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This was a lovely and silly read.  I enjoyed the range of magical creatures and the animal friends that Isasnora picked up as she went along.  However, I felt a few of the characters flip flopped quite quickly – Humple Dumple and George for example.  The initial dislike of Isasnora changed incredibly quickly to friendship between the two, and I found it diminished their characterisation.  All in all however, it was a fun and silly story, which would work well for much younger readers.
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While I think the silliness of this story will indeed appeal to children, I'm not sure the kids who will find it most entertaining will have the patience for a multi chapter novel. This might have done better as either a picture book or a shorter "first chapter book" type text
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Isasnora Snores is an adorable and fun book for children! We absolutely loved this and would recommend to other families! 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Let's get right to the point: I didn't like this book. What initially drew me in was the super weird plot--a girl who's hamartia of snoring becomes a key factor in saving the day. But, alas, it was this weird plot that then drove me away. In theory, this idea is great; in practice, it didn't pull through.

I also felt that the writing was too immature to be middle grade. Maybe a low-level middle grade, but certainly no more than that. I can see this being an enjoyable novel to the right demographic, but it'd have to be a pretty specific readership for Isasnora Snores to be ranked among books like the Series of Unfortunate Events or even the Magic Treehouse series.

Allow me to be a grown-up book snob ragging on a kids' book for a minute here and point out that the fantasy is very flawed. Every fantasy book has its rules that, though they aren't explicitly outlined, still stand to make the story structurally sound. This book has lots of instances of contradictory logic that really bothered me. Isasnora Snores read, to me, like something written for a friend or child, made for personal enjoyment and not crafted for a larger public audience. This is okay, obviously; not bad, per se. There at least aren't basic grammatical errors. But it's just okay.

Overall Isasnora Snores isn't a bad book, it's just really not for me.
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Isasnora Snores is a hilarious trip through a magical world where a slug can be a king, dragons are quite sensitive, and what you thought was your biggest weakness can save the world.  There is never a dull moment for Isasnora who befriends anyone the forrest puts in her path. After all, why couldn't a bird teach algebra if he isn't flying south for winter? Then, when a vain little prince is found in her neck of the woods everything goes topsy turvy for Isasnora who must help her friends find a way to save her kingdom, her family, and herself!
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