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A fun, sexy rom-com! I admit it took me a while to get into this one, mainly because I kept (unfairly) comparing it to "Red, White, and Royal Blue." Once I got past that and into the story, I was able to enjoy it.
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I loved this story from the beginning! I loved the humor, character growth and steamy tension! Both of these characters took a minute to love because of their particular issues, but they quickly won me over.  I highly recommend this to anyone who likes witty banter and appreciates a good character arc!
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I was both excited and a little apprehensive about this book. I loved Red White and Royal Blue so much, and the comparisons worried me. What if it did not live up to the hype? Well, my worries were unfounded because this book is an absolute delight from start to finish. Luc, the main character, is an absolute disaster in the best way possible. The relationship is imperfect, and I loved that. But what I loved the most is that the character actually communicated. Yes, there were times when Luc freaked out and ran away, but they always talked it out quickly and I feel that is something lacking in many romance novels. So much could be solved by the characters just using their words. My only two issues, and they are minor, is that I wanted more of the friend group, and I felt the ending was a little rushed. Still a 5 star read, and I cannot wait to see what Alexis Hall comes up with next
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3.48 out of 5 Stars

A cute fluffy contemporary romance, Boyfriend Material is such a sweet joy read. The characters were a little simple, the plot a little basic, but overall it was fun to read and there were moments that were truly funny! It is the perfect quick read for a lighthearted weekend.

Luc and Oliver both need a fake boyfriend, Luc to restore his reputation and have a date for a Beetle Drive, and Oliver to bring to his parents' wedding anniversary. They had previously known each other only through their mutual friend, but said mutual friend gets them together so they can both have a "fake boyfriend." This plot concept alone is a little too Hallmark Channel for me, but nevertheless, it is still a super cute concept. Luc and Oliver begin to "date" each other, but over the course of their dates, their individual desires and insecurities gradually emerge and they tease out the possibility and then the reality of their "fake" relationship becoming a real one. Of course, there were truly groan-worthy moments along the way when I wanted to smack the characters' heads together. But then there were other moments that were so tender and sweet my heart melted a bit.

As a whole, it wasn't the most sophisticated writing. By that, I don't just mean it was easy to read, but there wasn't much depth to anything either. For example the characters were fairly flat. Different depths would be hinted at sometimes, like how Luc was destroyed by his previous relationship with Miles, but then we wouldn't really go anywhere with it. Random nuggets of background and characterization would be thrown in and promptly forgotten. Honestly, I wasn't super frustrated by this, I'm just noting it because that for me was why I didn't connect as much to the story as I think I could have. It's something that I think unfortunately happens a lot across contemporary romances because the focus is so zeroed in on the relationship, everyone forgets that the two people are the grounding tethers that need to be developed first in order for the relationship between them to hit home with the reader.

Another way that I thought the story was a bit simple was through the plot itself. It's a cute concept, but not one that is very standout-ish. It makes for truly adorable light and fun reading material, but I couldn't really pull much else out of it. I loved that the story was set in London. I'm not sure what the city setting did for the story, but I loved it anyway because it's London. I loved that Luc and Oliver had such different careers. They needed that, especially as their whole thing is how they balance each other out and work wonderfully because they are so different from each other. And I also loved how they called each other out on their crap. It needed to be in there of course, but I liked how the author handled each character's response differently from the other's. Luc just sort of freaked out and then listened to Oliver's rant. Oliver on the other hand, really freaked out and it took him a long while to accept what Luc was telling him. I liked that, how they each responded in a way fitting to their own character. 

The best thing about this book was, hands down, the humor. So funny. So so funny. This was one of those books where I was reading it in public, looking like a loon because I was trying so hard to restraint my giggles. There were great zingers, but my favorite funny moments were when there was just awkwardness between the characters. Like, the comfortable kind of awkwardness if that makes sense? I loved when Luc's group chat would be going off and riffing off each other, I loved when Luc would casually tease Oliver and Oliver didn't know how to respond, I loved whenever Luc had to explain that we worked at a dung beetle organization. It was all great. 10/10 for humor on this one. 

Again, it was a cute fluffy read. While there wasn't too much to really sink your teeth into, it was enjoyable and is the sort of book that would be perfect for a holiday, bringing to a beach, curling up with for an afternoon... something casual to pick up.

 Thanks for reading!
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This was a super fun read, and reminded me a lot of Red, White, and Royal Blue. Luc and Oliver had such funny banter and cute chemistry, I really enjoyed reading their story. I love the fake dating trope and this one was no exception. The only reason this isn't a five star read is because the beginning felt a little long and took me about a third of the book to really get into it.
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Luc, the son of a former rockstar who is making a comeback, is caught in a compromising photo and is now in danger of losing his job. Unless he can clean up his image with the perfect boyfriend. ⁣
Oliver Blackwood is as buttoned up as they come. He is a criminal barrister and a positive influence on Luc. They both agree to fake date until each of their important events are finished. But will their relationship still remain fake after all their time spent together?⁣
This novel was so heartfelt and genuine. Each Luc and Oliver both struggled with different things and leaned on each other, creating a bond that is real and lasting! ⁣
Oliver was definitely swoony that is for sure! He surprised me a lot with his compassion for Luc’s problems and their witty British banter had me laughing a lot! I also HIGHLY recommend the audio (thank you @librofm and @sourcebookscasa ) because it was great! I switched back and forth from reading to listening and I could not get enough of their story! ⁣
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Very cute. Love the British humour described in the book - the dry and sardonic wit came through in the writing. The relationship between the protagonists was adorable to watch - both thinking they are irredeemable but both being perfect for each other. Definitely recommended as a light romance read.
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Be still, my ever-quaking heart.

BOYFRIEND MATERIAL is everything you'd ever want in a fake-dating rom-com. Cheesy one-liners? Check! A reluctant-allies-to-friends-to-lovers romance? Check! A lovey-dovey date at a pop-up vegan cafe, where our protagonist hand-feeds a caramel brownie to his love interest? ...Check!

No, honestly, BOYFRIEND MATERIAL is an absolute RIOT. It's snarky, fun and the comedy is TOP-KNOTCH. Every page is FILLED with British humour, and I had a massive smile stretched over my face from page 1 until the very end!

And don't get me started on the CHARACTERS. Oh, my goodness. I mean, the main characters, Luc and Oliver, are fantastic. They're fun, they're flawed, they're relatable. But the secondary characters... wow. From Bridget, who ALWAYS has an (insane) emergency going on at her workplace, to James Royce-Royce (who happens to be married to -- guess who? -- James Royce-Royce), to the hysterical Alex and, Miffy (Miffy, of course, short for Clara)... EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was over-the-top, individual, unique and SO MUCH FUN TO INTERACT WITH.

I cannot sing enough praise about this title! Honestly, do yourself a favour: go and buy yourself a copy. It's fun. It's campy. It's light. It's the perfect year-round romance.

Just be prepared to laugh. A LOT.
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Boyfriend Material is a barrel of laughs. And I don’t laugh at books.

It’s true. Either because I’m not actively picking up comedy or books that are described as having ‘lots of laughs’. When I do read a book that, while isn’t advertised as funny, as comedic characters, that humour doesn’t usually make me laugh. I acknowledge that it’s a joke, but my face doesn’t even twitch.

I sound fun at parties, don’t I?

But, after receiving a lovely e-arc from the folks at Melia PR and Sourcebooks, plus getting a glowing recommendation from bookish friends, I decided to give it ago.

I had to put the book down from laughing too much.

Not only that, but I had to find people in the house so I could read bits of chapters out loud so they could share my sheer joy of this book. The comedy, funnily enough, is not what the book is focused on, however. This ain’t no joke generator, pumping out laugh after laugh. The premise is actually about the life and loves of a rockstar’s miserable son, who hates his father, yet still shares some of his limelight. To keep his job and lift up his reputation, he needs a nice boyfriend. Que the fake boyfriend scenario!

The humour reminded me a little of Fleabag, although Fleabag was harrowing at times and Boyfriend Material certainly wasn’t. There are serious plot points and backstories, but nothing that stops the book from being the fluffy and funny M/M romance that it is. It’s sharp, and our protagonist Luc is quicky and witty, where everyone around him is weird and he *supposedly* isn’t.

And then, what we’ve all been waiting for, the romance. A middle class, suit wearing, posh barrister paired with a man who is, on numerous occasions, called a mess? Yep, sign me up. What an absolute delight to read. Boyfriend Material took these two men and made them open up to each other, when they barely opened up to anyone else. I loved how much they leaned on each other during their fake boyfriend act, and how not fake it became *eyebrow jiggle*.

Seriously, if you want to read a fun queer romance and snort water through your nose from laughing, pick up Boyfriend Material.
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This was a fun read. I think I wanted it to be this year's Red, White & Royal Blue - which it wasn't quite. That being said, it's still a good choice for a summer read! I quite flew through it. And I laughed out loud many times - the humor is absolutely ridiculous.
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This was charming and funny and everything I needed in a gay romcom. This has inevitably been compared to Red, White, & Royal Blue but I liked this one a lot more (I found the dialogue in that book way too cringey and unrealistic), and I think it’s because this one was actually written by a male. Luc and Oliver’s relationship is so cute and having Luc as the narrator was great because he is a naturally hilarious character which made the book so much fun! My only real complaint about the book is that it’s just a little too long for a romcom (it’s almost 450 pages) and started to get repetitive for me.
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Love, love, love....reminiscent of Red, White, and Royal Blue. Very cute and light read for fans of America/British romances.
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This book was such a great read. If you enjoyed Red, White, & Royal Blue you will want to read this one. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced reader copy.
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When I first saw this on Netgalley, I believed it would give Red, White and Royal Blue a run for their money, that it would be a worthy rival. Although I think that this queer rom-con is definitely worth the read, Red White and Royal Blue will always have a special place in my heart.
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This book is so incredibly cute! I love the fake-dating trope, and Alexis Hall did not disappoint! I am looking forward to reading more from this author!
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Right off the bat this book had me laughing and that is hard to do. A good romcom is the way to my bookish heart and this one did just that. It didn't have any overdone themes, and was a great mix of sexy, and adorable.
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When I first started reading Boyfriend Material, I thought that I would not like Alex. But I pushed through. And when Oliver was introduced and you saw him with Alex, that is when I too began to fall a little bit for him as well. Two people who run in the same circles who have only their sexuality in common, should not make a good match. Especially when one is a serious Lawyer and the other a guarded insecure manchild.
Alex works for a non-profit that aims to save mankind one ding beetle at a time. Although the job isn’t glamorous, it’s the only one Alex has been able to keep. The child of a famous 80’s artist, he has had all of his shortcomings plastered across the tabloids time and time again.  It is at the request of his employer for him to be mor presentable that Alex decides he needs a boyfriend who won’t sell his story to the highest bidder and won’t make him look anymore pathetic then he already does. This is where Oliver comes in, as a very serious very much the opposite of every guy Alex has ever dated. But this isn’t a forever kind of relationship, no, this is a relationship that has an expiration date and very specific rules. They will be in each other’s lives until said date and go their separate ways.
But somewhere along the way a wayward father makes an appearance, and everything that was supposed to be fake somehow feels more real to them both. But will they be able to survive past their agreed time and if so, how will Alex trust blindly? And will Oliver be able to see past his own insecurities to make it work?
This book was quite charming and I loved that the story was being told by Alex, because all the side characters in his life were as loveable and entertaining as Alex and Oliver as well. I would recommend this book to people who loved Red White and Royal Blue, the banter and ridiculous interactions had me laughing, smiling and just happy to see Oliver’s serious demeanor accept Alex for who he was. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for quick wit and a fee good hardy laughs
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If you are looking for your next LGBTQ friendly, absolutely magical, and laugh out loud hysterical romance, please please please read this book!!
Absolute 5 stars EVER 👏🏻 SINGLE 👏🏻 DAY 👏🏻

I can’t even begin to list the amount of moments throughout this book that I was in absolute stitches over these characters. 
But I meannnnnn here are a few: The first date was the most hysterical scene I’ve ever read. The boxers. All the whitty banter. The crazy coworkers. The main character zero concept of the law. 
It was just too good for words. 

But not only was this book absolutely hysterically perfect, it was also so deep in so many ways.
It showed love at its newest purest form, it showed people realizing how they can be better people AND better friends, it showed love blossoming, it showed the terrifying side of trusting that someone won’t hurt you. 

And the perfect quote from this boat to sum it all up: “lets be terrified together” 

Thank you so much to @sourcebookscasa #partner for the advanced e-copy!! 
I can’t say enough about this book!
Steam level: 🔥

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As the son of a rockstar he's never met, Luc's whole life has been documented in the tabloids, and rarely favorably. Now, if he can't clean up his act, find a respectable boyfriend, and stay out of the public eye, he'll lose his job. Enter Oliver, a vegetarian, perfectionist, very Type-A barrister looking for a fake boyfriend to bring to his parents' anniversary party. They couldn't have less in common, but something about their fake relationship works. Maybe too well. 

This book is delightfully witty, and the dialogue really shines. Luc is a very self-destructive character, and I struggled to get into the story at first because it was painful to watch him treat all of his friends, Oliver, and himself so poorly. But that made his transformation even more powerful, and I was definitely won over by the end. After the halfway point, this book was truly a joy to read!
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What a fun, laugh-out-loud read, that will resonate with readers regardless of their sexuality. The feels are real - a relationship slowly turning into love, thoughts of personal inadequacies, friends and family who support you no matter what - and those who don't. Full of quirky, yet authentic characters, and all around fun to read.
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