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This is not my usual type of book. It’s essentially a love story, but it’s also not in the old style of chic-lit either. 

Newly engaged Joy is solo-journeying Route 66, following her dead sisters bucket list when she meets Dylan. 
In a way, you can guess the outcome, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but there is a twist. The twist makes the book satisfying, and it made me laugh and cry along the way. The author switches between before and after throughout the book, and also between Joy and Dylan’s side. 

This is my first full read since the UK Coronavirus lockdown. My usual style is psychological thrillers, having moved away from love stories a long while ago.  But to be honest, this was just perfect to read for me right now. A little escapism, and I really enjoyed it, reading half of it in one afternoon/evening.  

It’s not fluffy.  It’s not a travel book (shame as I’d hoped for more Route 66 insight, but hey ho!). But it is very enjoyable.  A solid 4.5 stars. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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4.5 stars / This review will be posted at on 23 June 2020.

Joy is the epitome of the “California girl.” She’s on a road trip down Route 66, driving a convertible New Beetle, listening to 50s music, wearing 50s clothes and making stops at every 50s and 60s roadside attraction and diner along the way. But this isn’t the real Joy. The real Joy is a surfer girl. Levis cutoffs and flip flops. So why is she impersonating someone else?

Dylan is pissed off and frustrated. He’s stuck in a diner parking lot with a piece of crap car that’s he’s supposed to be driving across the country. Then he spots Joy in the diner. He approaches Joy to borrow a phone, and maybe get a ride somewhere. Joy finds him incredibly rude and annoying, but agrees to give him a lift to Flagstaff, AZ. However, there is one side trip they have to make along the way.

As a native Californian with a little red New Beetle (not a convertible, sadly,) this book screamed to me. Loved the premise of a new college grad making a trip across the country to meet her fiancé in New York and getting sidetracked by a handsome guitar player. The book was intriguing, moving back and forth between before - the actual road trip, and after - when the road trip ends. I laughed and cried with Joy and Dylan. 

Lonsdale has written a keeper. A book that could be a great beach read, but for me was a great quarantine read. It brightened my spirits while stuck inside during this health crisis. I loved how Lonsdale described in her author’s notes about the book coming to her in a moment. The whole story! Her writing and storytelling are a gift. Loved this one.
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I fell under the spell of this book from the beginning. Joy and Dylan really came alive in the pages. They were both so complex and full of life. I smiled and laughed. My eyes filled with tears more than once. 

The descriptions of Route 66 made me want to take my own trip. I’d love to make memories of my own like the ones Joy and Dylan make on their trek.
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LOVE her books! You will be hooked from the first chapter! I felt like I knew the characters on a personal level. A must read! Just like her other books, I could not put this down, a d read it in one sitting!
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Kerry, you have done it again. I loved this book, Side Trip. It is such a good story! Where is my Dylan?! Lonsdale has the best characters, flaws and all. You fall in love with these people and I personally, would love for the stories to keep going and going. If you have never read a Kerry Lonsdale book, she is amazing. Her writing style flows and is super easy to follow. If her time line does jump around, as it does in Side Trip, she clearly marks every chapter. It is easy to follow time changes and character changes too. 

In Side Trip, Lonsdale introduces us to Joy. Joy lost her sister in a car accident. In an attempt to keep her memory alive and to accomplish her sister's last wishes, Joy sets out on a cross country trip to knock a few things off of the bucket list. Joy comes across Dylan and together they take many "side trips" on their way to their intended destinations. 

I highly recommend if you haven't read a Kerry Lonsdale book, you absolutely should check one out soon! As for Side Trip, I highly recommend it. Bring your tissues! I will continue to be a Lonsdale fan and will always look for her newest works. Special Thanks to NetGalley, Kerry Lonsdale, & Lake Union Publishing for the advance digital copy in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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This book takes you on a road trip where the main character decides to drive to New York from the west coast before moving in with her fiance. A chance encounter with a man possibly will change her life. It's a case of the what ifs while she works on checking off her deceased sister's bucket list where she feels responsible for her sister's death. Who does she feel most connected to? Her fiance or the man she got to know while on their road trip. While I couldn't really connect with the characters, the read was heartfelt especially towards the end. I really can't say any more without giving away what happened. Thank you, NetGalley, and the author for the ARC.
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I am a fan of Kerry Lonsdale. I was excited to be given the opportunity to read side trip.  It was definitely not what I was expecting but I enjoyed it and read it in one sitting.

Joy is taking a road trip that her sister always wanted to take. She feels obligated to fulfill her sisters wish. Joy has a life people dream of. She is engaged to a good man and is moving to New York to be with him and start a dream job at a cosmetics company. Her life is a dream, but is it her dream??

Dylan Westfield wants to fulfill a contract and move on with his life. He is a songwriter (and sometimes singer) who wants to start his own label. When his car breaks down at a diner he catches Joys eye and they make a deal. They are both headed to New York and are planning to make stops in similar places. Joy will give Dylan a ride and he will pay for gas.

Along the way they learn about themselves and each other. The People they were before and how it shaped the people they are After.

Great characters and wonderful read.
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This was a beautiful story. I have to say I saw several of the plot elements coming and by the time was about 3/4 through was expecting to not be able to give this book more than 3 stars. However, the final turn I didn’t see coming and redeemed my overall view of the book. Now that’s not to say there are not problems with it especially in regards to that fateful night for Joy and Judy, but if you suspend overthinking it you can love the story that finishes and love Joy & Dylan along the way.

I want to thank Kerry Lonsdale, Lake Union Publishing, & Netgalley for allowing me to be apart of an early reader group on this novel.
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SIDE TRIP was an engaging, emotional, and fun read from beginning to end. The main characters, Joy and Dylan, were well developed and their chemistry was tangible. This story is an exhibition of the complexities of love, both familial and romantic. It encompasses loss and fear, joy and passion, confusion and frustration, and delivers a truly unexpected twist at the end; just when you think it’s ending, think again! Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the honor of reading an early copy. Even more thanks to you, Kerry Lonsdale, for delivering yet another captivating read.
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I received this book "Side Trip" from NetGalley and all opinions expressed are my own. This was a great book and I could not put it down. I was going to give it 4 stars but the end bumped it up to 5 stars. A bit of crying because I got so attached to the characters. Definitely Kerry Lonsdale's best book yet! You need to read this.
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I loved this book - could not put it down!! I only wish I could have heard the music to go along with Dylan's shows, especially because it seems like he has the voice of an angel. It definitely was an emotional roller coaster. What I really loved in this story were the characters - they were real, flawed, and complex. They weren't the perfect couple hiding one small secret - it was real problems they were facing. Also... the ending... OMG... I'll just say it will definitely leave you thinking!!!!

Thanks to Lake Union and NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I’m a big fan of Kerry Lonsdale’s storytelling and, in my opinion, this is her best yet; a story of hope, living with guilt, and the true cost of lost chances.

Joy and Dylan both have good reasons not to fall in love, but sometimes the universe pushes us into situations we’re not ready for, and it’s up to us how the rest of the story unfurls. What if you met someone who might be the right one for you, but at the wrong time, under the wrong circumstances. Would you follow through with the opportunity through, or let it go?

If you enjoy books about the twists of fate, this is among the best of them. I finished it thinking ‘wow what an ending’ , admiring Kerry’s craftsmanship as a writer, and stopping to question: Am I personally living my best life, and making the best choices I can, right now, today?

An enjoyable read that leaves you satisfied, but also makes you stop and think - to me that’s that’s the role of true literature. I predict this book , including its ending, will surprise and delight you, as it did me.
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I absolutely adore this book. The author does a wonderful job of bringing the words "My life flashed before my eyes " to reality.  Every decision we make in life alters our path. Somtimes a Side Trip, is just what we need to get us back in the right track.
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It always takes me a few days to digest Kerry Lonsdale’s novels before I am able to write a cohesive review which would describe my excitement for said novel.  I’m elated to say, Side Trip is no different - perhaps Kerry’s best writing to date.

Side Trip will take you on a journey across Route 66 with two seemingly very different characters.  Joy is on a trip to recreate her sister’s To-Do list.  On the surface Joy is a buttoned up gal, living her life by the book - just as her sister would have done.  Dylan is on a trip his father’s last will beseeched upon him.  He is a musician, writer, artist - who lives life more freely, and is facing fears of his own.  They meet at a cafe on Route 66, and their journey across America begins... they are tied to a strict timeline, due to Dylan’s commitments, but they take fabulous Side Trips along the way - to help Joy cross off things on her sister’s to-do list. 

On these Side Trips, Kerry will make you fall deeply in love with both Characters.  Though they each have flaws; you will laugh, cry, and cheer them on - to the very end - which has twists and turns you won’t see coming.

The storyline is easy to follow along, and the story will consume a better part of a few days of your life - so be prepared to put your life aside while you take one heck of Side Trip.
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If you read this book, hold your breath - you are in for an incredible joy ride!! This story is full of mesmerizing heart wrenching emotions,, sorrow, secrets, and guilty pleasures leaving your heart pounding. Joy Evers is on her way to meet her fiance Mark but a chance encounter at a diner with rock star Dylan Westfield, changes her plans. They agree to share the ride together, across country in her new convertible. There are rules - what happens on route 66, stays on route 66. There are many - "What if's" that keeps the suspense increasing. I can't say enough about how many of my own memories filled my senses reading this book. I felt like I was feeling the sun and breeze on my shoulders singing if I were riding along with them! Kerry Lonsdale is an amazing author !! This book has filled my heart - I wish I could give it more than 5 stars....I think it is her best one yet. I absolutely loved this story!
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Their lives have intersected and nothing will be the same . 
Joy decides to road trip to New York while fulfilling her deceased sisters bucket list. 
Dylan is on some sort of agenda he has to fulfill for his father.  
These two meet at a diner and decide to road trip together , Joy and Dylan need to discover how to be themselves and not the version everyone wants them to be, however after nine days they will go their separate ways! Each to live their best life, separately  This book is told before they part and after they part.  
This book was written with the authors whole soul.  She poured everything into these pages 
This book will resonate with me for a long time. I absolutely loved it !
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A special thank you to Kerry Lonsdale for including me in her Side Trip Team and providing me with a copy of this fantastic book!

I fell in love with Joy and Dylan instantly. I could picture the whole trip with Joy ticking off her deceased sister's bucket list items, while traveling to New York to be with her fiance. Joy meeting Dylan along the way and their side trip agreements spiced up the story. I looked forward to each of their adventures! This is really a story that makes you think about the choices we make in life and how they affect us. I enjoyed their journey and learning more about the reasons they were each on this route 66 trip. Without giving away the story I will say this is about family, heart break, loss, friendship, love, and adventure with a couple twists along the way. Pick up a copy, you won't be disappointed! I enjoyed every word of this fabulous story.

Thank you Kerry Lonsdale!
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When Kerry Lonsdale started writing, I was there to pick up her first book when it first came out.  Since then, she’s an author I follow and read immediately.  I know she has skills developing strong characters and excellent plot lines but the consistency of her writing as she branches into different types of stories is another reason I prioritize her books in my stack.  SIDE TRIP has taken over first place in my books of hers that I love (though all should still read ALL THE BREAKING WAVES and LAST SUMMER).  The story is told from two characters perspectives, Joy & Dylan, as they travel across the country fulfilling dreams that may not be their own.  The writing makes you emotionally invested but it’s the story that grabs you and just flows.  Now I’m a sucker for any novel centered around music and there is a lot of music and adventures in this book that I adored.  The sexual tension between the characters is great and the sensitivity of both characters is appealing.  The book has a perfect ending.  It’s a story of family and choices and how we can choose what we want and our pasts only define us if we let them.  You should make a choice to pick up this story when it comes out.  Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this advanced copy.  All opinions are my own.
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Kerry Lonsdale is one of my favourite authors! I love, love, love her writing, her choice of words, the depth of her novels...I could pick a paragraph that she has written even if I didn't know if it was written by her... It was pure joy to read Side Trip, I adored the characters and the love story. The surprise ending made the book even better!
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When Joy decided to complete her late sister’s bucket list, she got so much more than she bargained for! 
Joy has felt guilty about her sister Judy’s death for nearly a decade. It’s this guilt causing Joy to almost live in Judy’s shadow-dress like her, listen to the music she enjoyed, make a trip across Rt 66, and eventually marry and do the work Judy dreamed off. Joy has it all planned out-but she didn’t plan for Dylan...
Dylan has been living in a shadow too-his father’s. The difference is that Dylan is happy there. Despite having “the look”, the talent & voice of a rocker, Dylan also has terrible stage fright. He is much happier as a songwriter and producer. His late father has other plans for Dylan, though...
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Chapters jump back and forth to during the road trip and up to 10 years after it’s completed, but it all fits together seamlessly.  Reading about Joy & Dylan’s time together made me want to get lost on a road trip with my guy! I can see myself re-reading this when I need a little side trip of my own
* Thanks to the publisher/author for granting my request for an ARC, all opinions are my own*
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