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The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism

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This collection of essays is an informative and enjoyable effort to discern the future of Anglicanism. The editor has assembled a somewhat diverse group to assess the situation, ranging from African bishops to a Canadian academic and an American Baptist theologian. The most informative and cogent essays were by Barbara Gauthier on “Reformed Catholicism,” Dr. Gerald McDermott on “An Ancient-Future Anglicanism,” and Fr. Ephraim Radner on “Process, Providence, and Anglican Identity.” The essay by McDermott is worth the price of admission! His assessment was historically and theologically sound, objective, and sufficiently recognized the distinctiveness of Anglicanism to avoid the “mere evangelicalism” suggested by some of the less noteworthy essays as the way forward. That being noted, all the essays are worth reading by those interested in the future of worldwide Anglicanism. Strongly recommended!
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Thank you for the book The Future of Orthodox Anglicanism has given me more of an understanding of Orthodox Anglicanism. I am overwhelmed by the subject matter and needed time to reflect on each chapter so I am thankful for the points of reflection, scripture passages and of course how Anglican is reformed Catholic Church and how it came about. Another interesting factor is how the Christianity was born and founded. I recommend this book to be read for interest and for theology. I certainly would use for a secondary source text in an theology assessment.
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This book is a hopeful book for the Anglican tradition across the world. It is comprised of various essays from mainly Anglicans around the world, offering their views from different locations and experiences. Gerald McDermott opens with an apology for the book by setting the tone for subsequent essays. Overall, the book focuses on different challenges the tradition faces today. It moves from regional perspectives to the role of ministers and the importance of vocation to ecclesiastical perspectives from within and without the tradition. The last chapter, an appraisal from other traditions toward Anglicanism is perhaps the most exhilarating for me. It is certainly ecumenical, but in a conservative and orthodox way. It is a good source to know where Anglicanism is striving and where it is dying, yet Anglicans can rest assure that standing on their forefathers feet will keep them ready for 21st century challenges all around the world.
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It was interesting to get to read about Orthodox Anglicanism, as I did not know very much about this subject before I picked up this book.
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