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Thank you net galley for the chance to review! This book is about two sisters with magic powers. The older sister seems to always be putting down the little sister and in the end the little sister ends up saving the day. To be honest I was confused when reading this book. there wasnt enough information to understand their world. Also one thing that really bugged me is that the younger sister talked like a baby.
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This graphic novel is about two sisters who have super powers. The eldest sister seems to always be belittling and putting the younger sister down, yet the youngest sister is the one who usually saves the day in the end - meaning to or not. 
This is an ok book but could have been better such as an introduction as to where the live and the world around them.
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I give the art 5 starts completely. As for the story it sis not keep me pulled in. It didn’t feel unique enough to making me want more.
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Super Sisters by Chistophe Cazenove, 92 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL
Papercutz, 2020. $15.
Language: G (0 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG
Wendy and Maureen save the world with their powers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get on each other’s nerves. When Maureen develops a new power, she uses it to get her way and annoy Wendy. Luckily, this new power might also be just the thing to defeat the latest villain.
We first meet Wendy and Maureen in a few shorts that come before the main episode. I enjoyed that opportunity to understand their characters before jumping into their adventure. Cazenove cleverly makes this super-sister-duo relatable for readers with siblings and uses their sister dynamic to the advantage of the heroines. The mature content is for revealing outfits on some of the female characters, and the violence rating is for hero and villain battles (without gore).
Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen
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This was adorable.  Two young girls, sisters, have super powers and come across many situations where they need to use their power to save themselves, others, and the universe in general.  I’m not familiar with the series so I don’t know much about them but I didn’t feel lost or anything.  These are a bunch of short comics about their different adventures.  I felt the author did a good job of capturing the antics between sisters (as an older sister of a brat, I know a lot about this topic).  I think my nieces will enjoy this book and can’t wait to tell them that their mom and I acted just like that, minus the superpowers of course.
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This silly book is based off the imaginations of the two sisters. If you've read the first two or so books in the series, we can see one or two pages that give snippets of their evil-fighting adventures. The book is full of one or two page-long stories, not a full graphic novel (kind of like a compilation of newspaper comics). It's funny and relatable for those with vivid imaginations and siblings.
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ARC Copy...I bit out of the loop since I;m aware of sisters yet not knowing of the series + characters. New people to series will be confused but long time fans of the series might be abit more open to intergalactic battles and characters.
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Have you ever wandered if superhero sisters would get in the same scraps as regular sisters? This graphic novel answers the question and it is yes. This book is full of cute short stories with bright illustrations showing the struggle having a sister can be even as a superhero. A fun quick read.
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I read a copy of Super Sisters  by Christophe Cazenove  through Netgalley and I was a bit underwhelmed.  I was excited that Super Sisters was another Middle Grade Graphic Novel  with a kick ass story but instead I got short comics.   I did not get to find out where the Super Sisters came from and how they got their powers.  It would of been good that there was actually one enemy instead.  The only saving grace was the artwork it was amazing just a shame there was no real story so I will have to give it 2 stars
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Reasonable, but no better, this collection of short adventures for two young super-powered sisters, is most peculiar in how little we're allowed to know about their world and what's going on before we're dumped into things, but gets the time to build into something more understandable by the time we're finished and a longer, more dramatic piece concerning their clones comes along.  The older, darker-haired sister is forever talking in asides about how lazy, ineffective or otherwise defective her younger, blonder sibling is, while her shtick is to always get her words in a twist – and to be the actual one to save the day.  It's all OK for the target audience, but why we're dumped into the middle of an alien battle with talk of alien planets, sensei-type characters and attributes we've never heard of before, I will never know.  Can't we be allowed to care for these girls first, or at least know who the heck they are?!
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