No Smoke Without Fire

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Play with fire & get burned!
Simple, but what if her brother's death, her past, and now her present are interconnected?
Celeste ran away from her problems 7 yrs ago but now it's time to face them down head on.
The #MeToo Movement is alive and well and was central to this story.
The stalking was freaky as hell but played a crucial role in the development of the plot.
All in all a great read dealing with some heavy topics such as rape and sexual abuse. 
For those who are squeamish exercise caution when reading, take breaks if triggered, and proceed slowly till completion.
The end will have you doing a double take as it was a fast and quick propelling movement forward.
Thank you to Claire, the pub, NetGalley, and Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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The synopsis and the cover made me excited to read this book, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy the story as much as I thought I would. The story and the characters lacked depth and the book didn't hold my interest.
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Fantastic read. I thou roughly loved this book. It had me hooked from the first page. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I will definitely be looking for this author in the future. Very well written
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A good story. I didn't power through it and did find it a little slow, but once I got into it I enjoyed it. No real stand out features for me though, sorry.
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I really enjoyed this book!  A great story line that kept me hooked and excellent main characters.  I would highly recommend this book.
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Fantastic book from beginning to end. This is full of suspense and I haven’t been able to put this one down. It is a fantastic read and the author really pulled me in from the very beginning.
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I find this one hard to review. It definitely kept my attention and had me wondering what was actually going on. But I guess it all ended a little too neatly for me. I found the story a bit twisted but not twisty- and I’d prefer it the other way around. Not enough surprises for me. 

There is some sexual content, including rape. It is somewhat of a #metoo story so it’s not as if it’s extra to the story (I guess except for the main character’s stalker) but I’ve already read a couple of these recently and maybe would have skipped a third if I had known ahead of time. 

I was disappointed by lack of character depth. You really only get to know the main character, Celeste, even though most of it is told in the 3rd person. There are several other characters in the story but they’re all pretty shallow. We get into the stalker’s mind but his involvement toward the end seemed like a lazy way to handle it. 

I also thought there was a lot of extra information/facts included that though a few times were interesting, I didn’t feel like it meshed well with the story unlike other authors’ attempt at this. It just felt a bit tedious to read through and move on. 

I think there are a lot of people that this book might resonate with and find more appealing. I guess for me it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t necessarily one that I’d be recommending to my friends. 

My first thought when I finished was: “Okay....sooo...? Okay, I guess that’s just it then.”

I’d call this book average, but I won’t go so far as to say not to read it. It’s your call, bro. 

**Received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
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There are some books out there that will pull you in straight away but just as quick will disconnect you... this was one of those for me.!

The blurb and the cover had me hooked but in all honesty I was just left feeling disappointed. It just didnt capture me at all and I spent the majority questioning whether I should carry on reading or not, wanting to give an honest review I did!

The two timelines are obviously there to show how the personality of the main character Celeste has grown but I found it distracting alot of the time.

On a positive the actual storyline is well played out.

I loved Claire's first novel 'She's Mine' and will definitely read the next, this one just wasnt for me.

With thanks to netgalley and Aria for the ARC.
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I’m a huge thriller fan. It’s mostly what I read now. But this one just didn’t work for me how I wanted it was a quick read, but I didn’t find myself too shocked by anything. The ending was odd. Perhaps this will for newer thriller readers, but I was left disappointed.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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No Smoke Without Fire by Claire S Lewis is a solidly written, passable thriller that, unfortunately, just did not grip me in any substantial way.  I am unsure if my disconnect was with the writing style or my ambiguous feelings for the protagonist, but sadly things fell a bit flat quite early, and I failed to muster much enthusiasm for the duration of the narrative.

Celeste is continuing to struggle with feelings of guilt seven years after a personal trauma.  Adding further to her stress, a stalker is on the prowl, while at the same time her high school boyfriend makes a timely reappearance.  With all of these factors contributing to her anxiety, Celeste decides that the time is right to start a new business of tidying up gravestones for those who are in absentia.  Naturally, spending lots of alone time in dark and deserted cemeteries is all in a day's work for the enterprising Celeste.  The idea of this being a sensible business plan for someone who is already vulnerable as a result of PTSD is perhaps where I began to question the plausibility of the storyline.  Yes, I am almost certain that it was.

While I was unable to suspend all disbelief enough to fully engage with the story, I definitely feel that I am the odd one out here, so please give this one a try for yourself.  I would certainly consider reading more from this author.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Aria for this ARC.
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Celeste has a past that would haunt anyone. I was drawn into the story right away and hooked until the end. Not being able to shake the feeling that you're being watched is always a creepy feeling. When a boy from her past comes back, it leaves you guessing. Written during the #metoo movement, I thought it was overall well done and look forward to her next book. 

Thank you #netgalley for the advanced copy of #NoSmokeWithoutFire
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No Smoke Without Fire By Claire S.Lewis

Celeste is a single, twenty four year old part-time student working as a florist and living in a sharing accommodation with her two friends.

Though she appears to be a normal girl-next-door she suffers from PTSD as the result of a severe trauma and abuse from her tragic past.

The story begins with Celeste celebrating Valentines day with her friends but it turns out to be an unlucky start for her as it leads to the return of her abusive ex-boyfriend and also triggers someone to obsessively stalking her.

Despite feeling threatened Celeste decides to face her demons this time round and carries on with her regular activities and even begins a new project delivering flowers to graveyards for relatives in abstentia.

But now isn’t the best time to be visiting graveyards all alone..

The narrative shifts between the past and the present giving us glimpses into Celeste’s life and building suspense brilliantly with many twists and turns.

Loved the narrative with the weaving of past and present together and I enjoyed the many facets of the plot.
And how the protagonist grows as a character.

The surprise ending makes this slow-burn thriller even better.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
No Smoke Without Fire will be out on May 7, 2020.
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No Smoke Without Fire is my first book by this author. I was highly looking forward to reading.
Although I couldn’t connect with the main character and it did take me a few chapters to get into the book, I did enjoy the read and the plot is great. A very enjoyable read and I would highly recommend.
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This was an ok read to pass the time, not great but readable. I didn’t particularly like any of the characters; I wasn’t a fan of the style of writing and the ending was pretty unbelievable, it wasn’t terrible though.
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A simple plot with captivating characters and a sense of underlying mystery and suspicion that kept the story going from start to end.

There’s a point at the end of the novel where I would have liked more details of what really went on with Celeste’s stalker and to dive deeper into what’s going on, but it unfortunately was glossed over with neat ties to close up the “loose ends”. This ultimately lead me to giving the novel a 4 star rating. 

All in all, an enjoyable and interesting story!
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Thanks to Netgalley for this review copy. This was my first book by this author and she BROUGHT it. What a freaking thrilling ride. The writing is on point and draws you in, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. I had several guesses to what was going on and I was wrong about all of them. That my friends, is the best kind of book to me. The book alternates between past and present and each little glimpse allows you to start connecting more and more of the puzzle pieces. 

Running from her past and the death of her little's brothers death for seven years, Celeste feels like maybe she has a new start in life. That is until her high school boyfriend comes back and a stalker appears. Are they the same person? Is it someone from her past coming back to bring up old secrets? Celeste is determined to figure out what is really going on, but is she close to the flame that she will get burned?
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Very well written. The storyline was so enticing that there is no surprise and the author sucks you in. I read this book in about two days.
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I struggled with this book as it did not really hold my interest. I could not connect with the main character which made this a bit of a disappointing read.
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An unusual domestic/physiological thriller where I really didn’t know what direction it would take.  I felt for our protagonist, Celeste, a survivor of sexual assault.  In the begInning. Then I didn’t like her. Then I felt she  was helpless. Then I felt she was in control. And devious. And revengeful. And off we went on a twisty, surprising and sick story.  Had my attention all the way to the unexpected ending.
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This book is the first book that I've read by this author and it doesn't disappoint. I really enjoyed reading this book it's a completely brilliant thriller.

Celeste has had things tough and for years she has been running from her past hoping that it won't catch up with her. She has been through so much since the tragedy of her brothers death and has felt so much guilt and extreme sadness and shame, she's felt lost.
Celeste has had enough and is determined to find the truth out about what is going on. One thing she needs to do and that is be very very careful.
But now has her past has found her?  ( NO SPOILERS ).

I really enjoyed this book and I absolutely loved the story line, I loved watching how it all panned out and seeing and trying to guess what was about to happen.

This book flicks back to the past and present and the story line was phenomenal and your thoughts become confirmed at the of and answers your questions.
This book is full of twists and shockers that you won't see coming, it's full of secrets, lies and shockers that will blow your mind. This book holds your attention completely, keeps you guessing and is really quite emotional in parts too. I really feel for Celeste and what she's been through too but she is a very strong woman and will take and deal with what life throws at her.

This author writes absolutely beautifully and I really enjoyed reading this book. This author writes the characters awesomely and makes you feel what the characters are feeling and your emotions go up and down all over the place.
This book does  have you hooked right from the start and is full of twists and shockers, completely suspenseful and leaves you desperately wanting more.

This book is a real good thriller and a complete page turner, it really does hold your attention and keeps you thinking which is always good.

I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.
This book is a must read and I highly recommend this book to everyone when it gets released.

Thank You to the author and publishers for allowing me to read an early copy of this book.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

This book is expected to be released on 7th May 2020.
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