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is an excellent book that takes the reader through a wild ride that is a decade in the making from beginning to end. Both the plot and characterizations were absolutely fantastic!
This is an impressive debut with amazing descriptions that made feel like I was right there! 
Each chapter hooks you in, and I literally couldn't stop reading.

Thank you NetGalley and publishers for this amazing book!
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I really, really enjoyed this book! It was gripping from the very start, thought provoking and the characters were well thought out. Wonderfully written. Would definitely recommend.
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DNF - did not finish. I decided not keep reading this title. It was not for me. Thank you, publisher, and NetGalley for the early copy.
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Inspirational and an awesome read! This is an absolutely incredible story. It is one of the most honest and in-depth portrayal of characters I have read. Julie Spiro makes you see and feel like you are right there in the book. It has a bit of everything, love, romance,drama, suspense, and even a little comedy. The pages are full of different emotions and I could feel every single one.
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This book engages the reader from the start. It takes place over a summer in Martha's vineyard, with the occasional swap to the current time in which the events that had taken place throughout the summer come to a dramatic head.

I truly liked the way in which the author brought the setting to life. I could picture the vineyard beautifully in my mind. The characterisation was also wonderful, and they were equally relatable and realistic. 

I did however find myself slightly disappointed with the way in which the story concluded, and felt the story could have been given slightly more substance to avoid the ending seeming rushed.
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This is an engaging story that takes place mostly over one summer on Martha's Vineyard with occasional flashes to the current time where the events of the summer come to a head.  

I felt really drawn to the story and loved the way the author created the world on Martha's Vineyard.  Despite never being on the island, I could immediately place myself there alongside Georgie and Lindsey.  The characters also came alive on the island and I could especially relate to Georgie.  

However, I felt the ending was a bit rushed and summed up way too quickly.  I did enjoy the novel but felt it could have been better with a bit more padding.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an eARC copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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Someone Else’s Secret was a dual POV story about Lindsey and Georgie. I love a dual POV- you get to know what everyone is thinking! 

Back in 2009, Lindsey a recent college grad needs a job that will help to establish her art career.  She opts to take a position as a nanny to an affluent family in Martha’s Vineyard that could lead to a position in an art gallery in Boston.

Georgie is the oldest daughter in the family that Lindsey is working for. She is at that age where she wants her independence and is dreaming of love.

A tragic event occurs over that summer that will both tear the women apart only to bring them  together ten years later. 

What I enjoyed
-Knowing exactly how Georgie felt at that age - the author did a really great job of portraying a fifteen year old girl trying to fit in

What was just okay
-I felt like the summer part of the book was more drawn out than the 10 years later part - I would have liked more of a balance
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I enjoyed this book, a lot.  While it dealt with a heavy topic, it was well written and executed.  It gave a back story that was detailed to show the relationship of Lindsey and Georgie.  It dealt with real world topics and how a lot of these issues are handled in reality.  I would recommend this book for sure!
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First time reader to this author's work. I'd put it off because of some of the negative reviews I'd seen on  line. I wish I hadn't because I really really enjoyed it. In 2009 Georgie, 15 and Lindsey, in her early 20s are both spending their summer on Martha's Vineyard. Georgie is the eldest daughter of an old money family who one of those types, you know, a generous supporter of the arts. Lindsey is the family nanny for Georgie's younger brother. She is from a blue collar family and has just graduated from university studying art. There is the promise of a job with a Bostonian gallery - if only she can help out child minding that summer. The summer is told from both women's perspective with a cast of interesting characters: the cold patrician mother, the father who clearly has a wandering eye and a host of flakey friends. Both women struggle to fit in within their friendship circles and this is when the secret happens. It isn't revealed for another decade and only because it has haunted one of the other women. This is a gorgeously written, clever novel which looks at the consequences of women having to sink or swim in environments that are aliens to them. The setting is perfectly described and is the extra character (for me) in this offering. I loved  it - the pay off is an interesting one which I didn't see coming. A thought provoking read.
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Unfortunately this one wasn't for me. I found the characters entitled, spoilt, and annoying, which made it very hard to connect with the plot, which itself was very slow and winding with brief moments that exhibited a faster pace. 

Overall, I found this book to be quite dull and hard to finish. The ending did pick up the pact a little, but it wasn't anywhere near strong enough to make up for the rest of the book. It's a shame, as its subject matter is undeniably important, but there are far better books focusing on the Me Too movement, and so unfortunately I can't recommend this book - life is simply too short to waste time on bad books. 

Disclaimer - I was fortunate enough to be provided with an advance reading copy of this book by NetGalley. This has not affected my review in any way, and all opinions are my own.
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Unfortunately, I have not been able to read and review this book.

After losing and replacing my broken Kindle and getting a new phone I was unable to download the title again for review as it was no longer available on Netgalley. 

I’m really sorry about this and hope that it won’t affect you allowing me to read and review your titles in the future.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 
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What could be better than a summer on Martha's Vineyard?  You could be like Georgie, 14 and trying to figure out who you are when your parents hire a nanny. Lindsey is a recent graduate from Bowdoin with career aspirations in art history and museums.  The family dynamic is strange and cold.  Georgie finds a job and work friends at the local coffee and sandwich shop, while Lindsey runs into a college friend whose friendship intrigues her.  Combine that with an ocean breeze, a townie, a mysterious guy and a crime and you've got yourself a secret.  And then the fun is just beginning.  What do age, self-esteem and upbringing have to do with belonging?  Is that a learned behavior, or will it always be with you?  Great summer story of friendship, love, belonging, mystery and the impact of our decisions.
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Lindsey finishes an art major in college with no prospects for a job in her field. When an influential family in the art world offers her a job as their nanny for the summer in exchange for introducing her to their friends she jumps at the chance. The family has two children--Georgie, an awkward fourteen year old wanting to prove that she's grown up, and Berty, an energetic and loving little boy. As the summer progresses, Georgie develops a crush on a much older man and when he starts to show interest in return, Lindsey is concerned and tries to interfere.  Then something happens that will change their lives forever.
These days of the #metoo movement, I think it's important for these kinds of stories to come out. Told in alternating perspectives of Lindsey and Georgie, it tells how they really feel about the incident and why they chose to act the way they did. Great read about a tough subject. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The views and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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A slow read with fast moments. Some of it was kind of hard to get through. Didn't really care fo the characters as I found them entitled and whiney but I love stories about female friendship. 

Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for the copy!
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I couldn't finish this book. I thought it was very dull. The main character seemed very whiny and entitled.
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Lindsey lost her virginity at fifteen. She works at a museum after graduation. After loseing her job Lindsey takes a job as a nanny for the summer .Georgie is fourteen and needs a summer job. Georgie gets a job in the office of a cafe. She use to love to go sailing.  I loved the different points of view. Although sad I loved reading about the trauma of what happened and how it was handled years later.
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A story about friendship and secrets. An incident witnessed ten years ago had its effect in the present time.

A slow moving book with the characters going through a lot of angst. Parts of it were  difficult to read, yet parts captured me. The ending was rushed, just felt the story needed a bit more time to breathe.

Overall, a good read.
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Someone Else’s Secret  is a poignant and thought-provoking book about secrets, friendship, and seeking justice. It is a well-written debut novel.
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If you witness something you shouldn’t, should you share what you saw or is it Someone Else’s Secret to share?

Lindsey has just graduated college and has accepted a position as a nanny for a wealthy family that has a job opportunity for her in the art world she seeks to enter. Georgie is the oldest child of the family, turning fifteen this summer with plans of her best one yet. A blooming friendship develops between Georgie and Lindsey until one horrible night at the lighthouse. 

Now, ten years later, Georgie can’t get the terrible secret out of her mind. She tries to reconnect with Lindsey to set right her wrong from the lighthouse. Is it too late?

I loved the first part of this story, the summer on Martha's Vineyard. It was well written and engaging. It was hard to put down. Lindsey and Georgie are likable and endearing. But, when it picks ten years later, it felt rushed. The characters were different people, which showed that they grew and changed, but not always in the best ways due to this secret. Maybe secrets are meant to stay that way. Overall, I enjoyed this story and would recommend it!
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Being a nanny on Marthas vineyard sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer, but it doesn't turn out to be as perfect as it seems. Do yo keep what you see and know to yourself or do you share what you know?
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