the future and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cowboy romances, and/or fun, second chance contemporary romances!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the arc in exchange for an honest review.
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My first cowboy romance and I liked it. I want to be part of this small town and this friend group! Enjoyed reading it
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Cowboy Come Home by Carly Bloom is a Once Upon a Time in Texas novel. Claire Kowalski is looking for someone but it is obvious that looking on the Internet is not getting her anywhere. She had found the one, cone, but it turned out he didn't plan to settle down, so that left her out. Now Ford Jarvis was back, for six weeks at least, working on her father's ranch. She could stay out of his way that long, probably. She couldn't wait to get home to her little Airstream trailer, called Miss Daisy. Unfortunately a storm came up and she, unused to driving her brand-new Mini Cooper rather than the more practical pickup truck she had traded in drove right into a wash with water rising. She knew better. She got out and watched her lovely new car wash away. What to do? Luckily, along came Ford, having heard on the radio that her car had been found miles away and looking for her. They could not get to the other side of the wash and had no cell service so she could not let her parents know she was OK. Not that day, at least. Great, now here she was, stuck in a cabin with Ford Jarvis. Just what she needed?

This book is full of people with huge personalities. Ford was plagued by a curse, a curse, which kept him from settling down and had been passed down for generations. Amazing for a perfectly intelligent man is all other regards. Claire is creative and wants to keep her dad's ranch relevant. She is not really a rancher but a marketing genius that has already made Rancho Canada Verde a household name with her clever branding. She was also an outdoor girl whop climbed rocks and rode horses. When she heard her father was sick and considering selling up, she jumped in with both feet to save the ranch. This was not simple romance, but a touching story of family pride and setting long-term goals. Claire is in it for the long haul. Now, if only she could get Ford on board. What a terrific story. Good plot, interesting character, gorgeous setting. Everything is in place to make it a very satisfying  modern cowboy novel. I recommend it. 

I was invited to read a free ARC of Cowboy Come Home by Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #netgalley #cowboycomehome
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Usually second chance romance is a hard sell for me but I loved this one! Bloom's writing made this book an absolute joy to read and her characters and the bonds they share were heart warming. 

I loved how there are so many different relationships explored in this novel; between lovers, friends, father-and-daughter, and I adored all of them. Claire is an amazing character and my heart hurt for all she went through -- and I truly wanted to smack Ford around the head a few times! And then kiss it better haha. 

Their chemistry is off the charts! They sizzle in every scene they share together, even when one, or both of them are trying to deny their connection. When Ford comes back to the Ranch after leaving Claire she is determined to resist him, but it's a determination that doesn't last long in the face of Ford's caring nature. 

One of my favourite aspects of this book is the sense of community everyone shares, the people in this town really do care for one another and in the face of a natural disaster they all come together to help. I really can't wait to be back here for the next one!
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This book makes me want to read more cowboy romances!

The hero, Ford, is strong, troubled, and commitment phobic. He was scarred by an event that happened  early in his life and because of this he finds it hard to commit. The heroine, Claire, is beautiful, strong, and capable of taking care of herself and her family. She puts her personal  goals aside when her dad gets sick. 

The steaminess level, (an open-door 4) was perfect. I loved the scenes where they were stuck in the cabin because of the weather. Oh my, what to do? What to do?

There was also a book club in this story. I usually read historical romance, so I loved that the book club read a Highlander romance; their discussion was so fun!

This is the second book in the Big Verde series and I loved these characters so much, I plan to go back and read the first.

I highly recommend this book to all romance readers!
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This book was so entertaining. I was drawn into the story from the beginning and was involved until the end. The characters were complex and interesting. I found the story to be well paced and engrossing throughout the whole book. I was invested in the couple throughout the book and felt all the emotions through both the highs and lows of the story. If you want an entertaining and well written book this is it for you.
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This book was a really fun and enjoyable read. The characters were relatable and had great depth. I definitely recommend it and will be ordering copies for my library.
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Second chance romance is usually a hard sell for me but I absolutely loved this!

It does deal with some pretty heavy themes (caution for: grief, ailing parent with cancer, deceased sibling) but I felt they were all dealt with sensitively and with great care. 

I have yet to read Big, Bad Cowboy but you can bet that I will definitely be getting to it in the future. This book takes place a couple of years after the first one but I wasn't confused at all going into it--even though the previous characters play a large part as secondary characters in this one. 

One of the things I adored most about this book was the idea of family that runs through it. Ford is a man who comes from a very broken home, one that has twisted him into thinking he can never settle down. He thinks he is cursed, like his father who had a lot of kids with a lot of different women, and never stayed in the same place for long. 

In contrast Claire is really close to her own parents, and her sense of home is very deep. The way she struggles when things go wrong was so heart-breaking and you find yourself really hoping she'll get a happy ending. She goes through a lot in this book but her determination and grit helps her to pull through and, honestly, I loved how she didn't need to rely on Ford for most of it, she could save herself on her own and, even though it was difficult for her, she carried on without him. 

Ford was very frustrating. He makes a lot of mistakes and I actually think Claire forgives him a little too easily in places. I would have definitely held more of a grudge!  

The TENSION between them though! These two were so tense right from the start. You could feel the sparks jumping off them. There weren't as many sexy times as I thought there would be, but what we did get was very satisfying and definitely hot! 

I really enjoyed my time with this town and it's inhabitants, there are so many lovable characters and I found myself falling for all of them! I was so sad to leave and I'm also very, very glad Carly Bloom has another book coming out in this series soon, I look forward to reading more by her!
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Two years earlier, Ford Jarvis and Claire Kowalski were an item. They were the hot ticket of Big Verde. Ford captured Claire’s heart, and Claire thought Ford was her knight in shining armor. Her Prince Charming. But as sudden as their romance started, Ford suddenly leaves for “greener” pastures.

Devastated by the loss of her love, Claire seeks out distractions to occupy her time. Only to find disappointment at every corner. Then, one day, she spots him. Ford Jarvis is back on her ranch! How could her father, Gerome Kowalski, allow the man that crushed her heart back to Rancho Cañada Verde? Yet, Claire’s heart still tugs at the sight of him, and she still might have a little love left. If only Ford could love her back…

Cowboy Come Home is a steamy western romance novel set in the Texas High Country where you either go big or go home. And on a twelve thousand acre ranch, it sure went big. With a picturesque backdrop and engaging characters, Cowboy Come Home is a novel that will warm and touch your heart in more ways than one. Five heartwarming stars.

I received a digital copy of the novel from Forever through NetGalley. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.
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This was an awesome & super hot second chance romance! In this book Carly Bloom successfully created a backstory of intense romance and heartache that I did not see coming. 

Claire is an ambitious, super smart, and savvy woman who is willing to give up on her own dreams in order to ensure her family and her community thrive. She's also skittish about seeing her ex after he ran out on her the first time. Ford's personal backstory is so well crafted that you ache for his brokenness.  The two end up forced together and then find themselves working closely for a few weeks which leads to some very intimate relationship building and breaking down of emotional walls. These two have so much chemistry they could set the whole ranch on fire.  There are some truly tender moments between these two and although the romance is front and center I found that many of the other relationships were also very important to the overall character growth.

The entire cast of characters were a dream to read! Each This was a big cast and they each played an essential role in expanding Ford's universe and opening his heart so he could eventually walk away from his old way of thinking instead of the love of his life. I mean if a barroom brawl doesn't bring a group of friends together, then I don't now what does!! 

I also appreciated the subtle Cinderella references!! 

I highly recommend this book and look forward to starting the next in this series!
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At the end of Big Bad Cowboy, we get a glimpse into what you think the happily ever after is for Claire and Ford, but fast forward two years and it couldn't be further from reality.  Ford, never one to settle down in a town or for a woman, moves like the wind and left Claire in the dust two years ago with tears in her eyes.  Now with Ford back in town, Claire is bound and determined to find her own Prince Charming, but that certainly won't be Ford.  In this second chance romance, Ford battles superstitions and deep-seeded grief while Claire is trying to save her family's ranch from being sold.  

This was a light-hearted and quick read.  Compared to the first book, this one has significantly less steam, but was still great.  Ford and Claire have a great push-pull relationship, always trying to figure out whose turn it is to "stop" each other from crossing the line that they both don't want to cross.  I loved seeing where the cast of characters go and cannot wait to read the third book in the series!
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A book guaranteed to tickle your fancy!

What a fun book to read!  The author truly has a gift for creative, descriptive phrases that perfectly evoke the humor and culture of life on a modern ranch.  Claire and her friends are presented as a shining example of girl friends, while Ford and his crew of cowboys are the kind of men you want to fix a plate for.  

This is a delightful second-chance romance as Ford returns for a temporary stint as the foreman on Claire's family ranch.  Determined not to lose her heart again to the vagabond cowboy, Claire insists he teach her what she needs to know to take over the ranch duties from her ailing father.  Convinced he's under a curse that will doom any attempt at a long-term relationship, Ford does his best to keep his hands to himself despite the irresistible temptation of the rancher's daughter.

Add in a terrifying flash flood, a psychotic cat, a gala fundraiser, and all the cowboy superstitions one can imagine, and this book delivers a warm, supportive community that instantly feels like your second home.  I personally love the Larsons - I think I've actually met Trista and Bubba in real life!  

I loved every single bit of this wonderful story, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read about cowboys.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.  PS:  Get you a man who knows cursive!
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Man I love myself some cowboys!

Can we take a second to acknowledge that the main cowboy of this story is named Ford? Isn't that the most manly cowboy name ever? I love it, it suited the character so well. 

I read this series out of order but nonetheless this is my favourite by far! Something about Ford gives me the butterflies. Must be the broodiness and the whole "I'm cursed" spiel. Either way, this story was very entertaining, fun and sweet as sugar.

Remember, it's not the power of the curse, it's the power you give the curse.

Go read this and get your fill of cowboys! I know I want one now!

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever Publications for the earc in return for an honest review.
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