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3.5, rounded up.

This novella's plot takes place over the course of a few days but explores the backstory via flashbacks.

David Gallagher is a well-respected detective and deeply in the closet. He's working on a case involving multiple arson incidents and has just been assigned a firefighter to assist in the investigation.

Said firefighter, Travis Sommers, gay and very out, inadvertently and innocently outs David in a bar after working hours. David is horrified and pissed off, especially when his fellow detectives suddenly seem to look at him differently. Workplace discrimination is touched upon here, though not sufficiently explored for my taste.

Outing someone is not an ideal start to a relationship, obviously, and we find out during the flashbacks how these two went from enemies to sort of friendly, while the actual romance takes off during only a few days.

Both David and Travis are likable and genuine characters, and for a novella, this book definitely packed an emotional punch as we follow David's journey from being outed to acceptance to telling family and finding a possible HEA with the cute firefighter. It's definitely a quick read and makes for an enjoyable few hours spent in its pages.
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This is a novella length story that could have benefitted from being a little longer with more time given to fleshing out the characters. They weren't entirely flat, but a bit more relationship time would have helped this book out greatly. It was a fun read with good writing, but it felt like it ended abruptly before I could really connect to the characters.
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It was a wonderful short book. I loved the main characters David and Travis. I wish it was a longer story. Maybe a sequel in the future??
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Reading outings, even accidental is hard, but I think there was enough resolution for it.
However, let's remember: just because someone is married, doesn't automatically make them straight! I'm not outing the author, or forcing them to come out, but relax people.
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This is a pleasant novella and not bad from a first try.  It was formulaic, as expected.  Two hot men / archetypes getting together was a good starting point.  The writing was good and kept me interested.  Unfortunately the book read like a short stroke story.  It went from point A to B to C in a couple of pages.  There was a lack of character and story build up.  It would have been much better if the time had been taken to flesh it all out in more chapters to make is feel more real life and give the reader more to work with.  I would recommend a strong rewrite to fill out the story and stronger editing to ensure that.  The movement back and forth in time was choppy and a times hard to follow.  Maybe in the rewrite, have time shifts as different chapters or sub-chapters.  The use of italics was not the best way to show the time shift and at times it was used for other purposes, making for confusion in where we were in time.
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A fireman, a cop and a kiss. Need I say more? How about a fireman and a cop with issues, that also get off to a rocky start? Better? Now we have a story.

In this M/M Romance, David and Travis are both extremely likable characters. It would have been easy for author A.G. Meiers to just rely on the macho stereotypes to carry the romance, but instead we are given two well-defined individuals with more depth than that. I also appreciated that Meiers gave us a little more insight into the work relationships as well as the still lingering discrimination that gay men experience in the work place.

The circumstances around the situation between the two, may be a little repetitive but I think it's understandable with the way this story is told and it worked for me as the reader. 

I would have enjoyed a longer novel featuring these two, with more subplot, but enjoyed this shorter tale just fine. There are steamy moments that Meiers shares without being overly graphic.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Perfect Kiss is a light tale of lust between two men who work together in a professional capacity, one being a firefighter and one a cop. The story is not too bad, but one can find fault with a lot of it. The cop is closeted and kind of a jerk to the firefighter before the lust gets the best of them. When they finally do have sex, it's pretty good. But, would they really, after a night of hot sex, both wake up aroused and not have sex again? The author is a straight woman, married with children. She got much of the gay sex right but for that. But with all of the talk about a white woman writing a Latino immigration story (American Dirt), is there not a similar question about a straight woman writing about gay men in lust?
Thanks, NetGalley for the ARC.
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Thanks to Netgalley for a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This was novella length, but packed an emotional punch, and didn't feel like instalove. I think this was due to its structure - the actual story takes place over a handful of days, but flashes back to encompass a longer time period where the two characters had met and worked on an arson investigation together. They had a rocky start, but are being honest about their feelings for each other now.

This story is the second in the series, but other than a main character from the first story being mentioned as an ex and giving a character advice, the story stands on its own. I really liked the side character of Theo and I'm hoping we'll see him as the star of a future story.
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Another sweet read by A.G. Meiers in her Perfect Match series. The first one was Perfect Match and I loved them both.

David had a good reason for not trusting or even liking Travis, but the thing is, it was pretty obvious that Travis wasn't a malicious kind of guy. He just didn't think before he spoke, which could happen to anyone. But it caused a lot of issues for David and that kind of "outing" isn't cool, whether it's intentional or not.

Even though this was a short book (less than 100 pages) it was just long enough to get to know these guys well enough to realize that they were meant to be together. Perfect Kiss was a perfect short, sweet holiday read.
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This story details the tumultuous relationship between David and Travis, their struggles and issues, as they eventually reach their HEA. I really enjoy AG Meier writing style, her characters have depth and amazing chemistry
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This was just an OK read for me. Two men, one out and proud, the other still in the closet, both in careers that tend to be filled with alpha-like men struggle with their attraction for each other, for different reasons. They had an attraction from the beginning, but with one trying to hide who he is, thus pushing the other away, made for more tension than necessary. After word gets out that he is gay, the closeted (or ex-closeted at this point,) suffers in the aftermath as co-workers ridicule him and family turns their back on him. There are lots of powerful and deep words spoken between the characters (which could be helpful to people in the real world who may be going through similar situations,) but it was hard to really connect with the characters. It felt fake. Part of the time it felt like they were teens, when in reality they were in their 30's. They both had jobs which required some knowledge and smarts, but at times they came across as juvenile. The story takes place over the course of three days. It was a quick read (just a couple hours,) so that was a plus. It's written from one POV (the closeted man.) There is some sexual content. Not much, but a little bit. It is, obviously M/M.

*I received an ARC from Netgalley.
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This was a sweet novella, I usually don't like them because they're too short for me. But this one managed to cover the emotional ground that is required for the characters to get together. I did think the last part of the book was very rushed. One character changed his mind  about a pretty big thing in the same page! Talk about making life altering decisions within a split second! That threw me with a story that I'd been enjoying quite a bit till then. Still,, the chemistry and conflict were written nicely so I look forward to reading the author's other books.
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A short story which I found disappointing.  This could have been made into such a longer story, the characters, the plot, it had so much more to give !.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy the novella and would recommend it for someone who only has a small amount of time for reading.
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Perfect Kiss by AG Meiers

This is an adorable story of two people working through some pretty tough issues and coming out on the other side better for it, and with something new and special because of it. It’s a pretty short story, and I would have loved a full length novel to really get this story flushed out. It was pretty rushed, but I still enjoyed it. I thought David and Travis were great as characters, and their chemistry was awesome. I loved seeing a couple that had known each other for a little bit before getting into the romance (with a little love/hate thrown in too! But not too much!) 

This was my first AG Meiers title, and I am very interested in seeing what else lies in store!

I was given an advanced reader's copy via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Perfect Kiss was a very cute story without much angst that's not bad for a light read but has some clunky grammar, moves very quickly, and doesn't hold a whole lot of depth.

I didn't really pay attention to the page number, but based on the synopsis I was expecting to see much more of David and Travis's working together to bring down this arsonist in present time. Perhaps I misinterpreted the synopsis, but I was expecting more details. You know, tense silences and bitter arguments mixed in with begrudging admiration, slowly building respect, and sparking chemistry... The best elements of a slow-burn. Unfortunately, the story begins after the case is over and the last four months are already history. While we get a few flashbacks, there's nothing in depth that would have built my anticipation. In fact, at the point the story begins, David is already tired and nearly ready to put the past behind him.

It could also have been longer on the other end. There was a side story that had room for more developement, and without giving away any spoilers, I would have liked to see how things progressed for David.

In addition to those wonky aspects of the storyline, there was occasionally some clunky writing as well that came across awkward and distracted me from time to time. Too many simple sentences all in a row, for instance. A little diversity would have been beneficial.

However, in spite of those problems, Perfect Kiss was a very easy story to read, with a hunky cop and an even hunkier firefighter for your mind's eye candy, a couple of cute side characters, and even a growl of possessiveness in there that had me warm all over. Perhaps it wouldn't be the first story I'd recommend to someone, but if I know they're in the market for something light and sweet, this would be a great read for them.

*Thank you to NetGalley and Riptide and the author for the opportunity to read this title
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Cute, quick novella. I had some structural issues with how the flashbacks were shown but nothing that had me breaking my reading stride. I like the pair of a cop and a firefighter as they are some what rivals in the civil service world. I would have liked to see this as a longer work, there is more story to tell I feel, but otherwise this was nice. I'd give it a 3.5 but as goodreads doesn't do half measures and I would rather people read this than not, it gets a 4.
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This was a really cute holiday read that, well, I read after the holiday. Smaller town Fire Chief and Detective who start off on the wrong foot but find their way. It was a nice and easy read with a little angst. Not a bad way to start off the year.
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It was a short and sweet holiday romance sort of thing. Maybe the conclusion is a bit too rushed, given how the story progressed, and how short it was. But other than that, I enjoyed it.
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AG Meiers hits the right tone with this book about allowing the truth about yourself set you free and allow you happiness.  Detective David Gallagher has always keep the the two sides of his life separate his personal life and his work life but when the collide with the help of Firefighter Travis Sommer he's at a loss.
He gives advice for the New Year but will he take it himself.
A really good read.
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perfect kiss is a new year's romance where detective david gallagher finally confronts his unresolved feelings for arson investigator travis sommer.

it all started when travis inadvertently outed david. it was not malicious at all, merely a case of bad timing and unfortunate circumstances. when david decides to go out and enjoy new year's eve, he runs into travis, and slowly comes out of his shell and allows the attraction he'd felt at their first meeting to grow.

and over the next couple of days they take their relationship to the next level, and it's a sweet story.

**perfect kiss will publish december 23, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/riptide publishing in exchange for my honest review.
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