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I thought this book was really good! The cover hooked me right away. The art is amazing. Patricio Clarey did an awesome job. The book is marketed for kids, but I think anyone can enjoy it. It's a short read, but a lot of fun. There is lore hidden away that makes me want to know more about this world. This is great for kids because it's action-y, but also explains any words they don't know at the end of the book. I also really liked how some of the text was illustrated. It really brought the story to life!
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Deep within the Library of Doom, raiders are searching for the treasure of the Lost Archives. The thieves have captured a young worker to guide them through the maze-like shelves. The boy doesn't want to betray the Librarian, but he is a Silent One. If he cannot speak, how can he call for help?

This is a short, fun mystery.
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Michael Dahl, and Capstone/Stone Arch for a chance to review this book. I was given this book for free in exchange for my fair and honest opinion. I have not felt compelled, in any way, by the author, the publisher, or NetGalley to alter my sincerest thoughts on this book. Every word of this review is solely and completely mine.
How do you know that you’re enjoying a book? When you feel the book is too short! The artwork is captivating; the story setting is perfect. The Library is a sacred place, guarded by the Librarian, but Raiders have come to invade this place. They take a Quiet One and he cannot call for help. The Librarian sees them and fights to fend them off. It is a gorgeously immersive experience that is way too short.
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Good little fantasy story for children. Simple, easy to read, fun and it also have quite a lot of action. I got through it with my son and he really like it too so that's a win!
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Lovely illustrations and fun design of the text make this story a quite immersive, even if too short, experience! 

The Library of Doom seems like a really atmospheric, secretive and ancient place , with tons of secrets and magic relics from all Eras of History. An amazing concept that I always love to see! 

This is a book I would have been delighted to read when I started reading. As an adult, I only wish there was more of it!
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I received an eARC via Netgalley

This book is the perfect addition for young children and infants. With fantastic drawings, fantastic concept design, and fantastic atmospheric setting, I loved this fantasy book. It’s light, gets straight to the point and is honestly a book that you would want to buy. The story is simple, yet effective.

And I loved the characters, each and everyone had a purpose. I loved the addition of a paper tiger. Although I wanted more elaboration, especially on who built the Library. And who were the Lost Raiders? What were they were looking for? I would also have liked to see some ancient Egyptian influences. (not from the dead, but from the living). I would have wanted more motivation and character goals for the Lost Raiders.

I feel this story could have been longer and had more adventure. Creating books like these take a huge amount of time and effort and so I can appreciate the work that goes into this. I also loved the fantastic illustrations and honestly wished fantasy novels would have more illustrations, if in the text or not, hand drawn, but it must be in there. Sometimes I have difficulty visualising what is written in fantasy and some illustrations will really help.

Dahl has done a fantastic job, and I honestly cannot reccomend this enough.
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A fun little book for boys. The illustrations are fantastic and mesmerizing. I can see this as a cool introduction for young ones into both Fantasy Fiction and Graphic novels.
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The first book in the new Secrets of the Library of Doom chapter-book series for kids is a very short, sort of prologue to the series that opens with a band of marauders, decked out in armor, who infiltrate the Library of Doom to coerce a young boy working there - a Silent One, as he's taken a vow to never speak - to lead them through the library's maze-like chambers to the Lost Archives they seek to raid. Sworn to silence, the young boy cannot even call out to summon the Librarian - a superhero-like figure with magic powers, whose destiny is to guard the Library of Doom and all it contains - for help; will the Librarian learn of the invasion and arrive in time to evict the raiders and save the boy? Patricio Clarey's illustrations here are darkly beautiful, with great detail, worthy of reading the book alone - but in truth, even at 40 pages the book goes incredibly fast due to a tremendous amount of white space and very little story on the pages; befitting of a chapter-book, surely, but overall disappointing when you're reading and the story suddenly cuts off with very little to it, trying for a cliffhanger to get you to the next book instead. Not a bad story at all, very interesting, but it just feels a bit of a "cheat" as you don't get much bang for your buck when you suddenly find yourself on the last page, turning it anyway and expecting more. (Available August 1)  3/5 stars

NOTE: I received a free ARC of this title from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was received as an ARC from Capstone - Stone Arch in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I loved the artwork and the detailed graphics in this book which really helped make the story come to life. I could not imagine walking into a library one day and warriors rising from the ink and coming after you looking for the secret archives. Then being mute and all around scared, the warriors think that you are ignoring them and are coming to kill you and then shows up the superhero librarian to the rescue leading the warriors to the archives and trapping them in the book forever and all is saved in the library. I know a lot of our readers will find this a very entertaining book to read especially since its involvement with the library. 

We will consider adding this title to our JGraphic Novel collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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Thank you NetGalley and Capstone for the ARC provided.

My first impression after reading this book, it was a smart idea to bring a library as some kind of a temple/ancient place that needs to be guard. There is also “ a Silent One” character which being vowed for being silence, and they’re secret orders of a young readers. I think this character represent as a librarian who dedicated their whole life only for books.

While the library being attacked by the raiders and the silent one summoned the Librarian to defend the library, it brings my mind to think “that would be interesting what if the raiders successfully captured the Archives, what are they going to do with that?”. More great adventures and fighting scene would be great for this part.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the point why the raiders wants the archives, what’s in the archives, who vowed the Silent One, where/who is the young readers, and who is the Librarian himself, not enough details for all of the above.

Overall, I think the book is great for a kind of story telling with braveheart, loyal, adventorous type. I like how the ilustrator wrote some certain words become bold or italic in order to put more tense whenever we read the words. Plus put the library as an important thing to defend, another bright idea, any children who loves to read will do the same thing.
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Lots and Lots of These

So, I decided to try to figure out how many of these books there are, and how they fit together. Every site, including Dahl's and the FictionDB, are woefully incomplete. But if your kid likes them it's helpful to have a sense of how it all fits together.

From 2007-2008 we have "Library of Doom", with about 13 books. 2010-2011 gives us "Return to the Library of Doom", and about 10 books. "Library of Doom: The Final Chapter" is 2015-2016, and has at least 8 books. 

This book is part of the "Secrets of the Library of Doom", and has just come out. There may be others, but this covers the ones with which I'm familiar.

I went through all of this because I think the books are getting better, or are at least developing in an interesting fashion. The first books are a little Twilight Zone-y, with an R.L. Stine flavor. The later books focus more on the Librarian and have a bit more of an adventure flair. This latest book is a touch mystical, and there's more emphasis on really quite sharp illustrations and fun with fonts and layout, (like Geronimo Stilton). 

The book is very brief, with just one or two sentences per page. I'm thinking very much along the lines of first-reader fantasy. As in earlier books, there's a setup, a good character, a villain, the Librarian, two or three action bits, some book "magic", and then a sort of open fantasy ending. As I say, all of the basics in a first-reader way. I don't think I'd buy a lot of these titles sight unseen at once, but I'd be sure to try at least one on each of my youngsters, just to see if it clicked or not. I can't resist them, and think of them as booky potato chips.

(Please note that I received a free advance will-self-destruct-in-x-days Adobe Digital copy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.)
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"Secrets of the Library of Doom" is not at all what I was expecting, but it is really cool. I'll definitly recommend this one.
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Where to start with this book...Dahl's story began with an eye roll, got interesting, then ended with a "that's it?"

Somewhere in the universe is a library that should never be used, is protected by The Librarian and a boy who has taken a vow of silence. The library is invaded by what can only be described as ghostly-looking vikings. 

The graphics are wonderful and peak the reader's interest, but are unfortunately overshadowed by the questions left in the reader's mind after reading the story. 

It's a good story, but it's too short! This story should be a novel with a complete beginning, middle, and end. The highlighting of vocabulary words is annoying to adult and older readers, but many books are doing this these days and comes with the territory of reading children's books. The greatest complaint is that, really, there are more questions than answers which left me frustrated with the author. Five stars for the graphics, but 2 stars for the story.
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First of all, how cool is this cover? It speaks right to the soul of the little me, and even the more adult me! The illustrations of the book are all as good so that is a strong points. The story is okay, but I would have like something a bit more... a bit more cohesion in it. It seem like the story lack some fluidity. A bit like the different chapters just a pieces here and there but not much between them, a lack of continuity maybe. I have hard time finding the right word... Anyway, even if not perfect, this book was fun and is a good entry points for fantasy for reader that just start to read «novel», novel for young kids here, three chapters, 40 pages so... But a fun entry point for kids I sure would have love it (more then I already did) as a kid! Totally worth it!
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