The Lady is Trouble

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i  immensely enjoyed this book. Tracy Summer wove a story I was swept into with ease and happily floated down the river of. The characters were well crafted and I was impressed by the prose. The only things I can comment on were I wish the imagery had been a bit more detailed and I also wish the expiation at the end of the book tying the ducal family’s pain together would have been more intense.. . I greatly enjoyed this book and look foreword to reading more from the author.
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This is a lengthy, well.-written story. The storyline pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the end. The characters are given life in the pages. Definitely worth the read!!
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The book was exceptionally good. I read at least 5 books each week and this was the best historical romance I’ve read in months. 5+ stars.
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I found it difficult to get into "The Lady is Trouble".  It did not draw my attention.  The story was a bit difficult to follow.
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I loved the paranormal aspect of this book. Romance was also good with some passionate scenes between. I am new to this author, but I won't pass her books from now on. 
I read this book in 48hrs and the ending was not only satisfying but it made me crave for more books by this author!
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As a fan of both scifi/fantasy and romance I had such high hopes for this book. I would not consider it to be a total letdown - the parts involving the supernatural powers were really good - but it was not as good as I had hoped it would be. Because we didn't get to see the early days between Julian and Piper and only get only small hints as to what went on it was difficult to really get into the romance between them. Their arguments were redundant and didn't accomplish anything beyond them yelling at and being angry with one another. As I said previously, the parts involving Piper's powers were interesting and made the reading the book worth the time. The villain is well crafted and believable within the world of this story. I would have liked to have seen more of how Piper helped others with their powers - it seems like a large part of who she is and only earns a few lines here and there.

I'd rate this book somewhere between 2.5 and 3 stars
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Supernatural romance

Mysticism and the paranormal interact with love between Julian Alexander and Piper Scott. He's a viscount, an artist and when he touches objects he has the ability to connect into the world of the previous owner(s). Lady Piper Scott is the granddaughter of an earl, has the ability to heal with a touch and loves Julian passionately. Their worlds interact and collide. An interesting first book in a new series which includes very passionate sex.
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I love historical romance and stories of lovers who battle to be together. All of that and the book cover itself made me want to read this.  The beginning dragged through pages and pages of unnecessary descriptions and left me feeling like somehow I was reading the middle of the story instead of the beginning.  Eventually, it all made sense but by the time I had enough info to understand what was going on, I just really didn't care anymore.   Maybe a prologue would help.
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DNF - a very clunky beginning. Intrigued by the idea of Victorian psychics and supernatural gifts, but can't get hooked on either plot or characters enough to continue reading.
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The Lady is Trouble by Tracy Sumner follows Julian Alexander and Piper Scott, in what is the first book of the series (League of Lords). In his youth, Julian (Lord Beauchamp) struggled with his psychic powers and found Piper's grandfather, a great source of wisdom and his mentor. When Piper’s grandfather is murdered, Julian realises that Piper is in danger and endeavours to protect her by hiding her and keeping her safe. Yet in doing so, he finds himself wanting her yet knowing that he can’t have everything that he desires.
This story had elements of the X-Men, giving this an interesting aspect. The characters are well developed and the romance, is carefully interwoven into a story with suspense and mystery. This was a novel story line that I quite enjoyed. I look forward to seeing how this series develops. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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WOW!!!  What an amazing book!  I love Historical Romance and this is one of the best I have read in a while.  It's sort of an unrequited, second-chance, action-packed, dramatically dangerous love story that revolves a group of psychics all rolled into one and set in Victorian England!  The chemistry between Piper and Julian was unmistakable and the build-up of the danger to Piper created by the author kept me interested all the way throughout the book.  Such a good book!  This is another author that is going onto my favorites list and I will be watching for new books in this series to be released in the future!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book provided to me by NetGalley.
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I had a difficult time getting into this book. When I began reading I felt like I thrown into the middle of the book. So much was going on and I thought I had missed a chapter or two. I stuck with it but I never felt connected to the story. 
I received an ARC for my honest review.
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The Lady is Trouble by Tracy Sumner
League of Lords #1

In 1854 London there is a man working hard to create a safe place for those with “gifts” that usually see them in hiding or ensconced in insane asylums. As children the gifted child is often considered to have evil within and beating or torturing it out seems the best way to deal with the situation...I mean...evil would leave if it was uncomfortable in its host, right? The man who has a vision of a better place for these people with paranormal abilities is being set up by Viscount Julian Alexander – Lord Beauchamp. Further into the book I found that there were those that came before him that also were working to find a solution for the gifted. 

Anyway...Julian is focused on his goal, collecting those that he finds and sending them to this safe haven and also dealing with the personal conflict of needing to protect and keep safe Lady Piper Scott while also feeling very strong rather positive lusty emotions for her. And, as the lady is equally if not more positively and lustily inclined toward Julian and not willing to wait any longer has ended up in London trying to get his attention and THAT is where this story begins...with him coming to find/rescue her (again?). 

What I liked: 
* It was different
* The paranormal elements
* Piper’s strength and ability to see what she wanted and go after it
* Julian’s protective nature – also liked him a LOT when he let his hair down...or took off his apparel
* The supporting characters that may get books of their own
* The possibilities for the series
* The thread of the “evil” person out to cause strife

What I didn’t like or thought could have been better or clearer: 
* Perhaps a prologue that would have given a bit of a hint to what the book was about
* Using the current terms for each paranormal gift with a glossary might have helped as each person/gift was introduced
* A bit more backstory for the main characters

Did I enjoy this book? For the most part, yes
Would I read more in the series? Yes
Do I believe there is potential for the series? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

3-4 Stars
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Piper has been beyond bored languishing away in a secluded house all for the sake of her protection. Julian will do anything to keep her safe, especially from him, which means distance is paramount. Julian is attempting to assemble the league in a secure place and has his work cut out for him. Piper doesn't really know what he's been up to, and causes quite a scene to get his attention. Thus begins their adventure. Keeping Piper safe proves to be way more difficult when someone with similar powers is hunting her.

This was my first Tracy Sumner book. This is the first book in the series, no prequel novella or anything. But my biggest complaint about this book was that it doesn't feel like that at all. You walk into the middle of a crazy story with a lot of paranormal-ish stuff going on (reading minds, seeing auras, telekinesis) with hardly any explanation. I'm not sure if she has other books that are in a similar world or if this is just how this one starts. I would definitely try this author again, as there was a lot I liked, but perhaps another series.

If you are looking for a paranormal and historical combo, I highly suggest you try this. Its definitely unique, it's sexy, action packed, I just felt quite a bit lost for much of the beginning of the book it was hard to really fall in love with the story. I was frustrated that there was so much history going on, past relationships, experiences, everyone's powers and I didn't know how any of it was happening. I feel like this book definitely needs a prequel lol.
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Piper has been hidden away in the country for her own protection, but she is done with it. Knowing that if she goes out in public as a medium and under a specific fake name, Julian will come track her down. She is tried of being locked away in the country and not helping those like her. She also just desires to see Julian, since he has been keeping his distance from her.

Julian made a promise to Piper's grandfather on his deathbed, that he would not pursue his feelings for her. So he had kept himself away from her. But when her life is threatened, all bets are off. He will do anything to protect her, even if it means risking his heart.

Can Julian protect Piper without breaking his promise to her grandfather?

I was very confused at the beginning of the story, I just couldn't follow along with what was going on. But I soldiered on and continued reading. I ended up really enjoying the book,  although there were times, that what was going on, had me just as confused as the start of the book did. I really enjoyed the feistiness of Piper and the fact that she finally made the decision to take power back over her own life. She saw what she wanted and went after it!!

This is a book that has people with supernatural powers, so if that is not your thing, you might want to skip it. I really enjoyed the secondary characters and can't wait to see what Sumner comes up with for their stories (assuming she is...)!
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The first book in a new Victorian Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, The Lady is Trouble is a fun read. Full of unforgettable characters that leave you hungry for more of their stories, it is easy to see that this series will be an addictive and fun adventure. The sexual chemistry and tension between Lady Piper Scott and the man she truly desires, Lord Beauchamp (Julian Alexander). Julian strives to keep a distance between himself and Piper... but it seems to become more and more difficult. Her magical gifts of healing make it impossible to stay away from her as he pays a huge price physically, mentally and emotionally for the visions. His gift, his curse is the visions while hers is healing. Julian has also taken charge of a band of people from all different class systems and backgrounds with special abilities. (Sort of like a Victorian era XMEN!)

Someone else needs Piper's healing abilities and it isn't good news for Julian's crew. They all try to protect her but she has earned her nickname of Scandalous Scott for her impetuous, often rebellious behavior. The lady after Piper battles insanity with her dark gifts and vows that nothing will keep her from the relief that only Piper can offer. 

What I loved: The sizzle between Piper and Julian nearly burned my fingers! Whew! I also like that author Tracy Sumner is able to write from both Julian and Piper's perspectives which I think is challenging to create different voices, especially internal monologues. I like the story line and the plot twists and there is a good amount of character development that I appreciate!! The book starts out slow and speeds up rapidly!!

What I wasn't crazy about: Understanding that I read an ARC and there is more editing to come before the final publish date: the last part (climax)  seemed too rushed, without enough action in the climax. Also wasn't real clear on whether Lady Piper Scott is actually titled as a lady or not...

I can not wait until the next book is released!! Hopefully very very soon!!

Thank you to NetGalley, author Tracy Sumner, and publisher BookBuzz for my temporary, advance digital review copy for me to read and enjoy!!
#TheLadyisTrouble #NetGalley
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He’s a viscount with a dark past who yearns for the one woman he can’t have. She’s a psychic firebrand. Rebellious, spurned by society and determined to change his mind.
After three years of waiting for Julian Alexander to realize they are destined to be together, Lady Elizabeth Scott aka Piper takes matters into her own hands. Because her gift as a healer has never done anything but distance her from the most principled man in England. Julian Alexander, Lord Beauchamp, battled his way from the lowliest slum to assume his title. He carries not only a turbulent past, but a mystical psychic gift that separates him from society. Honourable to his core, he is committed to protecting a community of outcasts with abilities like his own. 
 This is the first in a new series & I must admit I struggled with the first few pages & felt like I was in a fog. However I persevered & I’m so glad I did as I was soon engrossed. A well written book that flowed well. The characters are well portrayed & have plenty of depth. It took me some time to like Julian & Piper but the further I delved into the book the more I liked them. The combination of romance with the supernatural was refreshing & it worked. I look forward to more in the series
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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This story has a great premise but from the get go the delivery was a bit convoluted. It took me about a quarter of the way through the book to really discern what was going on and even then going forward we were given backstory in tidbits so small it was frustrating. I love the writing style, but I need a bit more concise information at the beginning of he book to be honest. If I hadn’t been reading to give feedback I doubt I would have persisted past the first few pages
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The Lady is Trouble (League of Lords) by Tracy Summer, is a new series for the Lords historical series. Set in the splendor, gothic, and mystical Victorian England. 
Julian Alexander, Lord Beauchamp, who has mystical psychic gift that separates him from the ton.  Lady Piper Scott, aka Scandalous Scot, named thus by the ton. Piper is a psychic firebrand and trouble. 
Well written and well crafted. The characters are engaging and interesting. Although,  the beginning is a bit confusing, I feel THE LADY IS TROUBLE is a tale of sizzling encounters,  seduction,  intrigue, mysticism and paranormal abilities with a captivating love affair. 
Piper and Julian's story is tantalizing, sizzling and a battle of the sexes.
Overall, THE LADY IS TROUBLE,  has twists and turns, mystical and paranormal abilities with sensual tension between Piper and Julian, which leads to a consuming and entertaining tale.
Readers are sure to enjoy this tale of mystical danger, a love story, a very entertaining read twith all the sizzle some readers enjoy. Strongly recommended! I absolutely enjoyed this tale with many facets and characters who grabbed my attention. Enjoyable and satisfying read!
"I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review."
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Rating: 4
Heat rating: Steamy 
Reviewer: AprilR
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A fun start to a new historical romance series with a paranormal twist!

Julian Alexander was handed the mantle of head of The League of Lords to safeguard Piper and her legacy from her grandfather, the Occult Earl. The Lague, a secret society of metaphysically gifted people, must hide from those that would abuse their powers to their own ends. Lady Piper Scott is not only rightful heir to The League but its most precious secret. She was secreted away for 3 long years but the Scandalous Scott will hide no longer and nor will she be denied her rightful place by Julian's side.

All in all, I had fun with this story. The plot was unique and entertaining with a lot of secondary characters that are fun to follow. I will admit, the first 1/4 of the book you are a bit disoriented trying to figure out what all is going on. I love a fun paranormal twist. I will admit to feeling a bit beleaguered on behalf of Piper. She was constantly edged out of everything. And while I understand period pieces and women didn't really have a say in what happened to them but still. She kept getting the short-end of the stick and then people complained when she went off and did what she wanted to do in the first place. Some people just aren't biddable, (*raises hand*) just ain't gonna happen. Yes, she was impulsive but how much maturity (drawn from the experience of knowing better) do you expect her to have if she's constantly hushed and put in the corner. Sometimes you just have to let people grow up and sometimes fall flat on their face.

And while I had fun reading, I felt the pacing kind of stalled in some places AND the big fight scene could have really been expanded upon. The big bad baddie and what they did was sort of glossed over in an internal monologue and then poof, over. If it was a word count thing we could have heard less about paint colors maybe? Also, I really would have liked some more detail on the healings between Piper and Julian.

Again, overall, this was a fun start to a new series. I am really looking forward to the next one! Hopefully, we're off to hear about Finn next.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*
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