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The Kitchen Mistress

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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* I did really like this book but it was so. long. I didn't know it was part of a trilogy when I first got it but tbh I doubt id need to read the previous books bc they constantly talk about what happened in them in detail. Liked the characters, well for the most part
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A good second instalment of the Arthur family. 
Katherine’s ability seems to frighten some, but other are disbelievers are wanting to be violent.
Miss Violet has a small cottage on her property and rents it to theArthur family and engages Katherine as her kitchen mistress.  That is until she learns of Katherines talent of seeing the spirits. She creates a persona Dreama, that Katherine becomes and money comes rolling in, that is until Miss Violet gets greedy.  
Will loo forward to reading the next instalment.
Well written book, but it does take me longer to get through these ones.
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This was a great piece of historical fiction.  The relationships between Katherine, her mother, and Violet prove how the will to survive can set your life in a totally unexpected path. Katherine and her mother working for Violet for a place to stay vs money is a perfect example of this.  Katherine's life changes in so many ways due to this arrangement.  There were enough loose strings left that the author can easily expand on this plot in further books in this series,
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Unfortunately, I cannot leave a review of this book because it is only available in epub and I do not have a compatible device.  In the event that you can provide a PDF or mobi version, I would be happy to read and review it.
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