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Hmmm so I didn’t haaaate it, and it was enjoyable, maybe just not my cup of tea. It had likeable characters but sometimes I wanted to smack them.
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I voluntarily accepted to read this book. All thoughts are my own. This book hit the mark for me. 
Great storyline, heartwarming. Books, coffee, and lost love letters now found. It’s an intriguing story 
that just draws you in, and I plan on buying a copy to pass on to friends. 
Do yourself a favor and buy. 

Thank you Hallmark and netgalley for letting me read this book..
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These novelizations are great for fans of the movies to dive a little deeper into them and have a ton of fun with. In this book we get to do that with their relationship before they separated and the battle over the bookstore. I love letters and letter writing so that element was fun. If you like Hallmark movies you'll enjoy this
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Lovely romance novel that have everything to put you in the best mood. The story with the story.. i love that it have a main story and the second one with B characters.
Small town, second chances and different love stories what else do you need? 🙆
Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC.
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This was a hallmark movie that I watched first and enjoyed.  It was fun to read more detail and background to go with the movie.
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A sweet and charming take that is exactly what you expect from a Hallmark romance.  To me, it had undertones of the "You've Got Mail" story arc, plus the fun of a second chance relationship.  Easy to read and an immersive escape from real life with romance and a small-town bookstore and old love letters, I can't imagine not enjoying this one.

My thanks to the publisher for the complimentary copy via NetGalley.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Second chance love stories are some of my favorite troupes. Add in Hallmark-esque goodness and you have a winner. This was such a cute story!
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Jamie is an incurable romantic, dreamy and in love with her small bookstore.

Sawyer is a freelance architect who wants to have a permanent job  and doesn't have to cross the country to work. He hasn't set foot in his hometown in years and thanks to an audacious project he will have to face everything he left behind.

The reunion between them having Jane Austen as cupid was lovely and I am super suspicious because I love Persuasion.

I love Hallmark Channel films so much and having the chance to read them makes me even more passionate. The writer of The Story of Us managed to get me to see the movie along the lines of the books and live this cute love story even more.

I loved the cover too much and also follow the story of Lucy and Rick.
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A book based on second chance romance, with small town romance mixed in it, along with a bookshop owner and an architect naturally brings one word in mind - Magical. And this book was magical. Throughout the book I was focused on the descriptions of the place and boy, did I want to go there! 
The romance was as magical as the setting. 


Blurb - Jamie is the owner of True Love, a cafe bookshop. It's been her dream since childhood to become a published author. She used to go to True Love and think about owning it one day. That's where she met Sawyer for the first time. They became highschool sweethearts but then broke up only to meet after 15 years. But now circumstances have changed, especially because they are on the opposite sides and victory for one would mean destruction fir another. 


Sawyer and Jamie truly were a treat to watch. And there's another couple in there which were very adorable. Lately I have read a few novels wherein I was not able to feel the tension between the main characters but this is definitely not one of them. And that's the beauty about second chance romances. It was truly an amazing read!
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The Story of Us
by: Teri Wilson
I loved The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson, so I requested and received The Story of Us from @NetGalley. I also love a Hallmark movie and a Hallmark movie-like book, so that “Based on the Hallmark Original Movie” description didn’t scare me. It should have. This was too predictable, too sweet, too cheesy. I’d pass on this if I were you, but definitely read The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson.
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What's better than reading a love story? How about a double love story. This wonderful book wasn't just about the main characters rekindling their high school love affair, but there was also an interesting B story about their mutual friends finally finding the courage to admit they love each other. I loved this book so much. It was cozy and heartwarming and had such a satisfying ending. And, the plot centered around a bookstore. There's nothing better than reading a book about a bookstore, and this was one of my favorites books that takes place in a bookstore!
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I love second chance love stories and The Story of Us is a great one. Very sweet and enjoyable. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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The Story of Us is a sweet, tender second chance at love story with a bit of a bite – I was completely enchanted by not only the location of Waterford but by the unique small-town feel of this story as well.

Once upon a time Jamie and Sawyer were high-school sweethearts until he left for college and everything changed for them. Now, years later, Jamie is the proud owner of a romance bookstore struggling like all small businesses are but happy and content for the most part. Right up until Sawyer returns to his hometown with a monstrous business proposition for their town – one that would gobble up so many small businesses and drop them into an ugly, unnecessary retail building that belongs in a much larger town, not Waterford. Jamie will begin a local campaign to convince local businesses to fight Sawyer, to keep the small-town appeal of Waterford going strong — and to remind Sawyer of what he left behind and that it’s not the town that needs changing but him.

If Sawyer and Jamie’s love story wasn’t already a Hallmark movie I’d be among the first to suggest it as one. A romance with quirky characters, a lovely location, and two people who really do belong together if they can find their way back to each other through this mess that Sawyer has brought to town. I had fun, and if you love a really good love story then The Story of Us is perfect for you.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Hallmark Publishing via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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The Story Of Us is a sweet, clean romance story.  My dream job is to own or work in a bookstore so I loved the setting. I really loved the character development abs the way the story flowed.  This book did not disappoint me in any way and I recommend it.
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This was such an enjoyable, sweet romance. I love that the main female lead owned a bookstore. The love story was sweet and a little different than some of the other Hallmark storylines. I enjoyed it!
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I received an ARC of The Story of Us by Teri Wilson from Hallmark Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

I give this book 5 stars! Teri Wilson did not disappoint!!! Fantastic setting, great storyline, and overall feel-good book! I highly recommend this well written sweet romance!
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I loved this story. Jamie and Sawyer were high school sweethearts and haven't seen each other in 15 years.  Unfortunately, Sawyer is an architect and his company is trying to close Jamie's business to build a new development.   This causes a lot of bad feelings between the two although the chemistry between them is still very much alive.
If looking for a clean romance, Hallmark will always deliver.  I highly recommend this book.  
Thank you Teri Wilson, Hallmark Publishing and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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#The Story Of Us#Net Galley
The Story Of. Us is based on a Hallmark Channel original movie.
Jamie Vaughn  is the owner of True Love.  A bookstore that has been in Waterford, Oregon
for many years.  It is part of a business district that is struggling to survive.  The city council has requested a bid from Ridley Property Development.  Jamie is fighting the development plan as she reads her bookstore and many others will become casualities. 

She finds out that her high school sweetheart  Sawyer is the head architect for the project.  Although it's been a decade since high school she doesn't want feelings to get in the way of saving True Love and her neighboring businesses owned by friends and family. 

True Love  bookstore is special as people seem to find love there.. As proof there have been four proposals there .  She finds a hidden box with old Valentine's from people who love the store.  And letters compArison and Mary who were the owners in 1945.  The box was labeled Story Of Us.

As they both right right for their different ideas for the redevelopment they begin to feel what made  them  call in love in the first place.

It is a feel good romance story and has many more wonderful details as to what happens in this wonderful town where people care about each other
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"The Story of Us" is based on the Hallmark Channel original movie of the same title. Jamie Vaughn is the owner of a quaint bookshop True Love, and a proud resident (born and raised) of Waterford, Oregon. The business district has been struggling to keep afloat, which is why the city council has requested a bid from Ridley Property Development to help revitalize the district.

Jamie is determined to keep the historical business district intact. She soon discovers that her former high school sweetheart, Sawyer O'Dell, is the lead architect. It has been over a decade since they broke up, and last saw each other. Their history does not deter her in any way and gives her even more determination to stop this development from happening. After all this time though, there's still some spark between them.

Jamie's passion for her bookshop, and tenacity in saving the business district is descriptive of her character. The competitiveness between her and Sawyer to convince the town, the shop owners, and city council to side with each of them only re-ignites what made them fall in love with each other in the first place.

True Love Book shop is not just any ordinary book shop. In high school, Jamie worked there and ever since then, she had dreamt of owning it. She had since bought it when Mr. Ogilvy retired.  Besides the sentimental connections to the book shop, one of the things that makes this place special is that couples seem to find love.  There has been four proposals since Jamie has bought it. And she discovers a hidden box labeled The Story of Us containing letters written by other couples that have also found love at the bookstore, as well as discovering the love story of Harrison and Mary, the owners back in 1945.

If you love romance, this will definitely be a good one to read. It has more details than the movie, and also provides the same feel good feelings the movie evokes.  Read the novel to find out what happens to the business district, whether Jamie and Sawyer rekindle their romance and the blossoming love story of their best friends.
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This story was a sweet romance with humor and lots of heart. I loved the story line and the ending was pretty much perfect. Jamie, Sawyer, Rick and Lucy were great characters and made the story. It is a perfect Valentine's Day read. Loved it!

I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
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