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Remain Silent, the dark, slow moving, unforgettable third Manon Bradshaw police procedural by Susie Steiner, works well as a standalone mystery.  Manon has been assigned to the cold case squad on a part time basis. However, after she discovers the body of a hanged man too near to her home, she becomes involved in the world of Eastern European immigrants in England.

The problems stemming from immigration are not very different here than in other countries. Young men from Lithuania are enticed by the promise of riches to send home into traveling to a land where they don’t know the language and have neither friends nor support. They are forced into menial jobs and work long hours to repay their keepers for their food and housing. They are treated as subhuman and it is hardly surprising when one, Lukas Balsys, commits suicide. Or does he? The note he leaves is cryptic and the anger and resentment felt by the locals is palpable. Protest marches, threats and violence are the way of this neighborhood. 

Manon and her partner Davy lead the investigation into Lukas’ death. Both are strong characters. Manon is chronically tired, unlikeable, unpleasant and prickly. She is unsatisfied by both her job and her husband Mark. When an unforeseen event makes her realize that she truly does love Mark, she regrets her past actions and time spent tied to her job. Davy is torn between pleasing his demanding fiancée and giving in to the attentions of a married co-worker. There are other subplots, each driving the story toward a satisfying conclusion.

This is the third Manon Bradshaw book I have read and I have loved them all. I can’t give it any more than 5 stars so a definite 5!  Remain Silent is a treasure for fans of Elizabeth George, Tana French and Kate Atkinson.

Please read the author acknowledgements at the end of the book. Susie Stiener has been diagnosed with glioblastoma. My heart breaks for her.
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I read about 1/4 of this before losing interest. It starts as a police procedural but then becomes something else entirely, and the transition just didn't work for me.
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I received a copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley.

I’m quitting this at 35% (and I’ve been skimming for a while). I started this expecting a police procedural, but the last few chapters have been all about human trafficking from the perspectives of those trafficked, and are extremely harrowing. I was having my doubts anyway: the tone is generally depressing and the text has contradicted itself in places.

Disappointed, as I was enjoying this series.
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So excited to get another installment of Manon! I had forgotten how funny she was. I sort of wish there were smaller gaps between the books, everyone is getting older so quickly!

I thought the mystery was very topical, dealing with anti-immigrant sentiment and the types of work immigrants are often forced into. It wasn't heavy-head but it really showed what life was like for these people. 

I felt like Manon was less confident in this book than she was in the earlier two. I understand having a toddler is difficult but she seemed to flounder. I hope the next book gets her confidence back. That was a large part of her appeal.
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Rich in character and quick sarcasm with real life daily concerns surrounds this continuing saga of DI Manon. Manon working just part time is thrown into a mysterious hanging of a migrant worker. As she delves into the investigation life interferes and the struggle to find out why he hung himself drags her in deeper. 

Great reading. Highly recommended.
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I immensely enjoyed reading the earlier books in this series. Remain Silent is an excellent addition to the series. Also could be a stand alone.

Mostly I love the character of Manon. She is authentic. I like her brashness. She is an amazing parent. And an amazing wife.

I am Canadian and I honestly had no idea about the situation with illegal Lithuanian workers in the U.K. Remain Silent completely opened my eyes. Fascinating. 

Great mystery as well. Fantastic storytelling. Highly recommend.
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I really like this series and was distressed to learn the Author has brain cancer which she reveals in the Afterword.  Prayers for her recovery. Steiner' s main character is tough yet motherhood has brought out her softness. This mystery revolves around Eastern European migration and human trafficking.  Timely and the regular characters continue to grow. I am a fan of all three books in the series.

Copy provided by the Publisher and NetGalley
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It should be the happiest time in her life. DI Manon Bradshaw has returned to work part time in the cold case unit of the Cambridgeshire Police Department, but she’s having serious problems managing both work and home life. She and her husband argue about who should be doing what around the house and she’s attending marriage therapy on her own because he refuses to attend.  Then she comes across the body of an immigrant from Lithuania while on a walk with her little boy.  At first glance it appears it might be suicide, but a note left on the body points somewhere else and Manon finds herself back at work full-time and a case that may be the death of her marriage….or worse. I love Steiner’s Manon, a character with a quirky name and a kick ass attitude who goes at life full tilt
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