Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Jan 2020

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This book is full of the kind of kitchen experiments that I would have loved when I was a kid!  It is the best of both worlds...having fun and learning things!
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Thank you, NetGalley, for a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review! This review reflects my personal opinion.

This book is perfect during our time of social distancing!!! The experiments are a fun way to keep the kids occupied. All experiments are edible. Some are more challenging than others, but they are all still easy to do. The book starts with some "how to use" instructions and finishes with some great resources for additional fun or information. It also contains a "Mess-o-Meter" letting you know if an experiment will get dishes and countertops messy/sticky or if the experiment involves strange smells. My favorite note in this part of the book was: "If your experiment doesn't go as planned, that's okay! Even failed experiments are educational--and sometimes lead to exciting surprises!" I love that because the kids won't be disappointed when an experiment doesn't turn out the way they thought and they might actually see something that is unusual in the experiment.

Each experiments is structured the same way: (1) a note about how much adult prep is needed and if anything needs to be chopped or heated, so adults can help, (2) a fun scientific fact about what they are about to experience, (3) the tools, ingredients, and steps, (4) the how and why relating to the experiment, (5) how the experiments is connected to STEAM, and last but not least a "Turn it up!" which is a way to make the experiment more challenging for older kids or kids who have mastered the easier level and want to try it again. Each experiment also includes a hypothesis sheet where the kids explain what they expect to happen, what really happened, and what they have learned.

The experiments are divided into the different STEAM subjects. In Science, the experiments include building (and burning) edible candles or making homemade pizza (learning about gluten). In Technology, the kids make DNA Extraction Smoothies or learn about molecular gastronomy. In Engineering, the experiments include a fun pineapple experiment where the kids learn why you shouldn't add fresh pineapple to jello, the kids make macaroons that teach them egg foam science and solar-powered s'mores. How fun is that???? In the Art chapter, the kids learn about whether the shape of pasta makes a difference when dyeing pasta or they make potato people. In Mathematics, the fun experiments include a fun experiment with Godzilla Gummies teaching them about osmosis or learn about the pH of lemonade.

The book contains so many fun experiments that the kids will not get bored during a pandemic quarantine! Great job, Dr. Hall! I will definitely recommend this book to other parents!!
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A collection of cool recipes with scientific background to try out in the kitchen for kids and adults. I would have preferred some more pictures of "how to"'s, but the descriptions are easy to follow.
Recommended for fun with kids on rainy days!
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This was an awesome book full of wonderful experiments that are perfect for a classroom or for at home.  I work in a Life Skills classroom at a middle school and have found several experiments that we are going to try this school year.  I also love that they are edible, so the food used isn't being wasted!
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This book has a lot of fun ideas for all elementary and middle school age kids.  Most of the items can already be found in most kitchens.  A few recipes can even be consumed!  This would be a great book to have on hand for summer fun.
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I love this book and so do my kids! I would rate this book 10 stars if I could. I love that this book teaches STEAM in the kitchen! My children had so much fun and were so engaged going through the different experiments. Being able to eat them when we were done added another layer to the experience! This book needs to be in every school library!
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