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After reading the first two novels in the series, I expect nothing but excellence from L. Penelope, and she definitely delivers that in CRY OF METAL & BONE. It seems unfair to only give this book five stars when it is definitely a ten star read.

The allegory in this the third novel in the Earthsinger Chronicles is more overt than it was in books one and two, yet it remains excellent escapist fantasy. There is a believable marriage of magic and technology that could put this book into the category of steampunk. Along with this, the often flawed characters complement each other's abilities to form the more perfect whole. This yin and yang sometimes allows the reader to begin to figure out where the action is going, but even the best surmise may turn into a surprise.

There are no cliffhangers. Each book could stand alone but to fully appreciate the epic nature of the story you should begin at the beginning. I definitely recommend that you start with the first book and work your way through them all. In addition to the three novels, there are two novellas that I definitely plan on reading.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Cry of Metal and Bone was a fun expansion of a world I have come to enjoy, but it felt somewhat less robust in comparison to Song of Blood and Stone. I feel like some of my experience was affected by my inability to read the second book before reading the third. but due the structure of the series and ample explanation I was able to understand fully what was happening and was not lost.  

My favorite storyline was once again Ella and Benn's--I enjoyed Ella's investigations into the Hand of the Reaper and their experience of creating a nontraditional family amidst the tensions in Elsria. Plus, their adopted daughters were super cute. Kyara and her story were my second favorite, and I enjoyed her friendship with Jasminda's family. However, I felt Darvyn's character, as well as Tai's to some extent, were bogged down by the focus on their relationship with their significant others as opposed to actual character development. Lizvette's redemption was interesting but once again I felt she was cheated by how much of her storyline was taken up by her enemies-to-lovers romance with Tai. Two of my favorite characters were actually Vanesse and Clove--their relationship was adorable and I could have read a whole book about them and Clove's escapades as a pilot in the race. 

Overall I thought the novel was a solid follow-up, though I was more excited by the world-budiling than the characters. I could have used a little more focus on individual development as opposed to relationships, but it didn't detract too strongly from my experience.
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Five stars! What a fantastic installment in this already fantastic series. I cannot get enough of L. Penelope's work, and this book might just be my favorite. I think it can be difficult to write fantasy romance with super compelling, super relatable characters, but this book handles it perfectly and beautifully. I can't wait to tell all of my friends about this one.
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A beautiful story with relatable characters. The story was so moving and compelling. I love this entire series by L. Penelope. The characters are so beautifully written. Her plot points are so compelling. There isn't a book she has written that I didn't love. Her writing style is so well done.
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This was a really compellingly written fantasy romance but I made the mistake of not reading the first two books in the series. The world building is really great and I definitely recommend it, I just recommend reading the first two books if you haven’t already.
Lizvette and Darvyn are great characters and their romance was lovely to read. Again L. Penelope knows what she’s doing regarding balancing the romance and the fantasy world she created.
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