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Throughout reading this, I felt a lot like I did while reading Patti Smith's "M Train" -- the writing is undeniably good, and engaging, but a lot of the content was hard to connect to. While I was familiar with many of the artists and artworks Laing speaks about here, I wasn't with all of them, and so had a hard time following the threads she attempts to weave here. Where Smith's book is stronger (and where I found myself wishing more from Liang's book) is that she deftly intersperses the personal with the art, drawing parallels with her own experiences and connections to the work that has made her life (and made her a fan.) I would have loved more of that from this book (although that's not necessarily a failing on the book's part; Personal anecdotes were never really promised) and perhaps a tighter edit.
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I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Funny Weather is the perfect quarantine read. It comfortingly addresses the surreal evil weirdness of the current administration, and often just felt like you were having a conversation with a very smart, empathetic friend. It also left me with a big list of artists, filmmakers, and writers to dive into during self-quarantine.

I will post on Goodreads on 04/28/2020!
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A group of essays a sharp eye at those she writes about.Ive read every book fiction and non fiction that Olivia Lang has written.Each book amazes me gives me new ideas thoughts to consider.This group of essays gems interesting involving entertaining.#netgalley#w.w.nortonbooks
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