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What God's Word Says about Bullying

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What God's Word Says about Bullying

The Bible Promise Book for Kids

by Janice Thompson

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Shiloh Kidz

Children's Nonfiction ,


Pub Date 01 Apr 2020

I am reviewing a copy of What God's Word Says About Bullying through Barbour Publishing Inc/Shiloh Kidz and Netgalley:

This important book deals with an important challenge that far to many kids face today, that is bullying.  This book shows Children what the Bible says about Bullying and in doing so I believe helps the child.

The book points out too that bullying is a choice, and that a student, or anyone else for that matter,can choose not to take part of bullying in any form.  That stepping away from bullies is an important and necessary choice.

The importance of having compassion is also addressed.  The importance of friends is also addressed.

Janice Thompson reminds us too that hate is not a word God wants us to use when it comes to people.  

This book covers twenty three topics related to bullying in a clear and concise way allowing for Children to get a good grasp of what is being said.

I would recommend this to families,with Children in School, and those who deal with children, because I find it to be a great encouragement to stop bullying, and to understand the importance of not standing by doing nothing, when you see a classmate bullied.

I give What God's Word Says About Bullying five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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It is a very useful tool, a great gift and a good way to teach a child how to deal with bullying. We can not change what others do, but we can change how we deal with what they say or do to us.
For children it is a unique way to learn how to think about them selfs, and about the one who bully them.
For adults it is useful to learn what to teach the ones who suffer because of bullying.
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