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Throughout the world there are mice living in the shadows just watching and waiting to help people in trouble, these are the mice of The Mouse Watch. Little Bernie has dreamed forever it seems to be a agent of the watch along side her hero Gadget. You all remember Gadget don't you? You know from Chip and Dales rescue rangers. Yep one and the same, and now Bernie and fellow recruit Jarvis (a rat) have a chance at making their dream come true, if they can learn to work as a team despite their differences.

This book was so good, and bringing in the value of teamwork made it even better. It shows you might be able to feel differently if you know the whole story, and that it takes all different skills in a team to make it work best. This book brings in the wonderful aspect of diversity even if it is portrayed in the rodent world. I loved this book and think anyone else regardless of age will too.

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This was a really cute middle grade. I requested this book because it mentioned a spin off agency founded by Gadget Hackwrench from Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers. And since that's one of my favorite shows, I thought it would be a fun read. I wasn't wrong.
The main character Bernie was a great role model. She started out unsure of herself and had wonderful growth throughout the book. I loved seeing her fulfill her dream and learn so many things.
The plot was super fun. Having the R.A.T.S. figure out how to mind control humans using cheese smelling spray totally felt like an actual episode of Rescue Rangers.
There were only a few things that bothered me but honestly, it didn't take anything away from the book. Gadget had a small role in the book, but she didn't seem like the Gadget that was in Rescue Rangers. The Gadget in Rescue Rangers was so smart, but also super goofy and almost an airhead. The Gadget in the book was also super smart, but she seemed almost business-like and the complete opposite of the Gadget in the show. Bernie was also very judgmental of Jarvis, her new recruit partner who happens to be a rat. She told him several times that he was working against them as a spy which I think was a little bit overkill.
If you are looking for a good middle grade crime book, definitely keep your eyes open for this one!

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I will admit that I saw a few episodes of Rescue Rangers years ago, but I don't really remember anything except Chip & Dale. But this middle grade novel takes a character from the Rangers and tells the story of a whole new organization that has spun off from the original Rangers - the Mouse Watch. After losing her brother, all Bernadette (aka Bernie) wants to do is become a member of the Mouse Watch and help save others. Okay, and maybe track down the evil rat (literally) who killed her big brother right before her eyes. But when a powerful drug is used to take control of humans all over New York City, will tiny mice be able to help? And can Bernie survive long enough to even start her training as a recruit to the Watch?

There are tons of mini-gadgets, lots of references to cheese, danger to face and puzzles to solve, and some growing up to do along the way. Bernie learns a bit about being friends, judging by appearances, and putting the overall good ahead of personal desires. Once readers finish this introduction to the Watch, they will be ready for more missions with Bernie, Jarvis, and the rest of the unit.

Great for those who enjoy super heroes, spies, and have watched "The Rescuers" and don't mind tiny agents with big hearts. The tagline "Mission Impossible meets Mice in Black" captures the feel nicely.

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Bernie is tiny, even for a mouse, but she is mighty. That's what her beloved big brother Brody always told her, before he was cruelly murdered by an escaped lab rat. To honor Brody's memory, Bernie yearns to join the Mouse Watch, an elite group of miniature heroes led by the great Gadget Hackwrench herself. It takes all of Bernie's bravery to attract the Watchers' attention, all her puzzle-solving skills to decrypt her invitation, and something extra to make it through the most action-packed orientation ever. A cute, cheesy adventure. Thanks, Netgalley.

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As someone who was a huge fan of the 80s show Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, I was psyched when I saw this title. Gadget was my second favorite character behind Chip. This book was everything I wanted it to be. It had new characters and was filled with little references to the Rescue Rangers as well as a few Easter eggs for The Rescuers. I will definitely be buying this book at BOTH of my libraries and pushing my colleagues to buy it for their collection as well.
I think this is the perfect way to soft reboot the Rescue Rangers. Duck Tales and Darkwing are back on TV but the RR can live on in book form for now.
I can’t wait for book 2!

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It was a fun story! I like how it encouraged tolerance of others. It was an exciting story and I like how the main character was shown to have skills even though others may have misjudged her abilities.

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While some read this because of the Rescue Rangers references, I had no previous experience with them and still enjoyed the book. My chuckle was with the whole Mouse Watch thing in a Disney book.
Bernie Skampersky is a feisty mouse who learns a lot about teamwork and trust along the way to saving the world from catastrophe or ratastrophe. Fun.

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What a fun introduction to action and mystery masked in mouse ears and tech gadgets! Upper elementary to middlers will love this launch into the world of Mouse Watch, along with all of us nostalgic for the days of our youths spent with The Rescue Rangers!

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The Mouse Watch is a Disney middle grade novel written by J. J. Gilbert.

Summary: All Bernadette wants is to be part of the Mouse Watch. She just wants to help-and meeting her hero Gadget Hackwrench would be amazing too.

But just as she is about to get everything she wants, catastrophe ensues. The Rogue Animal Thieves (R.A.T.S.) has launched a devious plan that threatens all human and mouse kind. Will Bernadette be able to help save the world, and can she trust her rat partner to have her back?

My Thoughts: Having grown up in the era of watching the original Rescue Rangers (I still have the comics), and with The Rescuers being one of my favorite childhood books, I was eager to dive into this book.

The writing was a little rough in the beginning (so many unnecessary adjectives it was a bit difficult to read), but as the story got moving, the book got better.

This is a perfect mix of The Rescuers and the Rescue Rangers, and I think it will bring an entire new generation into the mouse adventure fold. Especially since you can now watch Rescue Rangers on Disney +, and get a little caught up on the backstory (if you want.)

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting, the villains are flawed and deliciously evil, and there was even an underlining message about learning how to trust others and work as a team.

There are so many cool inventions (created by Gadget Hackwrench, of course), and the technology is amazing-very creative writing.

I am planning on reading this book as a read aloud to my kids, and I know they will enjoy it as well. I am definitely looking forward to reading the next one in the series. Fun stuff!

I would like to thank Disney-Hyperion for providing me with a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my review. Thank you!

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Bernadette’s greatest dream is to join the elite group known as the Mouse Watch. When her dare-devil behavior and her code cracking skills get her the audition of her dreams, she takes off on a new adventure. Will she get to work with Gadget Hackwrench, founder of the Mouse Watch and Rescue Ranger extraordinaire? When she gets in, she is paired with a rat named Jarvis. Can she learn to trust a rat or is he a double agent? Can Bernadette pass her training successfully? This page turning adventure will be a hit with fans of The Rescue Rangers and with fans of mouse adventure stories. Ages: 8 – 12.

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