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Little Faith, Big God is a New Testament Bible study of Hebrews 11 by author Debbie Wilson.

Little Faith, Big God is an eight-week study with five days of study per week. Each day there is a reading by Ms. Wilson, study and reflection questions, scripture verses to read, a closing prayer, and a section to write what the Bible scholar wants to remember from that day. On the fifth day, there is a place to write any prayer requests.

I appreciate that the author uses much scripture throughout the study. My favorite week was week three, “Jesus pursues the pleasure of your company.”

I recommend Little Faith, Big God to ages youth-adult, and young Christians to Mature Christians.

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What a wonderful devotional!

The Author, Debbie Wilson did a tremendous job exploring the subject of Faith in this 8 week devotional. Her writing holds your attention and makes you eager to learn more.
I liked that she used Old and New Testament Scripture in this study on Faith, along with exploring the lives of some famous Bible Characters.

The Author reminds us that God is always with  us and to continue trusting Him & having Faith no matter what. 

Lovely read and would make a terrific gift!

***Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the copy of this book. All views and opinions expressed in this review are my own.***
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If you've ever struggled with whether your faith and relationship with God are big enough, this is a must read.  Comforting, empowering and insightful, it uses the hugely flawed  men in Hewbrews to illustrate how much good God can do with very little.   And continually reminds us how much God can and wants to do with our faith.
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A study in Hebrews and the Faith of those who were ordinary people. I will be going through this again as it has given some different things to think about. I like this 8 week study and recommend it. Thanks for an advanced digital copy from net galley and the publisher.
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I received an ARC from Leafwood Publishers via NetGalley, this review is my opinion.

I just enjoy this 8 week Bible Study, On each week we focus on a specific character name on Hebrews 11. All though maybe well known for many on this Bible study I like that if you are a staying at home mom, single or retired you can work through the daily assignments.  With a short reflection, a bible verse, and clear and specific questions we can learn and grow in our faith. One of the things I like most of this Bible study was that we see the humanity behind these men that were taking in the count by God for their faith. Not perfect, not flawless, but each one them in a specific moment trust God and did amazing deeds. This Bible study feels like a journey and in my case, it gives me hope, I can see that if God didn’t reject them; but use their lives and we see over and over a faithful God who always fulfils each of one of his promise.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a copy of this book.

This is a study guide to Hebrews and I have to confess that although I thought I knew Hebrews reasonably well the author's commentary really helped me to consider things from another perspective.  

I will be following this study again as I feel with each reading new things will be learnt.
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Little faith big God ⭐️
This is a two week study follow the life of Abraham. Following what it was like to be Gods friend. 
I feel like we all need a little bit of hope in a little bit of faith in a little bit of encouragement especially in a time like this. I felt connected with the story and the fact that there wasn’t anything in particular about it. Some stories you hear a sob story from the author and I didn’t get that here. I did however get biblical facts and lessons and a journey. 

I thought this study was very inclusive. I Think that most Bible studies are geared toward women and being a woman that’s nice but I like that there wasn’t any gender specific things without the questions or through the novel itself because it can be given as a gift it can be shown to all as beneficial.  

Thank you to via netgalley for sending me a copy of Little Faith Big God by Debbie W Willson. Available on February 2020
All opinions are my own.
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Little Faith, Big God is very nice devotional with faith as the subject. There are eight weeks of devotions, and each day has a different study and reflexion, some questions for you to answer to yourself and a closing prayer. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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I absolutely loved this book. Debbie did such a great job with Faith the subject. She has a way about her that holds the readers attention.  The cover was a perfect fit . It made me smile and feel a sense of hope and joy.  The book is made up of 8 weeks of devotions with study and reflection questions and an area for prayer requests.  Using Old and New Testament scripture , with the help of some famous Bible Saints like Abraham  and Enoch  Debbie shows us that God is always with us and loves us and has faith in us. We have to trust Him even when we screw up. Like Moses who didn't feel like he could lead God's people.  God had faith in Moses.  A great read. This would make a great gift.
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This book dives deep into the Hebrews Chapter 11 over the period of many weeks and gives readers a great understanding of what it means to put all of your faith in God who can take care of everything that we need. Through taking the time to look at the great heroes of our faith, we see that our God is big enough to provide everything we need. And in doing this it teaches us how to place all of our trust and faith in Him.

I very much enjoyed the way this book was divided up with daily lessons. There were days when I had enough time to really dig into a few days worth, and other days when I had just enough time to get through one lesson. I truly loved taking a long period of time to dive into one chapter of the Bible. Wilson also provides a lot of corresponding stories and verses from the Bible to build the overall picture of a truly great story. 

Hebrews 11 is a chapter of the Bible that I have read many times and yet there was so much that I was able to learn from this study. That is the mark of a great study and a great teacher when we continue to learn from something we have already spent so much time in.
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Little Faith, Big God
Grace to Grow When Your Faith Feels Small
by Debbie Wilson
Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers 
Leafwood Publishers
 Christian  |  Religion & Spirituality 
Pub Date 11 Feb 2020 

I am reviewing a copy of Little Faith, Big God through Abilene Christian University Press and Leafwood Publishers.

Little Faith, Big God is a reminds us that we need to stop finding our worth in our performance and instead to look for it in who we are in Christ.  Instant health is neither instant nor is it stagnant, a faith that is vibrant grows stronger with proper use.  

Debbie Wilson asks if we doubt God created the world then what hope do we have that he can handle our trials? How can we trust his promises if the Bible got this wrong?  It takes faith to believe God created the world.

We are reminded too that we need to realize there are consequences to our sins.  We fall short of our own standards. 

It is important too that we remember life is so messy that only Jesus can judge sin.  We have a tendency too weigh our best intentions against someone’s worst actions in order to justify ourselves.  It is pointed out too that God looks into our hearts. He sees our motives. That’s why even angry words and unkind thoughts matter.

Little Faith, Big God is a reminder that though our faith is small we serve a big God.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking to grow their faith.

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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This is a wonderful daily devotional/bible study. It's well written and helps keep you grounded in God's word daily. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Thank you Abilene Christian University Press & Leafwood Publishers via NetGalley for the complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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This is an amazing book and is for anyone. It is a simple reminder. I read this and couldn't wait to share about it to friends/family.
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I feel this book is what everyone should read. I have just read a bit and it's amazing. But it's more of like a school textbook...
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This is a great devotional for new and old believers.  This is my first time reading from this author and I would read more books from here.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Barbour Publishers for my honest review.
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Being a long-time believer, I can get lax in my faith walk and rest on my spiritual laurels. This book challenges me to rise up, explore faith and discover God in a new way! “Little faith in a big God blossoms into courage to sustain us through every trial and setback.” 
If you are looking for a fresh and applicable study to put your faith first, this book will not disappoint.
I am grateful to the author and NetGalley for a copy of this book to review. This resource has refreshed me!
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Little Faith, Big God was an absolute treasure to read. I used it more as a devotion and slowly went through it, completing the questions at the end. It was such an encouraging read with each “Day” bringing forth much  insight about biblical characters and their stories of faith, followed by personal application and thought-provoking questions. I am thinking it would be a great tool to use in a Bible study or small group setting and would highly recommend it to those looking for an encouraging daily devotion.
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Little Faith, Big God is a Bible study mainly in Hebrews and goes through some people of faith in the Bible. It shows people who had mighty faith, but also flaws and things they faced but held strong in their faith in God and his promises.

This is an 8 week study book but I did it in about 3 weeks. It was just that good! I really enjoyed going through this book and exploring more deeply the faith and failures of some well known people and it helps you apply their stories to your life. It was definitely encouraging and enriching!
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5 stars
Little Faith, Big God
Grace to Grow When Your Faith Feels Small
by Debbie Wilson

This book is phenomenal. It is an 8 week devotional with daily readings and reflections. It is deep and fulfilling, it is not fluffy like so many devotionals are anymore. This book would be perfect for any Bible study group, small group or read alone as part of a daily Bible reading. I truly hope Ms. Wilson writes more devotionals. She has a wonderful way of looking at difficult times but showing God's grace and goodness in the storm.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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The devotional book runs daily over eight weeks; each week is a different faith topic. The book is well titled and written for people and groups who would like Grace to grow and improving the faith. The devotional book demonstrates prayers, scriptures and stories that are aimed at growing the faith. Ideal to be used individually, as a family or a group. The questions at the end of each day is aimed with reflection of what you have read and if you are reading the devotionals within a group it is not compulsory to share your thoughts.
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