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"The Neuro Generation" by Tan Le focuses on brain science and the new advances in technology that are in the works or coming soon. Le presents research by the top minds in neurology, AI, and more in this expansive and informative work. 

The most impressive part of this book is how interesting Le made research sound. I'm not typically into science, so to read a whole book on science and discovery was a lot for me. Le gives all the information, but somehow it's not boring or over the top. Her passion shows throughout the book, that's likely what will keep readers interested.

Le covers all kinds of topics, but the most interesting was the potential of treatment for dementia and Alzheimer's, among other brain diseases. So much of the research went over my head, but I loved seeing that there are brilliant minds working on a cure for something that is in the lives of so many people.

I think Le is more hopeful for good usages of AI and other neurological treatments than I am, but it was interesting to see a different perspective on all the ways technology can be good. I think in the Communication community we tend to see technology as something that works against us, rather than something that works for us. Our human tendency is laziness and technology can enhance that.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but it could be a little too technical at times. I give it 4 stars.
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Really interesting and not your usual book about the brain, and I am delighted because I had not read "new" books about the brain for a while now, due to the fact that this topic is all the hype now....
It is not particularly easy anyway, but the stories told as examples, made them smoother.

Molto interessante e diverso dai soliti libri pubblicati a centinaia ora che il cervello é diventato un argomento "in".
Non é particolarmente semplice, ma gli esempi forniti dall'autrice (la cui storia é giá un bell'esempio di per sé) facilitano di molto il compito.

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