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What happens if you fall in love with your college best friend, never tell them and then don't have any contact for the best part of ten years? 

Introducing Adin who met and fell in love with his best friend Lilly whilst they were at college. However, Lilly never returned to Ohio University after the first year. Not that this stopped Adin thinking about her, wondering where she was, what she was doing etc. A chance conversation with another college friend leads Adin to find out that Lilly is in the middle of getting divorced. Insist makes him call her parents home in Beaufort and leads to their first meeting in almost ten years. It doesn't go well. What follows is a series of emails between them, their friends and family. 

With the opportunity to see how things unfold from both Adin and Lilly's perspective. Flashbacks to their time in college and the 'what could have been' moments. The story starts slowly, however, I was soon swept up in the rollercoaster of their re-acquaintance - devoured in just one day.
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I enjoyed this book but there were times when I feel like it was just dragging on and on. I get some situations need second chances but didnt feel like either one of them was willing to take the plunge to see big their love was for each other. I did like how this book gave both point of views from each character and included the conversations between text,email, and letters! Thank you for NetGalley and Shadelandhouse Modern Press for picking to give this book honest review!
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Tasha Cotter and Christopher Green have given us two messed up people in "Us, in Pieces" (Shadelanhouse Press 2019) who are as much in pieces at the end of the book as they were throughout the story. I really expected to enjoy reading Us, The plot sounded interesting and the construct of using various communication devices was appealing. And who doesn't like a story where two people are trying to find their way to each other?

Lily and Adin are past the fresh dew of youth having met in college and now deep into their post graduate years. They each have gone onto careers and in Lily's case marriage and divorce. Through the machinations of friends and relatives they are brought back together and proceed to reestablish their relationship. They have left the friend zone and are grappling with the idea of being together.

Through first person narration of texts, emails, letters and actual events a reader can follow along their paths. What I found was two whiny obnoxious people whose happy place is found mulling around in their respective brains. I've never seen so much mental masturbating before in my life from two characters at this age. Such neurosis is not pretty or even enjoyable to read.
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Lily and Adin's story, rekindled love over a 10 year span.  So much miscommunication.  The narrative goes back and forth between these well-drawn characters in the form of texting and emailing...thus eliminating the face-to-face expressions or tone of voice to convey feelings.  This is so true in our everyday life in order to "save face" or not get our feelings hurt, we give others a chance to decide from digital messages instead of the vulnerability of having the person standing right there in front of us, even with our  "heart on our sleeve."  I loved this story from the beginning.  The story line is very creative, but at times you just want to scream at them to just get together and just share your life,  quit second-guessing.  It was a very readable book.  Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.  5 stars
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Lets just start out this review by saying, I LOVE the way that the author decided to write this book, which is surprising because I normally hate books where the point of view changes. The author took all of the changes
and made them unique and stand out however so as a reader it was very easy to see when the character was changing and it was easy to remember what was going on on their side of the coin. The book is all about our two characters who were once close in high school but drifted then years later they reconnect through a friend and start talking through emails. I like this because you get both sides of the story and it shows the reader what is going on and what the characters are really thinking compared to what they are writing in their emails. What was also nice to see through the emails was it gave the reader a chance to see both perspectives on things not just the one side. There was a nice lightness to this story which made it flow nicely and I found the characters were very easy to relate to, not to far fetched. While this is a light book that doesn't make it any less impactful to the reader. If you want a story that makes you feel good beginning to end than this is one that you should check out. This is the kind of book that the chick lit and contemporary romance genres were made for. The ending was so cute and I found it was the perfect end to an already flawless story. Great read I cannot sing enough praises for this book and I'm very glad that I got the chance to read it.
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This book took me a while to read as I found the flicking back and to rather annoying. From the plot I was hoping it would a real love story with both sides fighting for each other and overcoming any obstacles. Although I appreciated the true love story, I found the characters annoying, especially Adin. The only obstacles were the insecure, immature characters themselves! If Adin came back into my life I’d kick him to the kerb! I was ready to give up half way through but continued and was happy that it did get easier to read. 
Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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The friendships you make in college are the ones that stay with you for life. At least, that’s the idea Lilly Jameson and Adin Driscoll hold on to.

Lilly and Adin were best friends in college – stuck in a ‘will they/won’t they’ loop that neither of them had the courage to acknowledge. Told through emails, text messages, and a first person perspective, Us, in Pieces takes on the familiar tropes of old friends reconnecting, long-distance relationships and figuring out what adulthood actually means when you’re in love with someone and refuse to acknowledge it through a truly unique tool. The story jumps straight into the action, something that was a bit jarring at first – but once you’ve made it through the first few chapters, the style and alternative perspectives are easy to adjust to.

Even at their most frustrating – and both Lilly and Adin are deeply frustrating to read – they both still felt real, the miscommunication and problems that their ‘relationship-that-isn’t-a-relationship’ feeling as if it could truly happen to people with the kind of love and history that they share with each other. And that’s what it is – a love story that feels ten years in the making, peppered in with side characters that feel just as real as Lilly and Adin and a world that comes alive in the retelling.

Told through a unique medium and through two distinct voices, Us, in Pieces, is a unique take on a well-worn trope – one that fans of the genre would easily enjoy.
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Immediately I noticed Adin has a very annoying personality.  My first impression of him was definitely not a good one.  His personality almost killed the mood of even reading this book.  However I am glad I read through it Adin portrays a huge character development throughout the story. 

novel was written using both emails, texts and first person dialogue. The story was told by both Adin and Lily.  I loved the writing style and concept. 

 However what I didn’t like was how in some scenes of the story. When Adin , and Lily was talking they sometimes left things unsaid. 

 I personally don’t really find the romance genre intriguing. But I did find this story  unique and sweet.
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Us, in Pieces follows Adin and Lily on their journey of reconnecting and romance after not seeing each other for 10 years. Lily is finalizing a divorce and writes children's novel. Adin works as a family photographer. The two decide to reconnect at Lily's parents home for Christmas. During this time Adin proposes that the during the last 2 days of their stay they pretend to be a couple. Of course Adin has had feelings for Lily since they first met in college. The rest of the book follows Adin and Lily on their journeys of self discovery and walking the lines of their fragile relationship. 

I was a bit confused at the beginning of the book with the continuous jumps back and forth through time. This seemed to even out more as the novel went on. As a whole, I really despised both Lily and Adin's characters and felt myself more annoyed the further on I went in the book. Like why can't at least one of these characters get it together!!!!! Unfortunately, I decided to give up around the 47% mark. 

I still really appreciate being given the chance to read this novel.
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This is a love story, one experienced by so many where love at a young age is left behind and we progress with life until an encounter beings all those warm feelings rushing back so that those involved question whether it really was the real thing, and whether it's worth while picking up where they left off. This tale was told form many perspectives which was an interesting and effective angle to take, and I did champion their love, hopping that they would succeed for I felt it was meant to be. This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more from this writing partnership.
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Well-written, good read during a time when I needed a pick-me-up. I was particularly impressed with the authors' collaboration.
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Thanks for ARC
Good romance read
I was invested in the characters. Emotions were well expressed
I had fun reading it
Was very well written as well
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Thanks to #Netgalley for all of the #arcs and helping this momma keep #sane during the #covid_19 #quarantine this quirky romance was mixed with emails and text messages. Between those you would get glimpses in each of the characters"heads". While the love story of Lily and Aidan is definitely cute and needed during this time I found myself quite often saying c'mon. Get on with it 😂 #romance #chicklit #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #usinpieces #christophergreen #tashacotter #shadelandhousemodernpress if you need to get out of your head and in to someone else then this book is definitely one you must get ❤️ it'll give you a much needed break from the real world
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I am so torn on my review of this novel because I hate being negative. On one hand, I enjoyed the format that blended face to face dialogue, texts, and e-mails. It seems relevant for our time and realistic. Also, I found myself rooting for Adin and Lilly a good deal of the time, although at times I truly didn't care one way or the other. And of course, I loved the romantic notion of the novel!

My problems with this book, however, surround the main characters themselves. I don't remember the last time I read about such immature people. Adin was about as whiny and pathetic as could be and actually found himself surprised when he was able to do something alone and be happy. And Lilly seemed more in love with the idea of him wanting her, rather than in love with Adin himself. She is hands-down the most self-centered character I have encountered, and I truly wanted him to tell her to go to hell and then get on with his love. 

Nevertheless, I always love writer collaborations and appreciate how a female and male writer worked together to make these so seamless. I found myself bored to tears at times, but for some reason, I had to stick with it to see how it ended. Definitely not my favorite read lately, but I give it 3 stars because of the flawless co-writing. 

*Thanks to NetGalley for providing a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I loved this book so, so much.  It was an emotional roller coaster, but in the best way possible!  This story was ten years in the making.  I love how it's a quirky second chance romance.  I love Lilly and Adin.  Man, were they stubborn at times, but they eventually found their way back to each other - over and over until it stuck.  Perfect summer beach read!
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This novel was beautifully crafted. I liked the formatting choice the author chose. The characters were well written. It was beautifully written. It captured a love story that will stay with you.
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I tried but I could not finish this book as I was constantly frustrated with the main characters, Adin and Lily, trying to decide if they loved each other. I found the literary technique, if one can call it that, of telling the story in substantial part by emails and text messages grueling and repetitive. These two people are adults who are so indecisive I could not figure out if they were truly meant for each other or just engaging in mutual fantasy, and I didn’t care enough about them to find out.

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.
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The characters were beyond toxic and I couldn’t handle to misogynistic jabs here and there.
Whilst the novel had its moments where it was good, and I liked the back and forth of past to present to get the whole picture of their history together. I just couldn’t enjoy it
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I received a copy of this book from net galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

I like reading books that use modern technology like texting to give a realistic experience of how a romantic relationship can grow. Us, In pieces does that very well and gave me a sense of how the relationship took time to build and wasn’t just a quick meet and fall in love story. It’s like a long love letter from ages ago.

It’s nice to see good characters and why these two end up loving each other. My one negative comment is that the book was almost too slow and dragged a bit but in the end it was worth the read.
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I found the characters, both Lily and Adin frustrating beyond words. I spent most of the book wanting to slap them both. That said, I found I couldn't put the book down. I needed to know how things would end between them. If was addictive to see which of the two would mess up the relationship next. I read the book in one day. I liked the idea of the story being told in emails, texts, etc...
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