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This is the second book in a series but it can read as a stand alone. I adored the first book and was one of my top reads. We return to Big Verde for this second chance romance! Claire grew up in Rancho Canada Verde and now her family ranch is facing some problems. Her dad hires the one person Claire has not been able to forget about, Ford. Ford had left Big Verde even though he cared Claire since he thought he believed the men in his family were cursed.
Just like in the previous book, this one had its funny moments but it also hit you with the emotions. After a terrible storm hits the town they all gather to help each other out. Claire and Ford find themselves in each other’s arms once again but Ford still has reservations. You fall in love with the people in the town once again. Love that we become invested in the supporting characters and not just the main ones.
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I always love me a good Texas cowboy romance. First book I've read from this author and it didnt disappoint. Truly a contemporary romance but so worth the read.

Thank you Netgalley, the author and publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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"Cowboy Come Home"was full of community, humor, and people who where there for you when you needed help.  They also really knew how to have a good time as well. 
Claire sure did some stupid stuff sometimes but she was also bold, adventurous, really skilled in certain areas and funny. 
Ford was really skilled when it came to all his years of ranching but he sure was one messed up guy.  When you get to look at how he was raised and events from his past you get a really good idea of how that happened.  And what he believes is the "Jarvis Curse" keeps slapping him in the face.   He's thirty-one and heard about it all his life.   It's just one more of his battles.
Claire's friend Maggie was one hilarious woman.  But one of their friends Bubba was too, with some of that coming from his naivety. 
Claire and Maggie had so much humor that it often came through on their t-shirts which sported some funny sayings. 
Wow, those cowboys had a slew of superstitions that was shown really well.  It had me shaking my head a few times, with a smile on my face. 
I liked how there was that "tug" between Claire and Ford.  They just knew when the other one was in a room.  I've heard that before in other books but this story did it in an unusual way.  
Claire and Ford's struggle wasn't the only one in the book but I liked how it all worked out.  Plus it did include a sweet Epilogue. 
While I enjoyed it, I wouldn't say it was on my list of favorites.  I do know that most of all I enjoyed the humor (if you haven't already guessed that).  

 "I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Cowboy Come Home is the second story in the Once Upon a Time in Texas series and brings us right back into the heart of one of the best small towns in Texas where the people are real, the emotions are not hidden, and community matters so much.

I enjoyed Claire and Ford’s story so much. Their love for each other is there throughout this story, yet Ford’s already broken her heart once and now that he’s back, at least for a while, Claire has to decide if she’s going to hold out for a forever future or simply enjoy the time she has right now with the man she will always love. Take away the side issues and it really boils down to that simple fact. Happy now and deal with heartache later, or deny the now and still have the heartache from not taking a risk. Not a lot of real choices there.

I adored Claire, she’s strong, a bit stubborn, determined to be the best she can be, and devoted to the ranch. She’ll make sacrifices willingly, but she has to know what she’s fighting. Ford is complicated. His past, his superstitions, his reluctance to believe that he deserves to be happy will get in his way. There were times when I wanted to hug this man, and times I could easily smack his hat off his head not caring if he got hurt in the process. They are so right for each other, so much in love that watching them at times was painful when it was obvious that they could and should work out their differences. Cowboy Come Home is complicated and simple, each in the extreme. The fact is that nothing could hurry these two along their path. There was a town to rebuild, a ranch to tend to, family members to help, and a close-knit community to lend a hand along the way. We also have returning book friends to add to this delightful tale of a second chance at getting love right. I was hooked from the start, and definitely loved every moment spent in this world once again.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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4 1/2 "Follow the Smoke Home" Stars....

Oh how I truly enjoyed Cowboy Come Home!  I hopped into this series and instantly fell in love with the characters.  Obviously, my favorites were the main characters, Claire and Ford.  They are both incredibly stubborn in different ways but that have big hearts that are drawn to one another whether they like it or not.

Claire has dreams and aspirations, but she also knows that the ranch she has grown up on is part of her blood and she plans to take it over one day.  To accomplish this, she's going to need help and would also like a dependable man by her side.  She'd like to think that man could be Ford, but he has yet to prove himself to be dependable.  As a matter of fact, he always seems to be just the opposite when it comes down to committing to something for the long-term.  

Ford believes he's cursed to never be able to stay in one place and commit to one woman simply because none of the men in his family have been able to accomplish it.  Therefore, he attributes it to the curse they are all supposedly under.  What he doesn't realize is that he's leaning on the curse "like a crutch" to protect himself from risking his heart.  

Cowboy Come Home was such a great second chance romance.  I loved seeing Ford gain confidence and figure out how to overcome his fears.  He and Claire had such great chemistry that you knew they needed to be together.  The secondary characters were strong as well and added to the richness of this story.

This isn't the first book in the series, but you don't need to read the others first.  I didn't and was able to jump right in.  However, I do plan to go back and read them when time frees up because I really enjoy Ms. Bloom's writing style.

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Carly Bloom writes some fantastic cowboy romance!! I had the pleasure of buddy reading Big Bad Cowboy last month with a wonderful group of ladies on Instagram and I couldn’t wait to get my hand on this follow-up!

You get a glimpse of Ford & Claire having a relationship in Big Bad Cowboy, and Cowboy Come Home starts 2 years later. Ford has left and Claire was heartbroken. When trouble strikes at Claire’s family ranch, Ford takes a 6-week job as a foreman to help out her father. They are reunited in a sweet, sultry second chance. I loved loved loved the second chance element of their love story. Claire decides she is all in but can Ford stick around?

This book was a great escape for me. I love the Big Verde cast of characters, especially Bubba & JD! This book releases today, I would definitely recommend reading both Big Bad Cowboy and Cowboy Come Home. So good!!
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Thank you NetGalley and Forever Publishing for allowing me to read the e-arc of Cowboy Come home by Carly Bloom.  This was my first time reading anything by Carly Bloom and I'm happy to say that going forward she will be on my automatic read pile.  
Cowboy Come Home,  I felt to be a second chance love story of Claire, the only daughter to Gerome and Lilly Kowalski and sole heir to Rancho Canada Verde ranch in Texas, and Ford, the previous ranch hand who two years ago broke Claire heart when he left her and the ranch behind,  Ford is back and he and Claire clearly have some strong feelings toward one another, but can Ford put aside his crazy idea of that all the Jarvis men are cursed and find his happily ever after with Claire whom he loves but fights admitting it. 
This is a sweet and funny love story with just the right amount of heat.  I love the small town feel and I love that your get to know each of the supporting charterers of the Big Verde.  I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.  Definitely pick up this book and get lost in the pages you won't regret it one bit!
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Big Bad Cowboy made me realize that I like cowboy romances and Cowboy Come Home made me realize that I actually LOVE them. I seriously never would’ve thought this sub genre would be my thing, but I’m telling you guys that if you like contemporary romance the Big Verde series are must reads. They have everything I look for in a romance and more, they’re super funny with tons of fantastic banter, a setting that makes me feel more relaxed by just reading about it, secondary characters that are a mix of wacky and endearing and an overall sense of community that warms my heart. Oh and steamy sex scenes 🔥 💋 🤠 Must read y’all
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This book was slow burn second chance romance. It took me a few days to get into it but I enjoy the story. I love that there were cameos of the previous couples. I love the secondary characters.  I love the story. This was a fun series I can't wait to read more books set in this world.
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This was so fantastic! Cowboy Come Home had a wonderful mix of wit, emotion, and passion and was so entertaining to read. This story filled me up, thrilled me, and made me ridiculously happy!

I loved Claire, she was a strong and giving woman who loved with her whole heart. Ford was incredibly sexy and mysterious and I was immediately drawn to him. I loved learning about them and their history. I loved that inner fight they had as they try to stay away from each other. Their chemistry was electric! Ford is fighting such a battle within himself and I felt for him, understood him, and couldn't wait for him to get to that moment of clarity where he figures it all out. Claire was going through a lot too, my heart hurt for her. I love how she carries on, fighting to make things work. I loved the drama, the passion, the verbal sparring, and the heat. Together they had so many ups and downs as they worked through their issues but I loved them coming together and I was filled with so much anticipation.

I love the cast of characters involved, they are so likable and are just a fun group I want to hang out with. Any scene involving Bubba was a winner! There were so many entertaining things happening with all their friends and family, the couples, the book club, I was laughing so much, it was awesome. I loved Claire's dad, he was such a good guy with a big heart. I'm very happy with his outcome.

This story was a blast to read. It had all these humorous moments with excellent dialogue. There's a nice bit of heat happening too though this one had a bit of a slow burn feel to me. Mixed in, there’s a nice amount of emotion taking place and I got choked up several times. The writing was fantastic. I was so drawn into the scenes and could picture the ranch thanks to the great details. I loved the healing and love, openness, and heart. It was a wonderful read!
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Claire Kowalski is the only child of Gerome and Lilly Kowalski she also at twenty is wanting to have what her friends have marriage and starting a family. Her problem is that there is no one on her horizon. The one guy she hoped would stick around would be Ford, but that was not to be. 
  Ford is back on the ranch as the foreman for six weeks and wouldn’t you know it, he knows that because it is raining that she will get stuck trying to cross the stream. The problem becomes the stream is a river and flash floods are being called and he found her by the river not in her car which was down the river.
   Ford loves Claire but he feels he is cursed and that all of the men in his family are. When he finds out along with Claire that her father is thinking about selling the ranch Ford decides to help her with how to be a foreman. She also is looking for other ways to help the ranch she came up with different ways. Her biggest problem was that Ford did not come back when he said he was going to and she has been running herself ragged.
   When Ford finally does show up back in town he is not welcomed with open arms. He is though given a salute with a nerf gun. He is let back into the group again without having to work for it. This was a good story with very good characters and a lot of unique and different situations. One book that I think many people will enjoy.
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💗 Book Review 💗
Cowboy Come Home | Carly Bloom
Pub date: 3/31/20
RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫/5
REVIEW: Claire & Ford had a love affair 2 years prior, but he’s convinced all the men in his family have a curse and can never stay settled so he left.... this is the 2nd book in this series, and I loved the first but found this one a little harder to really get into. This book isn’t as steamy and Big Bad Cowboy, but was still a sweet story and having read about Claire in the previous book I liked seeing her get a happy ending! I loved seeing Claire be an independent character & come into her own on the ranch & find her purpose.  I’ll definitely be continuing with this series! 
Thank you @netgalley & @foreverpub for the eARC to read & give an honest review!
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Hold my purse, I need to rope me a Cowboy!  You know the song save a horse...ride a cowboy, it must have been written for Ford! 
Overall Rating: Five Foreman Ford Stars!
Kindle Unlimited: no
Standalone: yes 
Claire has ranching in her blood.  She eats, sleeps and breathes her family’s ranch.  Well, except for that one time she fell in love...with a cowboy...who left her...

Ford is a cowboy through and through.  Moving from one ranch to another, never sticking around long. Well, except for that one time, when he met Claire...and fell in love...with a cowgirl...and then left her.  

Ford thinks he’s cursed and doing the right thing by leaving Claire. Until he has to come back to help with the ranch again.  It’s a big ranch, he can avoid her right?  What could go wrong...or right? 

This book is the second in the series and I loved it!  There is character growth, a great story, witty banter, romance, and awesome characters.  Everything just worked for me in this book!  Strong heroine, a cowboy hero that thinks he’s cursed, secondary characters that add to the feel of the book, and a story that flows at just the right pace!   Sure a couple of times I wanted to smack Ford, but that just endeared me to him more!

This is a definite recommend from me!  Love the series and will definitely keep reading!
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This my first Carly Bloom book and the second in the series. This book has it all laugh out loud moments,steamy sex scenes, and scenes that will have you blubbing. Claire thought that Ford was the man for her, but he didn't stay around very long. Now he's back and Claire is still attracted to him yet she's leery.
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Roaming cowboy, Ford Jarvis, is back after two years to take the much needed, though expressly temporary, stint as foreman for Gerome Kowalski's ranch. Gerome's daughter, Claire, remembers what having Ford around is like and tries very hard to keep him and the pull between them at bay. Too bad Ford's wandering spirit and cursed heart can't get her off his mind either. And Bloom's will-they-won't-they tension is great fun as it unfolds. Full of witty banter, lots of heat, a sprinkle of superstition, and a strong sense of community, this Second Chance Romance firmly places Carly Bloom at the top of Western genre
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I’m jumping into this series at Book 2...but I’m totally looking forward to Book 3. The Kowalski family is facing a dilemma that faces many generational farming families. Does the family keep going or do you try and find a buyer? 
Claire is the only daughter and went to university to pursue a marketing degree. She is attempting to diversify the ranch but is being torn in several directions. (Her father has a cancer diagnosis, the store where she works is being sold, and the man who broke her heart years ago is back in town) 
Ford wants to do what he can for the Kowalski family, but with his family history he is convinced he can’t stay in one place for any length of time.
A fantastic read if you enjoy a good romance with some great believable characters!
Thanks NetGalley for the advanced copy and the opportunity to write an honest review.
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3.5 Stars. I've loved Carly Bloom's past works (both the novel and novella) so much so I think my feelings towards this book were completely a reflection of current events. This book felt very disjointed to me. It was missing elements of second chance romance that I love, such as learning about what happened with Claire and Ford the first time around, and was too much small town romance for my taste. It felt like at one point the plot took a detour from their relationship into what was happening with all the other characters in Big Verde, which is not something I'm a fan of. I also felt like the Cinderella element was a little forced. I still look forward to reading Beau and Alice's book though!

Thanks to Forever and Netgalley for my ARC to review.
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I wanted to like this book the story doesn't seem original it feel like I have read this story before. Also I felt the author wanted you to see Claire as this strong independent person who was a fighter, but I saw her as a whiney rich girl who wanted what she wanted and tended to whine about it through out the story. I found Ford a broken soul with no where to land. I liked Worth he was fun to read about and I wanted to know more about his story. I liked Henry, Maggie and Travis they had me laughing along with Bubba, Tessa and Jd. This book is for sure an adult read it has cursing and sex through out the book.
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Cowboy Come Home was an amazing read. It was a second chance at love story. Ford and Claire were wonderful characters with amazing chemistry. Though they had to work through mistakes from their past it was well worth the wait.  I also loved catching up with the characters from the previous book. This was another amazing read and I would definitely recommend it.
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I love a good cowboy journey and this is one of them. The pages just pop with visuals, full of the emotions and the cowboy way. Small town, big ranch, and life's realities all rolled into one well written story.
Claire and Ford, both strong characters with big hearts. Ford thinks he's cursed and no good for Claire so it made for some great reading with ups and downs, laughter and tears. A lot of characters and events, so never a dull moment. The heat was burning too.
A bit predictive in a few parts for me, but I'm an impatient reader. I still really enjoyed it, especially the humor, and the significance of nerf guns LOL. A happy ending with a happy sigh!
I received an ARC thru NetGalley and giving my opinion freely
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