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I loved going back to Big Verde, Texas for Claire and Ford's story, I think this was my favorite of the series so far, but I can't wait to keep reading along with future installments! 

Claire and Ford had sizzling chemistry that also had depth and real feelings. I liked watching their relationship build and grow as they both had to put in work and decide what they really want for their future, and not just the here and now. 

It was fun to see some familiar characters from previous books as well! Overall, this was a highly enjoyable read and a cowboy story that you won't want to miss! 

Thank you Forever for my chance to read and review this book, all opinions are my own.
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Oh MAN, this was one lackluster book. After reading the first book and giving it 4 stars, I had kind of high hopes for this one, but it just got more and more boring as I kept reading. 

For one thing, this wasn’t nearly as funny or entertaining as the first book. I also found Ford and Claire to be very standard/typical cowboy romance characters. I just didn’t really care about them and by the time the last couple of chapters and the epilogue came around, I completely checked out mentally. Ugh so disappointed. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Oh my word, I ADORED Cowboy Come Home so, so much! I read Big Bad Cowboy a few months ago and it quickly became one of my favorite contemporary cowboy romances. I loved everything about that story, the rom-com moments, the town, the side characters, the steam! And thankfully this story is no different. Carly Bloom’s writing is exactly my style! 

I devoured this fantastic story in less than a day, and believe me in the times of COVID that’s really impressive! It’s been a struggle to read any contemporary romances, but I was sucked into this story from page one. Going back to the town of Big Verde was like receiving a hug from a friend. This small town has the quirkiest and most dimensional characters, it makes me want all of them to have their own books. While this story didn’t have as many comedic moments, the ones it did have made me laugh out loud. The forced proximity! The nerf guns! 

Claire and Ford were everything. I immediately loved them both so much and they were a great couple. This is a second chance love story, and how they meet again is so engaging. The chemistry between the two is fantastic, and the banter! Gah I loved them so much! I seriously read 150+ pages in one sitting because I could not get enough of them! I cannot wait for the next book in the series! Five stars!!

**Content warnings for the book include: past death of a sibling and a parent with cancer.
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Cowboy Come Home (Once Upon a Time in Texas #2). By Carly Bloom. 2020. Forever (ARC eBook).

Guilt and a curse on the Jarvis men has kept cowboy Ford Jarvis from putting down roots. But when he hears the Rancho Cañada Verde is down a ranch foreman, Ford heads back to Big Verde, Texas. He was last on the ranch two years ago, when he and the ranch owner’s daughter lost their hearts to each other, only for Ford to run. But Big Verde is the only place that has ever felt like home and he can no longer ignore the tug that points him back to the beautiful and determined Claire.

This cowboy is sure to charm and pull at the heartstrings as he and Claire take on the ranch together. If you enjoy small town charm, homecomings and emotional healing, then kick off your boots and read Cowboy Come Home. I’m not sure how Bloom can top Ford and Claire’s romance, but I’ll definitely be picking up books #1 and #1.5 of this series.
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Really enjoyed this heartwarming, sexy, fun and witty adventure filled with engaging charters, intriguing dialog, heart racing twists and undeniable passion. Emotionally thrilling read from beginning to exciting end. A great second chance romance.
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3  🌟🌟🌟 and 2 🔥🔥
Cowboy come home is the story of Claire and Ford.  It is a second chance love story between the ranch manager who believes he can’t put down roots due to a family curse, and the ranch owner's daughter.  When he is talked into coming back to the ranch temporarily the old sparks rekindle…. 
My thoughts: 
I really love cowboy romances.  This book was a solid read.  Cute, funny, and enjoyable.  I really liked the heroine.  She was feisty, sassy, smart, and independent.  I also really enjoyed the camaraderie and banter of Claire’s friends.  There were some laugh out loud moments with the secondary characters.    The romance was ok...the chemistry between the two was a little off (it just seemed like the spark was missing), and there were a couple of parts at the end that were just too cheesy.   
Overall a good read, and I will be checking out the rest of the books in the Once upon a time in Texas series! 

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Netgalley, the author Carly Bloom, and the publisher for this opportunity
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Big Verde is such an awesome place to visit!!  I read the debut by this author and absolutely fell in love with the town so I was really excited for this second in the series.

I loved Claire and Ford.  There were some hurts left over from when Ford left the ranch.  Claire is such a force to be reckoned with; she knows what she wants and she has big dreams.  Claire is my favorite part of this whole story.  

There were so many characters introduced this time around that I need to see get their own HEA.  Hopefully there will be many visits to Big Verde to come!!
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I fell in love with Verde, Texas when I read Big Bad Cowboy. It was part of a group read and it was so much fun to read together and discuss. 
I was super excited to get a copy of Cowboy Come Home because I wanted, no...needed, more from Verde, Texas and the fabulous Carly Bloom. I was not disappointed in any way. I loved it. 
This book had a bit more of a serious nature to it but it didn't take away from the romance at all. Both main characters learn a lot during the course of the story and become so much better for it, separately and together.
The side characters were once again incredible and I cannot wait to read more about them and their lives in Verde, Texas.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆
M/F Romance, Second-Chance Romance

Claire loves living in her town. She knows everyone and everyone knows her family. She has great friends and knows that if she ever needed anything, she could call any of them to help her out. While she grew up on a cattle ranch, she has to admit that she doesn't know much about the business side of things.

Ford knows that coming back to Rancho Canada Verde isn't a good idea, but he can't seem to stay away. He knows that he hurt Claire the last time he was around and that he shouldn't go anywhere near her. But now that he's here, he can't seem to think of anything else.

Claire and Ford have to figure out whether or not they can be civil, because Claire has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. When she finds out some troubling news about her ranch, she knows that she'll need Ford's help to figure it out. While they figure out their issues, their old feelings resurface. But with their past, Claire isn't sure what to do and Ford believes he'll never settle down.

The big question is whether or not Ford can overcome his fear and if Claire can truly trust her feelings. For the most part, I found that their romance was somewhat stilted. It was a lot of old feelings, without new insight. Also, I think this book could have been shorter. There was a lot going on, and while I enjoyed the story, it felt a little drawn out for me.
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I’m a sucker for a second chance romance! The thought of two people who should’ve been together getting another go at HEA just makes me happy, and Claire and Ford’s story was a standout in a sea of romances.

Two years ago Ford and Claire couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Ford worked at Claire’s family ranch, but he made it clear that their romance was temporary. They fell hard for each other and Claire asked him to stay, and even though Ford wanted to stay he left anyways, believing himself to be cursed and doomed to fail in romance. Now he’s back at the ranch as foreman and determined to keep his distance from Claire, but resistance is futile! Claire doesn’t want to get her heart broken all over again either, but these two are like magnets unable to fight that pull, and what a delicious pull it was!

Ford was a good man, not a guy who didn’t want to commit because he wanted to play the field, but because he believed any woman he attached himself would end up with a broken heart because of a curse. When he sees the happiness of the other couples in town, he yearns to have what they do. I had no idea cowboys were so superstitious, but I was happy when Ford started to realize that life is what you make of it, and not dictated by a ridiculous curse.

This story was more than a romance, it was about family and friends coming together in difficult times. I loved the way both Claire and Ford stepped up when they were needed. Claire putting her big girl panties on and taking on a role that wasn’t her dream because her family needed her. I loved the little community of Big Verde and how they banded together when disaster struck.

I just loved Cowboy Come Home so much! It was well-written, funny with just the right amount of sizzle! Omg! I was laughing out loud so many times: Oscar the cat, Bubba and Trista, the book club meeting were all kinds of funny!! I loved this quirky set of secondary characters! I immediately requested the first book when I finished because I loved the Ford and Claire’s story so much. A definite recommend!

A copy was kindly provided by Forever via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Cowboy come home I thought was a wonderful and delightful read. I truly enjoyed reading about the characters. Its a wonderful well written story and a good storyline. Kept my interest throughout the story. Its easy to read and a page turner.
Thank you NetGalley and Forever for letting me read this story.
I read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.
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I really enjoyed this second book in the Once Upon a Time in Texas series. This novel follows the second chance romance of Claire and Ford as they try to stay apart but know they cannot. After learning her father is sick, Claire decides she wants to learn how to take over the family's cattle ranch. With the help of Ford she soon learns not only how to run the ranch but also how strong she is.

Being a female farmer I understood completely everything Claire was going through during the process of deciding if she wanted to keep the ranch going. I loved how the author represents agriculture and I cannot wait to see what she writes next!
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Bloom crafted a rich, character driven novel.  This installment of the series definitely makes you want more.  I can’t wait to see the next couple fall.
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This was such an enjoyable read! I am so glad I gave cowboy romances a chance! I love everything about the people and everything about the town.
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This was such an awesome read. Loved the story and hope to read much more by this author who writes such awesome characters
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This one was a bit of a miss for me which is so disappointing! I LOVED Big, Bad Cowboy (the first in this series) and so my expectations for this book were WAY up. While Claire and Ford were interesting in their own ways, this book definitely had a more serious tone. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect or enjoy the seriousness. Overall, the book was definitely well written and enjoyable just not the runaway success of Big, Bad Cowboy. I did love the chance to check in with the whole cast of characters again all of whom I loved in the first book.
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This second chance romance was all I wanted it to be and more.  This couple was hinted at in the previous novel, and I was so excited that we were finally getting their love story.  I really enjoyed the fiery dynamic between the couple, but also the humility that they feel with one another. Though I feel they were pulled apart in the plot for STUPID reasons, I still thoroughly enjoyed the journey of this novel.  We got to see 2 other couples from the previous book also, and it was just a good time.  I look forward to more from this series soon!
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This is the first time I have read anything by this author and for me this book was not great but not bad either but I would not go out of my way to find any more of Carly's books.  There were some lines in this that were so cliche and typical fairy tale style I had to wonder if the author was trying to be funny with it or if she seriously used them without thinking about it. I am not a person who retells the story in my reviews as that is extremely irritating to me when other reviewers do that.  Anyone can read the quick summary about the story that is on the back of the book.  This story has romance, alpha cowboys, and some very humorous situations.
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ARC for honest review with no compensation  received from NetGalley and Forever. 4.5 stars

Cowboy Come Home is book 2 in the series Once Upon A Time in Texas by Carly Bloom

Ford Jarvis, rancher who moves from ranch to ranch thought he found it all at Rancho Canada Verde...foreman, place to call home, the woman of his dreams Claire Kowalski and a family BUT he believes he’s cursed so he leaves. Now two years later he’s back for 6 weeks to train the new foreman only that person is Claire so he will do whatever it takes to help her…then it’s back on the road.

Claire Kowalski has dreams she want to pursue, loves her family ranch but her life changes when disaster strikes, her father has cancer and they need a permanent foreman, she is determined to be that person but what she doesn’t know is Ford is coming back to help short term...

Does Ford believe he is still cursed and needs to move on or can he and Claire find their way back to each other to build a life, a family and have the HEA they both deserve?
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Claire and Ford used to have a thing in the past but he left. Now he's back helping out since Claire's family needs help since her father is going to be out of commission for a bit and shes trying to run things. He is only going to be around for a short while and both have to work hard not to get their hearts mixed in with things.

First off if you are looking for a book that has loads of things going on, you'll like this. I loved that there was so much going on with this book that it was a nice distraction from everything that going on. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I loved books that have second chances when it comes to romance. It was interesting getting to know them and seeing how really superstition people were in this book. Ford and his family believe that there is a curse when it comes to love and it was interesting seeing how knowing that impacted thier lives, real or not peoples actions towards believing such a thing really messed their heads and choices. Even with that I liked seeing that connection and romance between Claire and Ford even if things really were complicated for them. Overall really enjoyed this book it as a nice read.
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