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The Happy Ever After Playlist ***Extended Preview***

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This was th “dog-gone” sweetest and most humorous book I’ve ever read! Can’t wait to read the rest in the series!!
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I just received the preview and boy am I hooked or what!!!!
It's like you just had a first lick of your ice-cream and it's gone fallen down types!!!
Thank you Netgalley and the author publisher for the extended preview..if I could wish for the whole arc it would be great!!! 
Definitely finishing the book!!
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This book was so entertaining. I was drawn into the story from the beginning and was involved until the end. The characters were complex and interesting. I found the story to be well paced and engrossing throughout the whole book. I was invested in the couple throughout the book and felt all the emotions through both the highs and lows of the story.The side characters were such an integral part of this story as well. This is the love story i needed to read at this time. If you want an entertaining and well written book this is it for you
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A great preview that made me want to pick up the book immediately. I’m excited to see where the story goes. Abby Jimenez has quickly become one of my favorite authors
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The Happily Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez is the second book in the Friend Zone series.  I was skeptical that anything could top the first book with the range of emotion, but this book delivered.  This book starts just under two years after the first book ended and features Sloan who had a very rough go in the first book.  (Seriously, she deserved this happy ending.). But it wouldn’t be a good book if she is served that happy ending on a platter. 

Sloan falls for a gorgeous boy that runs in front of her car then jumps in through her sunroof.  He saves her from her grief, gets her out of her house, and helps her find her spark again.  His name is Tucker and he is a lost dog.  As his ultimate reward, he introduces her to his gorgeous, rock star owner who muscles in on the story and makes quite a mess of things for a while.  Tucker is patient though and his two favorite people finally get their happily ever after.  

If you loved the best friend relationship between Sloan and Kristen, never fear, it is back in this book.  Kristen’s spark, sass, and support is always there for Sloan and you get to see more of her happily ever after as well.  

This is a five-star book.  I didn’t always love Jason during the book but I was glad he got his girl in the end.  

I am thankful for the electronic copy of an extended preview of this book I received from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.  The fully copy was purchased from Amazon in ebook form because I had to finish it immediately.
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The entire premise of this book is genius! Sloan is struggling to pull her life together two years after her fiance's death but taking home a stray dog is helping her feel like herself again. When the dog's owner reaches out but needs Sloan to look after the dog for a few more weeks, they start flirting through text and long phone calls.

Before I even get into the plot and characters I just wanted to say that I love how each chapter starts with a song. This book really is a Happy Ever After Playlist and that's brilliant!

The setup for the romance between Jason and Sloan is so cute. Their conversations are witty, fun, and breezy to read but also very meaningful. I love reading their flirtation and I can't wait for the moment they meet in person. There also seems to be a great setup for conflict within their lives in a way that it is not random drama which I appreciate. I think it'll be interesting to watch Sloan heal from the loss of her fiance and to see Jason navigate his fame and popularity while maintaining a relationship.

I am honestly really sad that I was only reading a sneak peek because I could have read the entire book in one sitting, it was that good. This is definitely getting added to my TBR. Great writing!
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This is a cute, and fun romance. I did not realize it was a preview so that was disappointing but my fault. I think this book will be good so I have it on my TBR list.
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I read "the friend zone" and even tho i liked it i wasn't sure i wanted to read this one because the ideia of losing someone you were going to marry was too painful to me. So i was afraid i was just going to be sad the entire time and won't be able to appreciate the couple. So, since i was unsure i was looking through the "read now" titles and saw this preview and i thought this was going to be perfect to help me decide if i should read it or not and im glad i did this! Even though its really bittersweet it was also really fun and i loved the main couple's banter and love the premise so it really convinced me to read the whole book.
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This book,....oh what can I say about this book. I absolutely love it. It is such a sweet, loving story.
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I was giddy reading this little preview. I haven't read anything beforehand from this author, but her writing style, and story crafting abilities shine through the first few chapters. 
I started reading in the bathtub, and let me tell you, I finished this excerpt sitting in cold water.
I loved the main characters chemistry, their flaws and insecurities, their humour, their life stories. 
I have to mention that I had to finish this book, so I had to purchase it. I'm waiting patiently for Abby Jimenez's new book, because with this Notting Hill tale like story completely swept me off my feet.
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This sample is already proving that The Happy Ever After Playlist is going to be a remarkable rom-com. It has a lot of emotional ingredients already, with some wonderfully realised characters and a dog who I am sure to fall in love with! Who can resist an adorable mascot? 

The grief that Sloane feels is evident from the page and my heart is already aching for her to get a well deserved happy ending. I cannot wait to continue her story, and also go back and read about her friend Kristen's romance with Josh!
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I've heard so many great things about this book and its prequel so when I saw the preview I had to give it a chance and read it! 

I kind of regret that because this is definitely a case where you have to read the books in order. It doesn't entirely work as a standalone because a lot of the character's issues are first brought up in the first book. Nevertheless though I did enjoy this short preview and I love the inclusion of the song titles at the start of each chapter, it really works with the books title and the general musical feel of it all. Can't wait to read more about Sloane and Jason,  I've already ordered both books and am now just waiting very impatiently for them to come in the post!

Many thanks to Forever and Netgalley for the chance to read this preview in exchange for an honest review.
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Loved this book. Solid 5 stars from me. 
I loved the relationship development the two lead characters had, it was refreshing to see. The side characters were fantastic as well.
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The Happy Ever After Playlist has all the makings of an enchanting rom-com: a matchmaking dog, a grieving artist, a handsome musician with writer’s block. Two years after losing her fiancé to an accident, Sloan Monroe has stopped living. Then, in an encounter that feels like fate, a happy-go-lucky dog jumps through her sun roof and into her life. With Tucker by her side, Sloan is reminded that there’s more to life than her grief; that is, until Tucker’s owner finally calls her back, setting off a chain of flirty texts, lengthy phone calls, and a heart wrenching love story. As a bonus, each chapter is accompanied by a song, one which not only captures the mood of the chapter, but adds an extra layer of emotion.

Even just this short preview is enough to show a bit of the magic that makes this book so delightful, albeit quite sad at times. Yes—I read the whole book! As I wrapped it up, I found myself wishing I could read about Sloan’s scene-stealing best friend, Kristen, and her adoring husband, Josh. Yes, I was perhaps the only person in the world going into this not knowing it was a spin-off of The Friend Zone, aka, Kristen and Josh’s love story [cue gasps]! I’ll be picking that up with high-hopes and a smile on my face, as this lovely romance has surely made me an Abby Jimenez fan.
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I loved Abby Jimenez’s previous novel The Friend Zone. A solid five-star experience that left me anxious to pick up Jimenez’s follow up The Happy Ever After Playlist. I had high hopes I’d have the same thrilling experience. And boy did I. Didn’t think it was possible but occasionally lightning does strike twice, and I have to say... I may have enjoyed this one even more!
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I don’t really go for sad stories and based off the synopsis I feel like this might end of being kind of sad, but I’ve heard a lot about this book so I decided to give this preview a try. 

I did not realize until after I finished the preview that this book is a sequel so knowing that I will definitely have to read the first book in the series first. 

Besides that I really liked what I read and definitely wasn’t to read more from this author.
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I had to get the complete book to finish this as preview wasn't enough.

But I'm really, REALLY disappointed. I was a bit angry with the first book, but this one is even worse, seriously. 
I think, though, that I'm judging it as a part of the series. If I judged it as a stand-alone, my rating might have been better. 

I felt that a lot of things were just copy-pasted from the first book, Sloan was Kristen now, the book showed some unreal life moments, and so on. 

The first part of book was even cute, to the point, but the second part was super boring for me. 

I have a lot more to say, but I just don't feel like wasting any more time on this book.
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This preview was perfect!!!  It sets the scene quite well for The Happy Ever After Playlist.  It starts on the 2nd anniversary of Sloane's finance's death.  On the way to the cemetery, she almost hits a dog that darts in front of her car. Then the dog climbs onto her hood and goes through her sunroof into her car.  The dog has a tag - Tucker.  Sloane takes Tucker's owner and tries for the next two weeks to get ahold of him, leaving him voicemails each day. She finally hears back from and they start flirting via text message. Tucker s very good for Sloane as she is getting out and walking and her grief is becoming more manageable.   

I love the meet-cute in this book.  It is such an interesting take!  I also like how Sloane is depicted as struggling and not "perfect,"  as many romance leads are.  

The start of each chapter has a song and I'm intrigued to see how that plays out.  

Based on this preview, I would definitely read this book.
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Definitely recommend!  You won’t want to put this book down and immediately hope that Abby doesn’t stop writing.  You’ll then become obsessed with when her next book comes out!
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Can you love and hate an Extended Preview? Yes, you can. Love that I got to read it. Hate that it ended so soon. Can't wait to read this whole book!
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