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I enjoyed Feeney's "Sometime's I Lie" a lot, but was disappointed in her second book. I am happy to report that she has returned to form in "His and Hers", a thriller set in alternating POV's where you won't figure out "who done it" until the very end!  Extremely clever, this book is a tale of a divorced couple, who lost a child, and are now in the midst of a series of serial killings in a sleepy English village.  Highly recommend!  I received a free ebook in exchange for my honest opinion from Net Galley & the publisher.
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I'm a huge fan of Alice Feeney so was excited to get this one! And wowie! Five girlfriends in high a master manipulator...the others wanting to be popular. Now they are all adults and "know" each other or are in proximity of each other but have their own lives (and secrets). And when one is discovered brutally murdered we also discover his ex-wife is one of the group. What could possibly go wrong??? Just when you think the plot couldn't thicken any more, it becomes a mudslide that leads to quicksand! So be prepared to be sucked in like nothing you've ever read. It's dark, gritty, and the alternating points of view will have your head spinning. But it's SO worth it! I devoured it like Feeney's others. Whew!
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I liked the premise of this novel, but had a hard time getting into it. By the time I was nearly halfway through, I didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters and found the plot to be very slow. I didn’t dislike this book, I just didn’t enjoy it in the way I expected to. If you’re a fan of this author, my guess is you’ll love this. It was my first from her and I just think I didn’t click with the writing style.
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What the actual heck did I just read!?!?!  What the heck happened?!?!  I cannot even...please someone read this so we can discuss.  I need to work through my feelings!!  Oh Alice can write a story! 
This one left me guessing all the way to the bitter end.  I thought I had an idea of what was going on...I had no idea what was going on.  
Anna Andrews has a past she put behind her so she could focus on her future, which, just took a turn.  DCI Jack Harper also has a past...and today, it also took a turn.  Slowly through alternating narrators (hence His & Hers) and a third POV (maybe? maybe not?  is it?) we see the whole story of the past and murder mystery Anna and Jack are now deeply involved in.  

Bottom Line:  TWISTY...a bit slower to get going (in my opinion) but then HOLD ON!!! 
Quote I hope makes it into the final because it's just too good:  People get preoccupied with the fiction of truth.  
Second quote I hope makes it in the final:  I can feel myself falling in hate. It’s a lot like falling in love, but tends to happen harder and faster and often lasts a lot longer, too.
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Before all this madness we’re experiencing began I devoured this one on vacation and it was 🔥🔥🔥 It’s twisty, fast and had me guessing, and then second guessing the whole time. I like to think I’m pretty clever and am usually able to tell which direction a thriller is heading and I was dead wrong here several times. Preorder it now and thank me later. 😜 But in the meantime if you’re looking for a fantastic thriller try one of her other two books. Both Sometimes I Lie and I Know Who You Are were also five star reads for me!
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Dark, deeply intense and often times tragic, Alice Feeney has done it again. I’m SO happy I was approved for this! I absolutely loved Alice Feeney’s His & Hers:  Feeney is an automatic buy.
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Welp. Alice Feeney's first book, Sometimes I Lie, delighted and unsettled me. I wasn't quite sure what to think. His & Hers is MUCH more clear cut. I bloody loved it.

His & Hers plays on some well-trod tropes but does them brilliantly. Dual-POVs, somewhat unreliable. POV chapters from the killer that hint at someone being both crazy and a liar. Boarding school + small town secrets. Serial murders. The alcoholic driven woman and the hardened cop who always seems to make the wrong choice. Lots of characters who are a little unlikeable, where you're unsure who you're even rooting for.

It was tropey and soapy and great. I had fun both trying to guess at things and just letting myself be pulled along by the story. A few twists surprised me; a big one I called and of course I feel BRILLIANT for doing so haha. I know Feeney's first book is already heading to television, but god I really want to see THIS one make it. It would be a perfect sleepy/creepy British crime limited series.

2020 may be on fire but it's going to be a GREAT year for adult thrillers. (Good b/c we can't leave our homes?)
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Words cannot do this piece justice. Alice Feeney has threw down the gauntlet and should rightfully take her place at the top. The entire narrative captures the essence of what every suspense novel should elicit in a reader. It is thought provoking, eluding, bizarre, and downright disturbing. You’ll think you know what is happening but by the end you’ll need a hug! L o v e d  i t! 

Thank you to #Netgalley for the ARC of #His&Hers which was read and reviewed voluntarily.
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I will rate His & Hers by Alice Feeney 5/5 stars! I would give this book more stars and a higher rating if I could. Holy smokes! This was one heck of a read! From the beginning Alice Feeney kept me guessing who the serial killer in the small town of Blackdown could be. The way the author weaves a story by adding bits and pieces of clues here and there is remarkable. This is the second book that I have read by her, the first being the hard to put down Sometimes I Lie and I must say, the author exceeding my expectations with her latest book. The story is told from three different POV: Anna Andrews, a TV news reporter/journalist, Jack Harper, Detective Chief Inspector of the sleepy little village of Blackdown, and a mysterious third person who honestly could actually be Jack, Anna, both of them, or someone entirely different. Anna returns to Blackdown on her birthday, the day she was demoted from her anchor position and the next day wakes up to discover that one of her childhood friends has been murdered. Anna remembers being in Blackdown the night before, but due to her constant desire and love of the "drink", her memory is hazy. She's scared she may have something to do with the murder. Jack is awakened out of his slumber the morning that a body is discovered in the woods and he springs into action. Upon reaching the murder scene, he is dismayed to discover that he knows the victim all too well. In fact, he was just with them hours before. He starts second guessing himself and wondering if he is a suspect in his own murder investigation. As to not incriminate himself, he opts not to tell his team of detectives that he knows the victim. When Anna shows up at the murder scene with a cameraman on handy to report the first murder in the small village of Blackdown in years, she is in for the surprise of her life when she sees that Jack is investigating the case. The victim is one of the many puzzle pieces that link the two of them together. The past has a funny way of showing up and haunting you, even though you tried to bury it twenty years ago. 

What I enjoyed about this book:
What wasn't there to enjoy? I love psychological thrillers and this is the first book in a very long that keeps me in suspense and wondering who the culprit could be. I tried guessing several times and every time I believed I had pinpointed the murderer I was wrong. Dead wrong (LOL, pun thrown in there). I loved the ending and how the author was able to keep everything about the murderer under wraps until the very end. 

I loved, loved, loved (I cannot stress that enough) Anna's childhood flashbacks. There was so much more than meets the eye with this character. So many secrets hidden under her perfectly polished, outward surface. The author did a phenomenal job on cluing the reader in on how Anna was tied to the first victim and all of the victim's that followed. I was hooked on every single word. Some parts were so juicy that I had to go back and reread them more than once.

Reading about Jack's guilt from an unfortunate incident that occurred in the past provided a lot of understanding about why and how he became the man he is today. It was a little bothersome to see his connection with the first victim, especially after realizing his connection to Anna, but hey its a part of life and these situations, unfortunately, do occur in real life. 

Alice Feeney really knows how to mess with a reader's head. That was one thing that I enjoyed about her debut book Sometimes I Lie. I was eager to read this latest installment of her work. What I thought to believe was the truth, in reality, was far from it. Kudos to the author for knowing just how to keep a reader in awe and suspense.

What I didn't enjoy about this book:
I am a cat person. Matter of fact, cats are my favorite animal and the cruelty to animals portion of the book upset me a little, but it did not take away from the book. It just provided more insight into how despicably evil one of the characters was. Oh, it made me despise that individual with a passion even more. 

I will most definitely recommend this book to others. I am so thrilled that I was awarded the chance to read and review this phenomenal work. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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Wow!  Once again Feeney has captured my attention, like super glue, holding from the first page until the final one.  Full of spine tingling chills, whiplash inducing twists and turns, and gasp worthy shocks!  An intriguing tale with so many hidden layers, you will easily be emerged in.  Alice Feeney is definitely the queen of suspense, with her deliciously dark tales, and HIS & HERS only seals this fate!  Highly, highly recommend this unputdownable, with tension so high you can actually cut, deceitful tale of shocking twists!  Grab your copy on preorder today, you’ll want it when it is available, but prepare for doing nothing until you have taken in the final pages, and finally got your heart rate normal and breathing under control!  
I will make sure I buzz this up on different platforms!  A must for Feeney fans, and thriller fans alike!
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