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Ok well I’m not sure if this is a stand-alone, I know I definitely felt like I was missing some information but not enough that I couldn’t fill in the blanks. Honestly the first 55% of the book I was struggling to get into it. But after things started to get exciting and just over all a great read. I am excited to pick up where it left off but then I hope it’s not a slow start like this book.
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Faerie Forged is the third book in the Magicsmith series by L.R. Braden. I highly recommend reading this series in order. I think newcomers would be lost as to much of the character and world building work that was done in the previous books. 

Alex is screwed. She’s due at the fae Court of Enchantment in less than twenty-four hours, but she’s not even close to being ready. Her job is hanging by a fraying thread. There’s a new vampire master in town. And several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the Paranatural Task Force. She’s their best chance for release before the full moon reveals their secret, but the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather. All Alex can do is call in a favor, hope to hell she can survive the plots of the fae court, and hightail it home to salvage her life. One mistake at court could change everything.

Faerie Forged is a great addition to Alex's story and includes a great deal of additional world building as she enters the fae realm. I liked the pacing of the world and character building, and appreciate the continued character growth for Alex and those closest to her. I also liked some of the fae descriptions- and could recognize many from folklore, legends, and other previous reads. It did take me a few pages to get back into the story and remember where we left off with all of the relationships and complications, but I was quickly back to being fully invested. I liked that some threads of the story were neatly tied up, but so many new possibilities opened up by the end of the story. While the immediate issues were solved, and I was not left with the rage cliff hangers bring out in me, there are so many thing that could happen next. There are so many situations and relationships that could implode with the new developments that I desperately want the next book but also want the author to take their time so that the quality of plotting, pacing, and characters continues. 

Faerie Forged is a solid continuation of the story. I am eager to see where the story takes us next.
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I liked the beginning of this book better than its ending. The first half was spent having fun in the fae court, giving us a glimpse into the wild, cruel, and wily lives they lead. Alex's fae lord ancestor deserves his crown for his leading role in the fae skills. Obviously, it wasn't a fun party, Alex messed up in a pretty stupid manner, and bad things happened.

The second half of the book became progressively worse. Alex seemed to be a magnet for getting captured and beaten up. At least I can't blame her for this one, and I was very impressed that she freed herself, with her own skills, rather than leaning on her hero team as she did in the last two books.

I wish there was a bit more lightness/happiness in here, especially towards the end. The plot constantly grew darker, even as it evolved. Speaking of, the plot was fresh and creatively different. I like that there was always something new happening, and that Alex's character evolved as well. Considering this is the third book in the series, I'm impressed with the increasing complexity of the plot and characters.

Even though I'm disappointed with its darkish ending, I'm still eager to continue this series. Obviously, everything will work out in the end, and I need to stay until the end of this journey.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Another excellent instalment in this series.
Great world building and characters, a gripping blot and a surprising and excellent ending.
I loved it, highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Faerie Forged, by L.R. Braden, is the third installment in the authors The Magicsmith series. Protagonist & metalsmith Alyssandra "Alex" Blackwood has her hands full in this story. For those who have not yet started this series, Alex is 1/2 fae, 1/2 human who can easily handle metals that other fae shy away from. She is also called an Imbuer, which means she is capable of imbuing objects with specific memory, emotion, thought, or enchantment. Alex's biggest worry is for PTF to discover that she's an unregistered halfie which would mean an end to her freedom.
The Paranormal Task Force is charged with enforcing the treaty that ended the Faerie Wars and maintaining peace between humans and all things paranatural. The peace treaty stipulates that any full-blooded fae must live on one of the fae reservations, and must receive permission from the PTF to travel through or temporarily reside on human land. Halfers can live anywhere, but they must register with the PTF and are restricted from holding "sensitive" jobs, like police, teacher, government employee, etc. Any halfer found lying about their true nature is arrested and extradited to a reservation for a minimum of one year before they are allowed to petition for probationary status.
As the story opens, Alex is 24 hours away from traveling to the Fae Court of Enchantment where she has been summoned by her grandfather. Thanks to Malakai (Kai) and Hortense drilling her with all things Fae, Alex may have a chance not to embarrass herself. In the meantime, her personal life is slowly unraveling. She loses her job, the PTF are collecting potentials (those who have been reported for magical behavior) and the new Colorado governor is a member of the Purity Campaign which wants to get rid of anyone paranormal. 
Those "collected" are Marc, Sarah, and Oz who are not necessarily friends, but have become allies of Alex. Alex calls in a favor from her once guardian, Solomon Adams who also works for the PTF. Alex's biggest antagonist in this series is PTF agent Benjamin O'Connell who is not only stalking Alex to see if she makes a mistake, but targeting anyone who has had any contact with Alex. This could be anyone from Maggie, her human boss, to her roommates Kai, Chase, and Jynx along with Emma who is a practitioner. 
The next part of the story takes place in Faerie where Alex meets her grandfather Bael, Lord of Enchantment who gave her a charm that made her Fae blood stronger. She can now see through glamour, read imbued memories, and move faster than before. Alex is told in no uncertain terms not to be herself and to keep her temper at all times. Alex is a means to an end while Bael is a target for those who want to see him gone. 
The perfect storm. Fae purists hate halfies and don't exactly fall all over themselves to like Alex. They intentionally bait Alex into an unwanted challenge that has consequences. The Fae are not unlike the Human Purity campaign in that regard. The point of Alex visiting Faerie was that Bael wanted to teach her how to imbue objects using magic which nobody has done so to this point. She's kind of hit and miss along the way into creating her owns items. What she ends up with instead is a bad taste in her mouth for Faerie and no plans of returning any time soon.
The final part of this book deals with Alex against the PTF and personal issues with so called friends and allies. I absolutely need the next book in the series after that cliffhanger-y ending. I foresee even more greater danger to Alex and her friends after what happens under duress and pressure. I also don't even care if Sophie and Alex become friends again. Sophie made her bed with her actions in previous installments and now she can stew in her own hatred for it. It's fair to say that a second Faerie War is now closer than ever. It will be interesting to see who falls on what side of the war.
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Alex has to get ready for her trip to the fae realm to meet the Lord of Enchantment, also the fae who provided the fae genes in her family. But first she has to rescue a few wolf friends from the PTF’s clutches. 

I liked this book the best. The first part where she visits the fae realm, wasn’t all that exciting. She did learn a lot from Bael, and she used those skills later in the book as well. But the rest of her visit there felt unnecessary. Maybe, hopefully, this was used to set up future scenarios still to come? Otherwise, it was a lot to read through for no purpose.

I still give this book 4 stars, because the events after she returned from the fae realm, was very exciting indeed. Alex also had to make some difficult decisions, found out some hard truths about the people around her. I also think she was a bit more mature. I can’t wait to continue the series.

 I received an advanced copy of the book from Netgalley to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Three and a half stars.

Book three in this series. Alex is being hounded by O'Connell the PTF agent and her sort-of grandfather has summoned her to the Court of Enchantment.

Once again I found myself at a loss with this book, there's a plethora of characters who come and go and just don't have enough personality to be distinguishable. I kept getting confused between Kai and Chase and Mica. The action starts in the mundane world, Alex takes a trip to the Court of Enchantment and then she's back in the mundane world - at 60% into the book a whole big load of nothing had happened. In fact, in retrospect I think you could have read the first two books and then picked this book up at 60% and not have missed anything. There seems to be so much setting things up for the future that the book drifts around rudderless which is a pity because when the action gets going it's really good and engaging and fast-paced - it just didn't have much to do with the middle part of the book. (view spoiler)

Maybe I've been too harsh in my review, I did like the book but I also lost interest a bit when Alex returned from the Court of Enchantment and it was obvious that the story arc that had developed there wasn't going to be developed further. Looking on the bright side Alex either falls out with her friends or they get killed off or leave so it should be easier to keep track of who's who in the next book :)

Based on the final third of the book I will definitely look forward to the next book in the series, it was action-packed, heart-in-your-mouth stuff.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This series just keeps getting better and better. Alex has quite a few balls in the air and I really enjoyed seeing how she dealt with them. This third book in the series continued to hold my interest, I cannot get enough of Alex's world. I think that reading the previous books first will really help flesh-out the overall story arc, all in all another excellent addition.

*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by NetGalley*
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There are some authors I forget how much I really like their writing, and this is one such author. This is the third book in the Magicsmith series, and each book gets better and better. Alex is all set for her debut at her grandfather’s court, but that’s not all. O’Connell is still after her and her friends, and he is determined to prove they are all fae. How will she keep everyone safe, especially when she has to go to another realm? I just loved this book. Alex is such an interesting character, as well as the secondary characters, and so much happens in this one. The fast-paced action really keeps me engrossed, and the great writing keeps me coming back for more. I am glad there is some closure for Alex at the end of this, but there are so many more threads to explore. If you love urban fantasy, you really have to try this series. Highly recommend! I received a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.
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I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. 

This book picks up just before she heads to Faerie to meet gramps, and to be presented during the festival. Basically, everything starts to fall apart from the get go for her.  The wolves have issues, she loses her job and a friendship, her holiday before the trip goes sideways, and then the festival isn't much better. I can honestly say, that there are few characters who I've wanted to like and so vicserally hated as I did her gramps. I was hoping for stern ruler with a shred of decency under the pressure and manipulation, but nope- straight up jerk. I do really appreciate a good bad guy though. And in the end, boy do we get one of those!!!

This is totally worth the read, and I desperately want to see what happens next. What does this mean for the bond? What does her magic mean now? And do we get to deal with gramps in a satisfying way later....?
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Faerie Forged by L.R. Braden. This is the next book in the MagicSmith series that pulls in your favorite fantasy type characters from Vampires, Werewolves and all the various forms of Fae. If you liked the previous books don't miss out on this one!
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I was eager to read this installment of this series and definitely not disappointed.  Alex sure had a difficult time of it when she has to meet her grandfather, the Lord of Enchantment, at fae court. The fae can be tricky and treacherous, as was demonstrated. In addition, the discrimination against those with magic surmounts and it is hard to tell who the good guys are at times. The ending made my heart happy but getting there was rift with angst. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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3.5 Stars
I have complained about the wishy washy FMC for awhile now, and this book was no different, but given the ending I have high hopes for book 4!  imwill continue to read the series, but I want more out of the next book, including a few answers!
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This novel continues where the previous one left. It was an enjoyable read, with more magic and mayhem. Part of the novel takes place at the Court of Enchantment and in the human realm. The divide between humans and fae is getting worse and more supernatural creatures are disappearing. Alex has to figure out how to protect her friends from the PTF as she is preparing to meet the Lord of Enchantment, who has his own plans for Alex. Alex's life is taking a crazy spin, and she no longer knows who she can trust. Alex will lose friends, and it hurts her deeply. She has no idea if her feelings for James are real. Alex will have to accept that she is neither fae nor human, but both. However, there are those who are onto Alex and her friends and will do whatever is necessary to get the results and answers they want. The latter part of the novel is action intense and will change many things for Alex and her friends. Cannot wait to see what Ms. Braden brings out next!
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The third volume in the series also delivers what its predecessors promise. A story full of magic, intrigue and friendship makes you looking forward to the sequel with suspence.
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Faerie Forged is the third book in the series. I have read the other books and really enjoyed them.  Alex is a half fae half human. She works at a bookstore and  is also a metal smith that often infuses magic into the work. Alex has managed to keep her fae blood secret but an FTB agent is always looking after her and her friends. Alex has also been summoned to meet the King who is her grandfather. He wants to teach her to imbue objects with magic. Alex must be careful because of faes who dislike half faes and try to get rid of her.  I liked this book as well good written, great place to t and nice characters Im  looking forward to the next book in this series.
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The third book about Alex the half Fae half human metalworker sees her in a very tight spot indeed. She's due at her grandfather's Court but desperate to help some of her friends who have been taken in for 'testing' . The sudden appearance of her uncle only adds to Alex's troubles but that's nothing to what she's about to face because sometimes she trusts the wrong people !
This was a fun read that kept me entertained. I do love a story that involves the Fae but surprisingly it was what actually occurred back in the mortal realm that had the most intensity. Alex is a great character who is bold and brave and I look forward to discovering what happens to her next.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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I received a free copy of FAERIE FORGED (Book 3 of the Magicsmith Series) by L.R. Braden in exchange for an honest review.  It’s time to meet the king.  The date is set and the time is nigh.  Alex must leave the mortal realm for her formal introduction to faerie and to her grandfather, the Lord of Enchantment.  In doing so, Alex must leave some of her supernatural acquaintances in the custody of the Paranatural Task Force and trust someone else to get them free before their secrets are revealed.  If Alex can survive the faerie realm, she can return home where a second Faerie War seems inevitable.  Attitudes are increasingly hostile towards supernatural beings, and rumors furiously circulate about disappearances in the paranatural community.  Even as Alex takes responsibility for the freedom and safety of the others in the paranatural community, she experiences increasing feelings of isolation.

I enjoyed this book and really like the series.  In this book, we get to visit the faerie realm and to experience exactly why some of the faeries might choose to live in the mortal world.  I recommend this series to fans of urban fantasy.

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**I was provided an electronic ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for honest review.**

Actual rating: 4.5

LR Braden brings us back to her Magicsmith series with the third installment, Faerie Forged. I will attempt to keep this review spoiler free. As with the first two novels in this series, I read Faerie Forged in one day. LR Braden has been able to balance plot development, character development, and a fast-paced writing style into unputdownable books. 

While I absolutely enjoyed both of the first two books, I have to say that Faerie Forged is my favorite so far. I loved the change of setting to the court, with all of the accompanying rules of engagement of the fae folk. I loved being able to see more of Chase and Malakai, and am unreasonably attached to Mica and Haru for them just being introduced. Bael strikes a great balance between utterly charming and solidly irritating. 

Some of the main characters from the first two books did take a back seat in this book, but I wasn't upset about it. I am so very eager to see how the plot and characters continue to grow with future works. 

New books in this series are definitely going to be priority reads for me in the future, and I absolutely need the next book after that cliffhanger-y ending.
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This book have me chills.  Alex's meeting with her royal grandfather was twisted.  The concept of this court's proceedings were beyond warped.  Nothing was at it seemed.  Zealots doing monstrous things leaving you wondering who were the "monsters.". The ending was explosive and perfect.
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