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Goods and Services

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As usual, Mary Lindeen has written a solid, concise book. I really appreciated this book because it's about a subject I never would have thought to introduce to the kids. The book explains what goods and services are in a way that's easy to understand and is relevant to the kids.
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This is another in a series about how people earn and spend or save money. This one goes into some detail (it's about 30 pages long) concerning how people make things to sell (which are the goods), or how they offer a service, and this is what makes the world go round. And here I thought it was simply inertia from the formation of the planet! Just kidding!

The book is colorfully illustrated with photographs and features a diverse 'cast' of people who are growing or making things to sell. It talks about how goods are supplied (from near and far) and transported (trains, and boats, and planes!) and how some services are free, but others cost money.

At the end of the book there's a guide to how the book works and how children can learn from it, along with vocabulary and skills information. The author is a former elementary school teacher so she knows how this works. I commend this as a worthy read!
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This is a great book to introduce or reinforce the concept of goods and services to young learners.  The bright and colorful images are not only very relevant to the text, but are also very eye catching.  This would be a great book for either a classroom or home setting.
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With vibrant photographs and diverse characters this is a great addition to any library's collection. With a focus on the difference between goods and services, children will read and see what makes each one special. Simple text will help children understand why sometimes we pay for things and others we don't.
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