Cover Image: Elvin Link, Please Report to the Principal's Office!

Elvin Link, Please Report to the Principal's Office!

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Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Children’s Publishing for this fun and entertaining middle grade fiction novel. My 9 year old read this and just loved it! It is a well written book about a boy who loves to draw and try’s to evade getting a wedgie. There are some nice drawings throughout

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I really enjoyed this book. I liked all of the characters, the plot was good, and it was well-written. There will be art sprinkled liberally throughout the book but unfortunately I didn’t get to see it. I think with the added art I’d like it even more. It was a funny, quick read about school, drawing, and wedgies. I think kids looking for lighthearted fun books will enjoy this.

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The digital ARC currently provided by the publisher does not include any of the artwork, instead inserting large squares where the final art will appear. This isn't normally a problem, but in this particular text the art informs the plot. As such it's hard to recommend reading or passing on the book. The available text makes it look like a likely middle grad favorite, but it's disjointed enough in its current format that I can't be sure.

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