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Jack & Maggie Ridgewood move into the family home, that has been passed on to generation after generation. One of the main perks, is it's mortgage free!

Maggie isn't adjusting well, her new home is far removed from old comforts that Maggie is used to being close to. When Maggie starts to experience strange occurrences from things she is seeing or dreams, she turns to her brother Max to confide in. The two agree to do some digging on the history of the home.

It isn't until a trip to visit her mother-in-law, who suffers with dementia, with Zoe, Jack's older sister that Maggie hears about a family tragedy. Maggie informs Zoe of what she's been experiencing, when both pull up to Maggie's home and see an injured woman bleeding in the backyard. Upon trying to reach the woman, she has disappeared. Sergeant Walter Stack come to investigate, he finds one lone bare footprint and deems it a prank. In the course of talking, an old homestead is brought up, one that is rumored to be haunted. Walter doesn't believe in the supernatural, until a dream involving his deceased wife and something he sees with his own eyes.

Zoe suggests to Maggie that she brings in someone who specializes in the supernatural, and contacts her friend to contact the medium, Charis.

Charis has given up the life of making a living helping others with ghosts, but she can't ignore a call she's received, and she knows she'll be helping the Ridgewood family, since lives depend on helping Rose find her baby.

The scene in the basement made me want to only read this during the day! What's more scary than a dark basement where a presence is felt, but also, something is seen that sends the protagonist scurrying up the stairs! Although, the story centers around the ghost of Rose, there are other ghosts manifesting to help the humans and despite Rose, not being a kind ghost, her story is heartbreaking. Great read!

I received an ARC from NetGalley via Paper Doll Publishing and I have voluntarily reviewed this book.
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What a wonderful first book in a series or trilogy (not sure what the author will do as of right now).   I'm a huge fan of good ghosts stories with happy endings and this one was not only wonderful for that but also didn't just end when they saved someone very important, but followed up also with the happy surprise from Jack and Maggie as well as leaving a tidbit of information to get us into book two.

It's filled with wonderful characters and charming settings. This author has an amazing ability to help you see where she's talking about and who she's talking about while your reading her words, that is a gift not many have, to draw such vivid pictures with her words. I find my friend, Pilot, in the book so look out for him when you read it (he's my fur friend in my mind now anyway), and you'll need to hold in that laughter in the ride to the hospital and around the house between Max and Walter. This is an amazing cast of characters and thier interactions are just as vivid as the other parts in the book. I do hope you enjoy this book as I did.  This is my first time reading a book by this author but it will not be my last! 

*I will say that this about infant loss and for those of us who have lost children it could trigger some intense feelings, so if you're having a difficult time you may want to pass this book by just for a while and come back to it later.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Rose is a ghost that refuses to let go until she finds her baby. So  she attaches herself to the family property and haunting the family members to be heard. Maggie moves in later and while she tries adapt to the strange happenings and do some research of some psychic power to find out the truth. A book full of mystery and suspens with a great ending. I really liked it.
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