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If I have to be snowed in with a murderer in a cute inn in Maine I definitely want Jessica Fletcher to be with me!  Granted at no point do I want to be snowed in anywhere - especially not with a murderer - but if it has to happen I was Jessica by my side.  Not only will she get everything figured out but she has plenty of good common sense and quite of on the ground experience with that kind situation and those seem pretty handy.  

There is a clear nod to one of my absolute favorite mysteries - Agatha Christie's And Then They Were None - and such a fun version it is.  There's Seth's gloom and doom predictions, Mort's disbelief over the whole thing and Harry McGraw (who will always be played by the amazing Jerry Orbach in my head) makes an appearance though mostly over the phone.  My absolute favorite thing is Mort teasing Jessica about the crime rate in Cabot Cove. I love the straight acknowledgement of that and it definitely gave me a giggle or two.  The mystery is page turning, thoroughly entertaining and kept me guessing all through the read which I expect from this series.  Jon Land has given the series a little more intense thriller-y feel but the language and on page violence is at standard cozy levels which is an interesting mix.  

If you're a fan of the show this is book is such a fun treat but even if you're not it is still a solid entertaining mystery that will keep you reading.   While it is part of a long running series there's enough back story supplied where you can jump in with this book with no problem.
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In this thrilling offering of Murder She Wrote, Jessica Fletcher is confronted with being snowed in with a mass murderer when the storm of the century rips into Cabot Cove, Maine. An internationally known, best-selling mystery author, Jessica has solved many murders in this town with her long-time friends Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Sheriff Mort Metzger, and New York City PI Harry McGraw. It is a delight to hear the camaraderie between the characters that only time and shared experiences only enhances. This small-town, friendly setting is very appealing, and this time, the mystery is totally confounding.

The blizzard is predicted for the upcoming weekend, and Cabot Cove’s emergency services have done what they could to prepare. Mort, Seth, and Jessica met a deputy who found a car at an old industrial plant. The car has a body inside. There was evidence that the man died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Or it was the thought until Jessica noticed the adhesive remains of tape that had held the man to the car seat. He had gone inside the old mill but couldn’t find evidence of who he might have met. The only witness, picked up later that morning, was a homeless veteran, who was drunk and convinced he saw Bigfoot take the man down.

Jessica returned to Hill House, where she has a suite until her home reconstruction is complete. A well-dressed member of the wedding party staying for the weekend is seated near the door. She has a copy of Jessica’s novel asks her for her to autograph the book. The mother of the groom, Connie, is a sweet, personable woman. Her son and almost daughter-in-law have not arrived, even though their flight landed several hours earlier. The predicted snow was falling, and they didn’t answer their cell phones.

Jessica was surprised at the things her new friend shared after she was confronted by the father of the bride about her late husband’s nefarious business dealings. Connie’s husband had scammed millions from investors, and when word got out, he jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge. She and her twin sons, Daniel, the groom, and Mark, were left to handle the mess. She thought her life was in danger – but was interrupted again before she could say why.

Connie invited Jessica to join the wedding party for dinner. They did hear from the missing groom; Daniel and Allison checked into a motel to get out of the storm and will reassess going through with the marriage. At dinner, Connie got up to give the toast, had a seizure and lost consciousness. She was moved to her room, and Jessica noticed a chalky residue in Connie’s glass. Seth, snowed in, talked Jess through caring for Connie when she would regain consciousness. Not long after, Jessica, searching for Mark, found him dead in the gym.

Given the severity of the storm, the murderer had to be someone staying at Hill House. Jessica is on her own except for Seamus, part owner of Hill House, and a very large temp kitchen worker. Mort would try to get there on a snowmobile. A chilling warning is sent to the phones of each wedding party member still alive, making it clear that the killer doesn’t intend to let anyone in the hotel survive.

Characterizations are excellent. We continue to learn about Jessica, Mort, and Seth, and I enjoy their interactions. Harry is amazing and amusing, at times providing comic relief even as he provides invaluable help. The members of the wedding party are revealed throughout.

This is the most breathtaking in the series so far, and the hardest to put down! The isolation and silence from the storm were described so well, it was ominous. The suspense increased in direction proportion to the rising snow and harsh wind. It was a learning experience to read Jessica’s thoughts as she processed what she saw and heard. Plot twists muddle the suspect list, especially as suspects are murdered. I could have never figured out the entire situation of who was behind the murders and all the intricacies involved! The resolutions are satisfactory and there are no loose strings. This is the best Murder She Wrote so far; I highly recommend it!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*
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With a record setting blizzard on the way to Cabot Cove, Maine, Jessica Fletcher is planning to hunker down in her temporary home – the Hill House hotel.  Before she can do that, she joins Sheriff Metzger when he gets a call about a man found in his car on the edge of town.  What at first looks like a tragic accident is indeed murder.  On arriving at the hotel, Jessica learns she will be joined for the weekend by a wedding party.  But with the bride and groom missing, tempers begin to flair.  Then a dead body appears.  Are they trapped with a killer?  Is it connected to the man outside of town?

This is another fast-moving mystery that obviously pays homage to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.  I felt it was a bit more of a thriller (minus the language and violence) than a true cozy, but I’m not complaining since I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next.  Much of the book features Jessica and those trapped in the hotel with her, and they are all strong enough characters to carry the story.  Unfortunately, the little bit we did see of the recurring characters fell into predictable patterns, although I still enjoyed spending time with them.  The writing was so vivid, I felt the cold as I was reading.  Any complaints are minor, and I’m happy I picked up this fast-paced book.
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Channeling heavy, And Then There Were None vibes, The Murder of Twelve, the 51st book in the beloved Murder, She Wrote series, brings almost everything I love in a Cozy Mystery to the table.

This was ridiculously good fun and kept me glued to the pages well into the night! In this installment, we find Jessica Fletcher calling the Hill House Hotel in Cabot Cover her home. Her house is currently under repairs and she has been making due at the ritzy local hotel.

On the eve of the blizzard of a century, guests begin to check in for a destination wedding weekend. Jessica has her doubts that the wedding will even be able to happen, what with the massive storm front blowing in. Nonetheless, she ends up befriending some of the guests and even gets invited to attend.

The first night includes the rehearsal dinner and even though the bride and groom have yet to show, the dinner will go on. Jessica dutifully attends and as with many events she has attended before, an attempted murder occurs.

As the storm rages outside, bodies start dropping as fast as snowflakes and Jessica needs to put her crime solving abilities to the test! This was an absolute blast to read. As you begin to learn about the guests for the wedding, you just know it is going to be a juicy conclusion. It did not disappoint.

While I could still tell that this wasn't written by the late and great, Donald Bain, I felt that the new author for the series, Jon Land, is starting to get into a groove with these characters and setting. Land is an experienced author and I know the more he contributes with this series, the more it will continue to grow with him.

I know that long-time fans of this series will absolutely enjoy this installment. If you have never read a book in this series, just know, you can start anywhere. These books can be read out of order and this is as good a place to start as any!

Also, if you like a good old-fashioned, locked-room mystery, you should absolutely check this one out. Bonus points, if you love stories where the characters become stranded somewhere due to inclement weather. Oddly specific, but it is a trope I gravitate towards often!

Thank you so much to the publisher, Berkley Publishing, for providing me with a copy to read and review.

I have been a fan of this series for decades and will continue to read them as long as they are printed. A special thank you as well, to the author, Jon Land, for continuing on the tradition and investigatory prowess of Ms. Jessica Fletcher!
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I've always enjoyed Jessica Fletcher, and I was a huge fan of the show.I still enjoy reruns.

I haven't read all the books in the series. A different author has written the last few books, and there has been some changes with characters, their rapport, etc, but it's still an enjoyable read. For readers who didn't grow up watching the TV series, they can still read this book and series and not feel lost. This book contains a few more dead bodies than I'm used to in a cozy mystery, but it did add to the suspense and mystery. I always enjoy visiting Cabot Cove, and I'm sure I'll check out future books.
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Jessica Fletcher is still living in a hotel while she is having her house remodeled. She stumbles into a wedding party in the middle of a blizzard that has both Seth and Mort unable to get to her. This story has a classic feel to it, with members of a wedding party being killed off one by one in a deadly storm.  There were plenty of red herrings in this mystery, and I'm still not sure whether I liked who the murderer was. Notable mentions: Seamus the Irish ex-constable and the numbers on the clock. Murder of Twelve is a great mystery to settle in with, especially in the middle of a snowstorm.

I obtained this title through Net Galley and have left an honest review.
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4.5 Stars * Top Pick

With a record setting blizzard on the way to Cabot Cove, author and amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher and Dr. Seth Hazlett accompany their friend Sheriff Mort Metzer to an abandoned factory. A man has been found dead in his car and Mort is on the case. While he launches an investigation, Jessica returns to hunker down during the snowstorm at the Hill House hotel where she has been staying while her home is under construction. There are several other guests at the hotel who are there for a wedding, but the bride and groom have not yet arrived. Jessica wonders if their disappearance is related to the dead man at the factory and calls PI Harry McGraw to do some research for her. It soon becomes clear more than one of the guests are keeping secrets, and Jessica may be stranded at the hotel with a killer.

I was a casual viewer of the television show on which this series is based and am a long time reader of the Murder She Wrote books. The last few books have been written by a different author and there is a difference in Jon Land’s books. The teasing banter between Jessica, Seth, and Mort has become more sarcastic and that takes getting used to. However, I love that Land has been including PI Harry McGraw to the books. I enjoyed this character in the TV shows and Land captures his voice perfectly. Here, the author’s talent for amusing, but sarcastic, dialogue fits the character. I am very familiar with the main characters of the book, but I still think it can be enjoyed by new readers.

With the plot dealing with snowbound guests being killed one-by-one, the book definitely has the vibe of an Agatha Christie mystery. Many of the wedding guests have secrets and act suspiciously, so there are plenty of suspects and red herrings to keep you guessing about the true identity of the murderer. With all roads closed and eventually phone service unavailable, Jessica is left in the hotel on her own to gather and put together the clues. This showcases Jessica’s intelligence and detective skills in solving real life murders, not just creating stories for her novels. Before it’s all over, there is a fairly high body count for a cozy. However, there is no graphic violence, and I was entertained throughout the book. I really enjoyed the high level of suspense that continues right up until the very satisfying ending. I enjoyed spending some time in Cabot Cove, Maine and look forward to my next “visit” with Jessica. 

~ Christine

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Jessica Fletcher is back and better than ever! She is my favorite ameture detective. Although by now I'd hardly say shes an ameture. You can never go wrong with a murder she wrote book.
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