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This was one of Wendy Walker's twistiest thrillers! I absolutely loved it. A story of a mother grieving the life of her dead child for 5 years drives home from visiting her living son's football game at a boarding school and her car is found abandoned on the side of the road and eventually, a note surfaces telling her family not to look for her. But her daughter doesn't give up hope that something happened to her mom and goes lengths to find answers. 

This book was a very suspenseful and thrilling ride!
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On the 5 year anniversary of her daughter's passing, Molly is on her way back from her son's football game when she is stranded. Molly goes missing without a trace, other than a note, " Don't look for me..." and a few credit card charges. 

This is a solid, suspenseful read. About halfway through there was a huge twist that punched me in the gut. I would give this one 4.5 stars, just because it felt a little slow and/or predictable in some parts. But it is still a book that keeps your interest! This book is suspenseful but also manages to pull on your heart strings by making you feel for the main characters and their struggle after the loss of 9 year old Annie.

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This is my first book by Wendy Walker and I am blown away!  I was sucked in from the very beginning and didn't see the twists and turns coming.  This is an excellent story that leaves you wanting to read more of her books.  Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC!
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A creepy, suspenseful psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. When Nic's mother Molly appears to have just walked away from her life, Nic just can't believe it's true. Molly and her family experienced the tragic death of their youngest daughter Annie 5 years ago and the family has never been the same since. So did Molly really think that leaving her family behind was the best option?

Since this book is told from both Molly and Nic's point of view, we know what actually happened to Molly... which is unbelievably creepy. Nic is determined to figure out where her mother is and whether she is dead or alive. As Nic's search continues, she finds that almost everyone in the small town where her mom disappeared is telling her lies and/or not telling her everything. The one thing we don't know is who is the real bad guy... there are a lot of options in this book. I figured it out by the end, but was definitely surprised by some of the twists and revelations.
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4.5 (Because I'm one of those people who believes nothing is perfect and that true beauty is in imperfection.) And, this book is beautifully done. Twisted, twisty, at times downright demented with a diverse array of characters that range from empathetic to nightmarishly nefarious -- everyone's suspect and you're all in at the conclusion of sentence one. It's a little too long to read in one night, but read it in one night I did, until the wee hour of 3:00 AM. This would make a movie that I'd actually shell out theater $ to see. 

A huge thank you to Netgalley for sharing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The accidental death of Molly Clarke’s youngest child is tearing her family apart. The grief and guilt Molly and her daughter Nicole are feeling are at the core of this story. Molly begins to think that her family may be better off without her. When she runs out of gas on her drive home after her son’s football game, she thinks this might be the time to just disappear. She does disappear, but was it by her own choice or was it because of something more sinister? Nicole Clarke needs to find those answers. 

This is a very well crafted psychological thriller! There are twists and turns and so many people seem to be lying and hiding the truth. What really happened to Molly Clarke on that dark and stormy night? Pick up this book and get ready to read until you reach the climactic ending. 

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC.
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Don’t Look for Me is a pulse-pounding novel filled to the brim with shocking twists and turns! Wendy Walker has done it again - another delicious mystery that will keep you up furiously turning pages all night!

Five years ago when Molly was driving home, her youngest child ran out into the road and was hit by her car. Molly and her family have been spiraling downward ever since this horrific tragedy, and have grown apart while each has found their own ways to deal with their grief. Molly considers leaving her family and often thinks they would be better off without her. She is debating leaving on her drive home one day when she runs out of gas. Molly gets out of her car, and isn’t seen again. 

Nicole is Molly’s surviving daughter. She’s searching for her mother, and for answers. However, she continuously uncovers lie after lie when she begins to dig in deeper to the investigation to her mother’s disappearance. Who is telling her the truth and who can she trust? Nicole needs to choose carefully....

I absolutely loved Don’t Look for Me!! Thank you to Wendy Walker, St. Martin’s Press, and NetGalley for the advance copy. Pub day is September 15, but you can preorder on Amazon now!!!
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I have read and loved Wendy's previous books and Don't Look for Me is one of her best!! 

Molly is suffering from a horrible tragedy. Her family is going through it as well but they don't make it any easier for her. They are actually horrible to her. Then Molly goes missing and the hunt for her starts. Let the thrilling ride begin!!

The story is told from two different perspectives, Molly (mom) and Nicole (daughter). I loved this because it added even more suspense to this book. 

There were so many questions running through my mind while reading. I could not wait to get the answers. Everyone was a suspect and I mean everyone. There were many times I thought I had it all figured out but guess what?! I was so wrong!

The ending...I didn't see that coming! Don't Look for Me is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, have you biting your fingernails and making you forget about your responsibilities because you can't put this book down!! Wow!!

I HIGHLY recommend this book!! 

Many thanks to Netgalley and publisher for the advanced copy.
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This book is amazing!! I couldn't put it down and couldn't turn pages fast enough to know how it would end!! It is so sad the tragic accident that Molly's family faces as well as Molly. Then it turns into Molly missing, did she leave to run away from the tragedy or did something happen to her?!?! This story is by far one of the BEST yet I have read and the "who dun it" was a huge guessing game, and then even more of a twist is added to make it even more thrilling!! So glad to have been able to read this through Netgalley and it is an amazing captivating book for those that love the psychological thrillers, this is a MUST read!!!!
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Wow, I could NOT put this book down! The fast-paced, twisted story had me at the edge of my seat and I just had to find out what happened. Although I was able to guess a few things, there were some other things that really surprised me. Well done, Wendy Walker! 4.5 stars.
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The ending had me on a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs and the things that I didn’t see coming which kept me gasping with each turn of the page! 
Molly has experienced an unimaginable loss of one of her children and is still unable to move on years later! As she is driving thru a storm, she runs out of gas and starts walking. Her car is found abandoned the next day with her cell phone inside. Her family fears that they have driven her away and she has abandoned them all. Is Molly finally paying for her role in the death of her daughter or Did she finally just reach her breaking point and leave her family behind? Her daughter Nicole will not accept it either way and is determined to do whatever it takes to find her mother and bring her home even she truly walked away from her family!
The craziness of all the characters keep me enthralled and the transition or storylines between Molly and Nic was seamless! 
Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review!
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I really enjoyed this book, especially the ending. The development of the strong female protagonists really pulled me in! The only complaint I have is that I felt like at times there was a lot of "fluff" where I was thinking, get to the point! There were many twists and turns that kept me reading.  

I would probably say 4.5/5 stars, just for the moments where I felt that I wanted to get to the point! :)
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* spoiler alert ** I picked this up when I was struggling to get into another book I was reading.
A few hours and a cup of coffee later,and I'd finished it.
It has just the right amount of everything.... pacing,tension,knowledge as to what had happened.
Likeable characters...
When you guess who the bad guy might be,there's a few to choose from,it's a clear trail right up to the actual reveal,that left me saying "I knew it"

But I didn't know it at,and there was an excellent twist to come.

I've enjoyed all of Walkers books that I've read.... she's definitely on my list of must reads when I see she has another out.
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Wow!  This is a super scary, well-written, unputdownable thriller from Wendy Walker, who also wrote the great Emma in the Night.  I was hooked from the beginning of this novel, which has two very well-executed parallel narratives.  One is about the hunt to find a missing woman, and the other is about what actually happened to her.

The plot is twisty from the start and I don't want to give anything away so I think it suffices to say that this is a great "missing woman" story.  It reminds me of some of my favorites by Karin Slaughter.  Walker does a fantastic job of making you empathize with, and root for, both the missing woman and her daughter.  I also loved Alice, who was so well-written.  This book was heartbreaking in a lot of ways.  The suspense is real and heart-pounding and the book actually scared me, which is really what I'm looking for in a thriller.  There are some really unique elements to this thriller, which I loved - particularly everything about the character Alice.

This was a five star book for me until the end, when one of the final twists was just a step too far (and too unbelievable) for me. I think the book would have been better without it.  (You'll know it when you see it.) Despite that though, this is a fantastic and compelling mystery as well as a great summer thrill ride. It was just the thriller I was looking for and I can tell it is going to stay with me for awhile.  4.5 stars rounded up.

Thanks to NetGalley, Wendy Walker and St. Martin's press for this great read in exchange for my honest review!  I can't wait to read more from this author.
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Extremely twisty!! Perfect plot! From two perspectives Molly's and her daughter Nicole's. From the very beginning entraps you in suspense.  Molly Clarke disappears on a stormy night when she runs out of gas. Her family had been destroyed years ago and she thinks about disappearing but she goes missing first. The police believe she left but Nicole doesn't believe that and continues to try to figure out what happened. 

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the advance ecopy.
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I finished this book so I'll give it two stars. But I'm beginning to think that maybe this author's writing style just isn't for me. I did not find any of the characters endearing and I was not a fan of the plot at all. It's hard to explain in a review without giving away spoilers so I'll just say that I finished it. But I didn't really care for it, and I wouldn't recommend.
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing this digital copy of Don’t Look For Me in exchange for my honest review. I loved this book! How far will a mothers love go in keeping her children safe? Walker answers to the ends of the world in this twisty thriller. The shocking ending is amazing. 5 stars for this novel!!
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I have read and looked forward to all of Wendy Walker's books, but I must admit her last one was a let down for me. Don't Look for Me has completely redeemed that stumble for me. A twisty, addictive ride. Walker has gone back on my auto buy list.
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Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC of Don’t Look for Me by Wendy Walker.  I have read and enjoyed all of Walker’s books and this one is another superb thriller!

When Molly Clarke hits and kills her youngest daughter with her car, she is filled with grief and shame.  Although it is ruled an accident, Molly’s husband and kids can’t hide their disdain for her.  She hates herself for what she has done and considers just walking away from her life, thinking everyone is better without her.  When a note in her handwriting surfaces, her family wonders if she really did walk away.  Nicole, her oldest daughter, is determined to discover the truth about what happened to her mom.

Wow. Just wow.  I read this book in two days and could not put it down!  It is super creepy and the tension left me breathless.  The suspense continuously builds throughout and does not disappoint!  The setting is a rundown town with sketchy abandoned buildings that set the stage for the mystery. There are clever twists and turns that are so well planned that you don’t see them coming!  The story is complex with characters that contain a lot of emotional depth.  It is such a creepy, clever, twisty tale that I will be thinking about for a long time.  I can’t wait to read Wendy Walker’s next book!

5/5 stars
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I really enjoyed this one. It's similar to "The Night Before" in the sense that it jumps right in and holds your attention. One of the plot twists was very predictable but the other was not so it continued to surprise I told the end.
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