Vivienne Westwood

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I know this was an advanced copy but it seemed to be missing some pages. It jumped around too much, I appreciate the chance to read it, though.
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Love this series of inspirational figures from history and more recent times and the fact that many possible careers and areas of expertise are covered. Adult fashionistas and climate activists are familiar with Dame Viv, though children maybe less so, which is why it’s great to introduce her story to a new audience. As always with this series, the illustrations really bring the stories to life.
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Another good book in this series of “Little Heroes”. Vivienne Westwood is definitely an irreverent personality and this book made her justice.
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Another fabulous book by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Perfect for any budding fashionistas or simply to add to LITTLE BIG collection.
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‘Vivienne still show us how to speak up and change the world’.

Vivienne Westwood is a living icon,innovative,revolutionary and unique.
Her persona deserves a special recognition and this little book is a great way to honour her life and activism.

Colourful illustrations, simple and accessible paragraphs make the book very accessible.

I am a fan of the Little People,Big Dreams series and I believe  every book is a way to educate the little ones to values through inspiring lives.
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This is another great book in the Little People, Big Dreams series about the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

I loved the vibrant colours in this book. They reflect Vivienne’s fashion designs. The images were detailed and brightly coloured, which would appeal to children.

This book had less information about the subject than other ones in this series. Her childhood was glossed over a little bit with generalized statements. The sentences were shorter than some of the other books I’ve read in the Little People, Big Dreams series, which meant that the images stood out more.

This is a great book for kids who are interested in fashion!

Thank you Quarto Publishing Group for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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My thanks to Quarto Publishing Group - Francis  Lincoln Children’s Books for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘Vivienne Westwood’, written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Laura Callaghan in exchange for an honest review.

‘My First Vivienne Westwood’ is another delightful little biography intended for children aged 4-7 as part of its publishers acclaimed ‘Little People, BIG DREAMS’ series that introduces young readers to the lives and works of significant people including scientists, writers, political figures, activists, and the like via books and educational games.

This short biography focuses on the impact Westwood has had on contemporary fashion by breaking rules and promoting anti-fashion. Her influence on the Punk movement is noted. It also highlights her activism and her encouragement to buy less clothes and wear them more often. 

I have long admired Vivienne Westwood’s quirky style and even own a flashy dress bought from her Worlds’ End boutique in the early 1980s. 

I felt that Laura Callaghan’s art suited Westwood’s style and complimented Vegara’s text. 

Unfortunately my downloaded didn’t contain the biographical timeline that is usually the final part of books in this series. Another reviewer mentioned it so may have just been a glitch.
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Fantastic little book, would recommend for children ages 9 upwards, and adults too! Beautifully written non fiction book
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Inspiring and informative, great little books for little people, teaches children (and adults about true heroes and legends) about leaders, rebels and real influencers in life. You learn something new yourself as an adult reading these. Beautiful and creative 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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My First Vivienne Westwood is a new book in the Little People, Big Dreams series. Written by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara and illustrated by Laura Callaghan, it's due out 5th March, 2020 by Quarto on their Frances Lincoln imprint. Aimed at the youngest 'readers', it's 24 pages, perfect for a storytime or bedtime read. It'll be available in ebook and boardbook formats. I've reviewed a number of the books in this charming series on my blog. This one, about fashion rebel icon Vivienne Westwood, takes the often turbulent life of the originator of 'punk style' and handles it in a charmingly age-appropriate manner.

I really liked that the author and illustrator have managed to write an engaging book for children as well as including cultural events and bands which will appeal to adults.

I don't know what criteria they use for selecting the subjects of their biographies, but the varied and interesting people in this series have all been winners in my opinion.

Well worth a read. Would make a good library selection or gift.

Four stars.
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I never heard about Vivienne Westwood prior to this. But I know I’d like her in real life. She seems like a down to earth and kind person. I love how these books bring to light the well know and maybe not as well know people in history. The colors were bright and vivid. The illustrations were cute.
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This book is so adorable. Amazing illustrations. Quick read. Great quick history of the famous designer and her life. Good inspiration for the younger, and older, souls. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Little People Big Dreams is a series of nonfiction books written to inspire children to be what who they want to be. This one focuses on Fashion Designer, Vivienne Westwood, who expressed her views through her unique clothes. She used fashion to voice her protests, to be anti-fashionable, and to change the world. 

The illustrations in this book are great - really detailed and add a lot to the short sentences on each page. The illustrations are probably my favourite part. I would have liked a little more information about the how's and why's (for example, why did she encourage people to buy fewer clothes, how did she show us to speak up and change the world, what was she protesting against)? I think it may be aimed at younger children and that is why the writing is so basic. Would love a Vivienne Westwood story aimed at older children covering the detail!
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Even though this book is targeted at kids I feel like it's a perfect way to learn about this amazing woman. Also, people from all ages could appreciate it because it introduces us to Vivienne Westwood and her designs in a very visual and entertaining way.
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This is another great book to add to the Little People, Big Dreams collection!

I love this series as they are perfect introductions to young people about some of the most famous and influential people from our past, and present in the case of this book. 

4 stars from me for this one, very highly recommended and can't wait for my daughter to get involved in the series
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There are many ways to speak up and fight injustice in the world. The conditioning that we receive as children does not have to define us. The book about Vivienne Westwood's life story teaches little children about that. It teaches them about having the courage to do things differently if they so feel. Being unique is a gift we each receive!
Thank you to Net Galley and Frances Lincoln Children's Books for providing me with an e-book copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Being a huge fan of the Little Poeple, BIG DREAMS book series I'm sad to say that I was a little disappointed with this edition. I was named after Vivienne Westwood and always thought her a great inspiration. I love that the art - even though it wasn't really for me - was different to that of many other books in the series and more true to Westwoods punky and special way and character. 

This book tells the story of her life, while embracing her own way and I think it might be a great inspiration for kids with dreams that don't fit into a standard box too. But for the first time since I started to read this book series I felt it was just too short. Normally the series has a great way of turning the long life of an inspiring person into something that can live on only 12 pages, but in this edition something felt different for me. 

There is a distance to the person faced in the book, that I didn't feel in the other books I read so far. As if the story wasn't as well rounded as in the other ones. Still. It's a great book about an amazing woman with enough about her life to get a feeling for how much there might be to learn.

The Little People, BIG DREAMS books are a great way to inspire your kids to dream big. And to stay true to themselves.
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I received an arc from NetGalley for an honest review. I love these small and short biographies for kids about famous people in history. This one is about Vivienne Westwood and artist who is eventually discovered and her art can be found all around.
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I've enjoyed very many of these young children's biographies about a host of different people, all written by the same author but often with a different artist. In this case it was Callaghan who contributed some beautiful and bright illustrations, in keeping with the subject matter since Westwood is a British fashion designer, who all but single-handedly brought punk and new wave fashions (so-called!) into the mainstream.

I should say right here that I have less than zero respect for the modeling-fashion industrial complex, which is why I like this book. Westwood was very much a rebel and her spirited approach, even though in many ways buying into the shallow and pretentious world of fashion, was to turn things on their head. She also preferred books to fashion magazines, and encouraged a recycling sort of an attitude by suggesting people buy fewer clothes and wear therm more often.

This book tells an interesting and colorful story and I commend it as a worthy read.
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Lovely illustrated telling of Vivienne Westwood's story. I am excited to see the next book to come to this collection. This is perfect for young children to inspire them that they can be anything they want to be.
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