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This was another book that my granddaughter and I read together and loved. You could hear us all over the house shouting, "Bunnies on the Bus, Bunnies on the bus! No wonder there’s a fuss about the bunnies on the bus!" My son came upstairs to see what was going on. Probably not the best choice for a bedtime story though. This story was simple but hilarious. We laughed and then tried to make up our own story about bunnies on a train (we didn't do very well), so we read it again. The illustrations make this book so much funnier and enjoyable. A great read aloud and when we finished it, I had to read it to my grandson before he went to be and he loved it too.
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Lots of fun and kids will want it read again and again and again.  Some of the rhymes are a little harsh and break up the cadence.  But when the cadence is rolling it moves along quite smoothly.
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My toddler loved this book with it's easy read-aloud rhythm, very colourful and fun illustrations, and silly storyline.  A really cute one for story time plus I liked that there was so much going on in the pictures on every page that you could further talk about with your young reader.
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The illustrations in this book are fantastic and I love how I can look at each page over and over and find something every time that I didn't see before! Philip Ardagh has done it again and has put together a wonderful book that brings animals to life. The facial expressions are priceless and the words have just the right amount of rhyming. Definitely worth reading!
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Where's the plot?

I can see this one becoming a favourite of kids... while being detested by their parents. A bunch of badly behaved rabbits are on a bus that zips madly through town, driven in a reckless (and dangerous) manner. Where are the bunnies going? Who knows? At the end of their rush, they get off the bus and onto a train. Maybe the journey is the destination, but... this is boring.

The pictures are cute, but they can't make up for the lack of story. I don't think I'd recommend this one.
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This book is similar to the classic nursery rhyme The Wheels on the Bus with a bunny friendly character. Repetition of bunny actions on the bus are entertaining for the reader.
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This is a great story and perfect for a storytime or fun at home read! I love the fun action and wonderful rhythm of the text. It's almost like your expecting a rendition of the Wheels on the Bus, but the text is surprisingly different (in a good way!). I love the illustrations too. They were bright, fun, and the perfect graphic quality that children love. I will for sure be recommending this book to family, friends, and coworkers.
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The bunnies are on the bus and they’re causing quite the ruckus all through town. The bunny driver stops for no one and there’s bunnies playing the aisles, even on the roof. I love the illustrations and the side stories that are going on without text. Like there are little robber squirrels that are plotting from the start. Great book!
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Super cute!  I think toddlers would especially like this book, but it would definitely appeal to preschoolers as well.
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Bunnies on the bus is a super fun read. The illustrations are great and there is lots to look at on each page. The rhyming in the story makes it go quickly and excites the reader. My daughter and I enjoyed it a lot and will revisit it for sure again and Again. 
Thank you to Netgalley and Candlewick Press for a copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review. 
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Release Date: July 14 2020
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It’s been six and a half weeks since the first (and only) time I’ve read this book before today and throughout that time my brain has involuntarily and quite randomly been singing/chanting at me:

“Bunnies on the bus! 
Bunnies on the bus!

No wonder there’s a fuss
about the bunnies on the bus!”

So, parents beware: this book comes with its own built in earworm. And I still love it!

The repetition not only helps the rhymes to flow well, but also gave me the same weirdly soothing feeling as ‘The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round’.

Besides the chaos caused by the bus roaring past the citizens of Sunny Town, there’s another adventure being told solely through the illustrations. There are plenty of details to enjoy over multiple readings.

I get the feeling this isn’t the last time I’ll be reading this book.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for the opportunity to read this book.
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Hilarious book with great repetition and fantastic illustrations. I can see kids loving this book and shouting out "bunnies on the bus!"
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Bunnies on the Bus was a fun story that my boys (5 an 9 yr old) enjoyed looking for the criminals throughout the book and really liked the illustrations. 

I was provided with an electronic ARC through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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What a cute story which will be so fun to read aloud to young children!  They will love the fun rhymes and the energetic colorful illustrations!

Thanks to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for the advance reading copy. 

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One of the funniest children's books I have read in a long time.   Recommended for ages 3 -7 this 33 page picture book has something to appeal to everyone.  #BunniesontheBus #NetGalley    Each page is jam packed with brightly colored animals going through their day while a bus full of mischieveous bunnies speed through town not stopping for anyone.  You will want to read this book over and over again so you don't miss out on any of the antics., many of which tell their own story from the first to the last page.  This is packed with nonstop  word play , it is full of rhyming and alliteration.  While full of surprises there are also patterns throughout that are just what is needed for young children in the early stages of learning to read on their own.
   I highly recommend this book for read alouds, for reading together with others, for beginning readers and even for non readers who will stay entranced endlessly. with all the action.  There  should be at least one copy  in every home, school and library.
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Bunnies on the Bus by Philip Ardagh is and adorable preschool book that is clearly written to be read aloud.  The illustrations by Ben Mantle are engaging without being a distraction from the story.  I enjoyed reading this story with my child and looking at the pictures and seeing all of the small details.  For example, by looking at the illustrations, one sees a cute subplot about two with two masked  squirrels who have escaped and are on the run. 
 My favorite illustration was the hamsters in their balls rolling around on the sidewalk.  As a teacher, I think younger students would love the language in the fun book.  I love the rhyming words and the repetition.  I also really like that this book invites children into the story to spend time looking at the illustrations while talking about the everything that they see.  I see this as a book that could be enjoyed many times (not just for a single read aloud to never be picked up again).  I also think children would enjoy looking at the illustrations by themselves and using their imaginations to make the story come alive.  I recommend this book and feel it would be fun to share with children!
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This is a cute little rhyming tale about some bunnies that are out of control on the bus. There's almost certainly a series to come from the sounds of the ending. Presumably, Bunnies on the Train is coming next. Though I've always been a fan of Philip Ardagh, I'd have to say that I was more intrigued with the illustrations in this particular book, since they managed to maintain so many different running side plots from masked robbers on the getaway to a lion dealing with the aftereffects of a bad haircut. In all, this would be a pleasant read for a younger audience. It was fun.
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Bunnies are obviously terrible bus drivers but they do make a cute subject for a picture book!!

A rhyming book about bunnies wrecking havoc on a bus. Super simple with no lessons except maybe how NOT to drive a bus.  But overall just a fun read for young kids. The illustrations are bright, funny and colorful. 

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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It's perfect for children how are still into rhymes and very short stories. It's silly and the plot is a mess, something little kids enjoy. What happenes when a (rather large?) group of bunnies get on the bus? 

There's little to it story-wise, but it's nice to see a story from the animals' perspective and see them create mayhem. It ends with the promise of a sequel.

The illustrations are beautiful and full, reminding me of the children's books of my childhood. 

I recommend this to children aged 3-5 years.
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This is a cute read about how bunnies are causing chaos on a bus.  I love the rhyming and the illustrations are magnificent.  However, I am not a fan of having to repeat lines over and over.  This is a book I could see my toddler and preschooler enjoying.  

This book was given to me an an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in an exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.
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