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Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire

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Great resource! Hatmaker focuses on five categories—Who Am I; What I Need; What I Want; What I Believe; and How I Connect. I loved her personal examples and her wit. Bottom line: how women can be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically within themselves, in relationships and in the world. The self-assessment practice at the end of the book is well worth the effort.

A sincere thanks to Nelson Books and NetGalley for an opportunity to read this book.

Shirlene Bridgewater
AKA Writing Soul (Goodreads) and sbwritingreadingsoul (Instagram)
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Jen Hatmaker speaks from her heart and her experience and even those things she is still learning. She's honest and pulls no punches. I wanted to read it all at once, but I found I had to put it down sometimes and think about what I read. It's not something you want to read once a forget about it. Some chapters will speak to you more than others. Those are the ones to back and read again and absorb. 
Jen challenges her readers, as always, to go deeper, to be more authentic, and to learn who you are.. She wants to see every woman confident, free, and charged up. Although this book is aimed at women, anyone who reads it will be challenged. Excellent. I would rate this book 5 out of 5.
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To say @jenhatmaker has been a big influence on me is a tremendous understatement. Look at all those dog eared pages in all of those books! She has been one of my most consistent and favorite teachers for many years now. I don’t recall when I first discovered her work but I do remember watching her and her family on HGTV’s #mybigfamilyrenovation when we lived in KS so I’ve been a #jenion for at least 6-7 years now and am so proud to be a part of her community through her writing, speaking, teaching, podcasting, and social media presence. I love how real, relatable and authentic she is and have used her books as launching pads in each new state we have moved to to dive deeper into community right away. Her books allow for amazing discussion to be and share your true self. Her latest book Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire is no exception, however, this one hits harder and dives deeper. It’s a slower read to process even when you want to devour it like her others. These are books to come back to and glean from each time through. Give this new book to all the women in your life whether they are graduating and starting fresh, needing some encouragement and fire in the middle, or to keep their spark blazing to keep doing their good work. This is a book about owning up, asking hard questions, and being free to be who you truly are without apologies. “We absolutely can become more genuine women, proud of who we are, thrilled about where we are going, grateful for the skin we live in.” The shareable quotes are endless, hence all the dog eared pages. I’m so excited to share #fiercefreeandfulloffire with my friends and grow more in my friendships and community in the weeks ahead.
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I cannot stop reading and re-reading this book!
Listening to the audio version is extra special. Wish I had had a resource like this when I was younger, yet even now, I feel seen, heard, validated, and empowered. 
Must. Read.
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I found the book to be enlightening, fun to read, and definitely inspiring.  I thought the organization was good and it was of benefit to me.
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3.5 stars. 
I received an electronic copy from NetGalley. The version wasn’t formatted well at all and I do wonder if that made the book more choppy and hard to get into. 
I really liked the beginning and the ending of the book, but the middle didn’t resonate as well. I’m sure the audio version would be a much better experience.
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I had not previously read any of Jen Hatmaker's previous books, but after reading 'Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire' I am hooked!

I purchased the book first on Audible and fell in love with Jen's authentic way of telling stories, sharing from her heart and delivering a message women need to hear. The extras Jen includes in her audible version will make you laugh, give you greater insight into the behind the scenes, and will make you feel at home - like you are drinking coffee with your best friend.

My favourite chapter in the book was one on body image. I teach junior high and I feel like Jen was speaking not only to me, but to the fifteen year olds in my class who are immersed in social media and are craving to be content with who they are. Jen's words are encouraging. They are truth-filled and challenging.

Jen's positive energy throughout 'Fierce, Free and Full of Fire' is contagious. She is fierce and bold with her words, and her love for Jesus radiates. 

Thank you Jen for this gift of a book. I will be listening to this one again and again and will definitely be checking out other books you have written!
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Did not finish this book a bit too christian preachy for my taste. Thanks to NetGalley for the digital arc in exchange for my honest review.
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There are a lot of good things in this book. As Jen Hatmaker said of the book, some chapters really spoke to me, and some didn't at all.
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Jen Hatmaker continues to challenge her readers in areas and gives hope of growth and life in others. A new and intriguing way to look at life.
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Absolutely LOVED this particular book!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read and share my opinions!  

First, I’ll start by sharing that this was my first book having been read by Jen Hatmaker.  I was so intrigued that I purchased the Audiobook as well.  I was immediately hooked.  Her way of presenting a topic, her spirit, her tenacity......fell in love immediately.  

Great book.  I can’t see how anyone can not walk away a better human, with a better outlook on life, their body, their self-esteem.....something.....after having spent some time with this book.  It will be one of those that I revisit often.  And I recommend you purchase the audiobook as well.  Has a lot of additional content, as she stops mid - read and presents additional feedback, thoughts that didn’t make it to the book and it’s just so much fun having her voice read to you!  

Buy it.....share it.....enjoy it.....learn from it!
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Jen Hatmaker has gift for combining humor, insight and spiritual truth.  This book is filled with humor and also raw truths. This is for women and anyone with women in their life who are just starting out, starting over, or who just need more. Over the 12 chapters, Jen Hatmaker gives us all the playbook to taking back the lead role in our daily lives.
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Hatmaker's latest is a thought-provoking, engaging, and honest read. It may encourage the reader to consider who they are and their place in the world. 

There are five sections: who I am, what I need, what I want, what I believe, and how I connect.

The author tells it like it is, but there are some humorous moments, as well. Serious issues are addressed, including self-esteem, marriage, friendship, and eating disorders. There's likely to be at least one topic that will connect with each reader. I'd expected a bit more of a faith element than I found, which was more of a "have faith in yourself" angle.
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Where to start?! Jen Hatmaker does it again with her "Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire" novel. The motivational fire she lit inside me with key points spoke deep within my core. Almost as if she created that the five areas with me in mind, the "who I am, what I need, what I want,  what I believe, and how I connect" - WOW. Her research to connect each point really provided numerous "Ah-ha" moments. Not only is the reading inspiring and enlightening, but also an unbelievable connection. Seems like Jen knew me and helped me with a spiritual and physical wake up call.  With the humorous points weaved within the key points, it allows you to see the humor in your life and the simple questions to ask yourself.  I highly recommend this wonderful piece of sunshine to allow a smile and to really take a deep look within your soul.  Such an amazing read that allows you to feel the love and happiness that is pouring out of this book to you! 
I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of this fabulous book, provided to me by the publisher and Netgalley.
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Another winner for Jen Hatmaker.  This was especially needed in today's world for women.  I would recommend reading this book!
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“You are a spectacular gift to this world, and we need you. You have work to do, and you have to show up real to do it. The crafted version of you cannot pull it off.”
BOOK REVIEW - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - I was on the #launchteam for this book and have read it and re-read it and taken so many notes! I love the vulnerability, the authenticity and the type of sass #JenHatmaker gives us in this book! I got to see her speak at a conference and I get to spend two more virtual events with her within the next couple of weeks and I’m pumped! This was a great read and I really enjoyed walking through the process of getting clarity on identity, needs, wants, beliefs and connection. So👏🏼 good👏🏼!
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I've read every book that Jen Hatmaker has ever read, and I've loved them all. But this was my all-time favorite. It was funny and heartfelt and inspirational and it gave me so much to think about. I loved every word of this book.
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Although this book could be considered religious due to the author's undertones and things that were mentioned, I would consider this a self-help book that would be appropriate for all. If you are worried that this book is 'too preachy', trust me: it's not. 

Honestly, Jen writes in a way that's extremely relatable. There's swearing, there's imperfections, and there's immense humour. It's a relatable self-help book and as she even mentions herself, maybe you won't need help in all of the areas that are discussed. Not all areas may be applicable for everyone (but maybe they will be). Even if you feel that you are 'perfect' in all of the areas that she mentions, the book would still act as a helpful refresher and reminder.

I found this book to be incredibly inspiring. I actually read it faster than I wanted to because it was such an enjoyable read and I couldn't slow myself down. In order to really reflect on the content, I imagine I'll have to go back and look over certain sections.

If you want to read a self-help book that blends humour with an ability to be relatable, I'd highly recommend this one. I also would say the content is applicable to a variety of ages too. The author, being a wife and mother, is in a different period of life than me as a younger, single woman but the content was still just as applicable. 

***Thank you to the publisher for supplying me with an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***
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I discovered Jen Hatmaker around the time she was dropped by her previous publisher (this story appears in the book) and I started reading her older, as well as her recent publications. This book is different. It has less of the wise-cracking best friend vibe, but it is a book that needed to be written and shared. Readers, particularly women, will identify with Jen's struggles as a believer in a world, and in some churches, where speaking up is frowned upon. I read this book more slowly than I usually read her work, but there was just so much to take it and reflect upon that it needed more time to digest. Like her previous books, this is one that I will reread and savour; I've already purchased another copy so that I can revisit it.
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This is a refreshing, reflective book that moved me to the core of my being. I appreciate the encouraging, heart-felt way Jen goes about sharing her story of how she came to be where she is today. She urges readers to stop, reflect and ask themselves some hard questions to help evaluate their thoughts and feelings.

Jen’s writing style is real, humorous, and honest. She shares her journey from elementary school to wife, biological mother of three, adopted mother of two, published author and speaker. She is sincere in sharing her struggles to stay true to what God has called her to do through life’s ups and downs. She has readers contemplate five areas of their lives as they seek answers to , Who I Am, What I Need, What I Want, What I Believe, How I Connect. She breaks down these categories into smaller bites per chapter, all the while uncovering the lies, we have believed about our self, God and others. This is a book that you will read and recommend your friends read it with you. There is so much to take in. This is a book to experience; it is almost like drinking water from a fire hydrant. Invigorating and all good.

They will know we are Christians by our love but if we are bound by unforgiveness, stuck in regret, and lies we believe, we are unable to love others or ourselves. The word says Love your neighbor as yourself. The author goes on to say, “…I decided that people-pleasing, fear, and politeness weren’t the hallmarks of a well-lived life, nor were their ugly companions: passive aggression, resentment, and dishonesty. I discovered the world is hungry for women who show up and tell the truth, unafraid and free, expanding to the very edges of who they were always meant to be…not afraid of herself, so she is unafraid of others. She is fierce. She is Free. She is full of fire….If you are new to me, then welcome. My space will be safe for you, and you are loved already.  But if you’ve been with me for some time, you know I’ve done this work. You know it cost me. You also know it brought me to life, and I feel like I am breathing clean air for the first time. I’m not afraid anymore. In these pages I will offer you absolutely everything I learned, because I want this for you too.”

Thank you Jen for your vulnerability, and encouragement as you inspire women to answer the call the Lord has laid on their lives, knowing it’s OK to question, to have fun and to own up to your struggle. She tells it like it is sprinkled with cuss words throughout. She doesn't go overboard. No “F” bombs or “GD’S”, but with other colorful words. LOL! Please don’t get hung up with that. The message is positive and inspirational. This book is a gift, one that I’ll be reading over and over again. Of course, I’m happy to be sharing it with you and with my friends.

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