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Alex Harland is assigned the case of the Nightjar, a jewel thief that no one has been able to catch. His search leads him to Emmy Danvers.
Alex recognizes/suspects Emmy was the mysterious woman who kissed him before he left for the war however he also suspects that Emmy might be the Nightjar.
Alex is correct on both accounts. Emmy has long since held feelings for him however she knows nothing can come of it.
She is a thief while Alex is a Bow Street agent.
But as Alex tries to catch her out in the act, their game of cat and mouse heats up and it isn't long before they're forced to confront their feelings for each other.
I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the action behind the romance as well as watching Alex and Emmy try to get ahead of the other.
Kate Bateman has a knack for creating stories that have more that just romance and I am absolutely here for that!
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I love this couple! I love their banter with words and actions. The conflict between thief and runner was perfect and I loved seeing how the crimes were committed. This is the 2nd book in the Bow Street Bachelors series. I have not read the 1st book in the series yet and that didn't detract from my enjoyment of this book. Now I have the 1st book to look forward to while I'm waiting on book 3. Great fun!
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I total enjoyed the cat and mouse play of this book, was a combo of friends to lovers and second chance, two of my favorite genres......was a great book and love Kate’s writing.
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What Can I say about Harland and Emmy other than, oil and vinegar, the are opposite sides of thing but also compliment each other perfectly. Emmy has secrets and Harland prides himself at being great at figuring secrets out, but this secret can destroy their chance of happiness. Emmy has been in love with Harland from before he even knew who she was and he has wanted to figure out who his mystery woman is since she stole his heart many years before. But will finally figuring out the answer and revealing who she really is fix things for them or will it make it worse? These are the questions you beg to know the answers to the as you read this book. These are the things that keep you devouring page after page. And I was no different. I couldn't wait to know what was going on. Even during the middle of trying to read as I work from home during this pandemic, books like this is what helped keep me from missing a visit with friends or just an outing with family. This book kept my mind from panicking, because if Harland and Emmy could find a way during the darkest moments then we all can. Entertainment and relaxation is what this book gives you. You cheer on the characters and hope that things work out great for them. You ask for a solution that will not break your heart and you pray that it all works out in the end. I loved this book.

I give this book 5 kisses...

Happy reading... Adri
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I fell in love with this premise. Badass lady thief outwits the detective/agent that's after her but they also fall in love. Enemies to lovers of my dreams! And the detective is fighting with his morals and everything he's ever known to decide whether his love is stronger than his need to lock her up.

Holy hell, it's everything I love.

What I actually read was not as great as I expected. It was fine. A perfectly okay story, but not as fast-paced and thrilling and romantic as I expected.

Alex figures out who Emmy is quite early in the story and that kind of put a damper on the book for me. I was expecting much more secretive behavior and a huge conflict near the latter half when he finally finds out. That's, unfortunately, not the case.

I also wish Emmy wasn't being coerced into stealing. The synopsis makes it sound like this is her jam, but it's more something she took up to save her family.

I also, sadly, enjoyed the supporting characters more than Emmy and Alex. Alex's friends were hilarious and Emmy's family was funny and brilliant. I feel like the wrong characters were given the main story.

But I still enjoyed the sleuthing and the way Emmy and Alex worked together in the end.

I am giving To Catch an Earl 3 out of 5 stars.

To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman comes out on June 30, 2020

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the free eARC in exchange for my honest review!
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Fun and entertaining read. Emmy and Alex kept me turning the pages to find out how they would deal with all the problems they faced. 

The other characters added a lot of depth and humor. I especially enjoyed Sally and Camille. 

Have fun getting to know these great characters.
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Where should I start, I loved loved loved this book. The book starts 4 years earlier where the heroine meets the hero at masked ball. Emmy comes from a family of thieves, she was taught to only touch what she was going to steal. Emmy breaks that rule by not only touching Alexander but also sharing a kiss with him a kiss neither is able to forget. The book then takes us 4 years later where Emmy is forced to steal some jewels and Alexander is now the Bow Street Runner in charge of catching this jewel thief. Both being on opposite sides of the law makes for an interesting read. The banter between the two is engaging, and their unique circumstances makes this book a page turner. I could not put it down. Kate Bateman is a new author to me and I will definitely be looking for more of her work. 

I was given an advanced reader copy from net galley for an honest opinion.
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Second book this week that has not done it for me, which again makes me sad. So we have a jewel thief that wasn't planning a life of crime however she is blackmailed into it. She also happens to be in love with Alex but can not admit that she not only loves him but that she is the thief since he so happens to be a bow runner. Alex is wondering who the jewelry thief is and to find out who was the lady that gave him a kiss awhile ago thinking they are two people, not one. I didn't find them to have chemistry, I actually found this story to be lackluster, but hey maybe it is me.
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This was another hit by Kate Bateman.  I love the cat and mouse game between the hero and heroine. I love the jewel thief storyline. This series gets better and better with each book.
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Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.....

Oh me likey "To Catch an Earl"....... This was Emmeline and Alex's tale. Not all fun and happiness but I guess I found that refreshing. Alex was a bit of a tough nut to crack !!!. I was routing for Emmy to blast him with her kind (but strong) heart. Quite the scandal of a thief and an Earl falling in love. I found Kate's great character's and how she developed the story line from chapter to chapter left me very entertained throughout this read......... 

Splendid historical romance !! Great work Kate and many thanks for this opportunity x

Later peeps xx
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I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read more in this series. I have only read one other Kate Bateman books. This story is about Alex Harland the Earl of Melton who is a Bow Street agent and he has only had one case he wasn't able to figure out. It is the mystery of the woman who stole a kiss from him after the war.  He  is on a new case where he is  investigating the Nightjar, an elusive London jewel thief. He keeps running into Emmy Danvers. Emmy has loved Alex for years but she can't reveal her secrets to him. I really like Emmy in this book. I thought the characters and plot were well developed. I can't wait to read more in the future.
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Great historical romance with just enough steamy sex.  The best part of this book is the chase or cat and mouse episodes.  I love a story where the hero is forced to face his emotions and put himself out there if he does not want to lose the one he loves.  I enjoyed Emmy's daring spirit and closeness to her grandmother and brother, as well as to Sally, the family friend.  This was a quick easy read and I enjoyed it from page one.  Looking forward to Sebastian's story.
Netgalley provided this ARC for my honest review.
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Emmy was taught to steal by her father from a young age.  There is only one time she broke his #1 rule of “Only touch what you’re going to steal”, and that is when she stole a dance at a masked ball with Alexander Harland.

He had been her crush for ages and knowing he would never recognize her, gave her courage.  It also gave her the same high she felt while on a heist.  It’s a good thing he was leaving the next day or, he could’ve become her newest addiction.

Harland is a carefree second son but he is being shipped off to fight Napoleon.  When a daring miss asks him to dance, he is intrigued and captivated.

None want the moment to end but Emmy refuses to give her name and Harland must leave.  He promises to try and find her when he returns but there are just some secrets that cannot be shared.

Four years later Harland is hot on the chase of the Nightjar, a prolific thief.  The question becomes: Is he after the thief or the woman?  And what will he do once he catches her?

This was a delightful read with the perfect amount of humor
Harland and Emmy’s chase throughout the book is intoxicating and exciting.  The way they move around each other is full of sensuality.  When they meet as themselves their banter is witty and fun.

Camille, the grandmother is conniving in all the best ways.  She is entertaining and had me giggling many a time.

To Catch an Earl has an endearing and satisfying ending.  The only extra I could ask for would be for Harland to confess the reason he is so distrustful to Emmy.

I received an ARC via NetGalley of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is the first Kate Bateman novel I've ever read and I have to say that it was spectacular from beginning to end - an absolute gem of a story!

Emmy Danvers is the notorious Nightjar, a jewel thief so sly and clever she keeps evading capture. Her only weakness is Alex Harland, Earl of Melton, the man she loves and knows she can never marry. The kiss they once in a garden during a masquerade is all she will ever have of him, and she very much doubts he even remembers her. But when he joins the investigation that seeks to bring the her to justice, a thrilling game of cat and mouse ensues - a game Emmy is very determined to win.

Alex Harland has never forgotten the woman he kissed in that blasted garden. Although he never even saw her face, she has haunted his dreams for years and continues to do so until he starts hunting the Nightjar, meets Emmy Danvers, and begins to wonder if all three people might be one and the same. One thing is certain - he will catch her. The only question is what will happen once he does.

I absolutely loved how these two characters kept on getting the better of each other. I loved Emmy's fun collection of foreign words that don't exist English, and I loved that the author kept me wondering how a thief and an agent of the law could possibly find their happily ever after together. 
The world building/descriptions were phenomenal and really helped immerse me in the story while the secondary characters helped flesh everything out. Highly recommended!
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Emmy's father died years ago, leaving behind the legacy of the Nightjar, an infamous jewel thief collecting the jewels stolen from France years ago.  Four years after his last theft, Emmy and her family are blackmailed into finishing what her father started.  Emmy must steal the last remaining jewels or her family will be convicted of the crimes her father started all those years ago.
Alex and his friends have left the war and now work as assistants to the police, solving crimes and bringing those who commit them to justice.  Alex is determined to solve the case of the Nightjar once and for all.  But he is stunned when he realizes the Nightjar is none other than the mysterious woman he had danced with and fell for four years ago at a masked ball.  Seeing each other once again has brought the chemistry they once shared to the surface, and the passion between them cannot be contained.  But can Alex look the other way to what Emmy has done, and can she trust him to keep her and her family safe?  
I enjoyed the story and the cat and mouse games Alex and Emmy played with one another.  Great characters and fun banter between the two.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Emmy Danvers fell for Earl Alexander Harland at first sight...even deeper after a waltz and a kiss.  Then he went to serve his country and was gone for years without even getting her name.She knew they could never be.
   Alexander returned and worked with Bow Street, guaranteeing she could not have her heart's desire.
   Under a blackmailer's duress, along with the remaining family members, after her father's death, she attempted to get the last of the jewels, only to be caught.
   Ms. Bateman's tale of star crossed lovers does have an eventual happy ending, although it takes a bit to get there. In the interim, we have intrigue, humor and a bit of sensual interplay. I enjoyed the tale and recommend it for those who like a bold heroine.
  I requested and received a NetGalley ARC to peruse and offer my opinion freely.
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Excellent! Such an adventurous, fascinating and romantic story. Both characters are strong, independent, challenge one another and they have great chemistry. Emotionally engaging and very intriguing plot that gripped me from the beginning to end. The risque' Nightjar escapades are shockingly intelligent and very entertaining. I received an advance reader copy via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing.
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This story had a lot of potential, and I'm sure that it is going to be a big hit with a lot of people. However, for me, something just consistently felt off about this one. For one, I wasn't completely buying the romance between Emmy and Alex. I don't feel as though I was shown that they had feelings for each other, although the banter between the two as adversaries was enjoyable. So the fact that he could speak so crudely to her, and she would jump into bed with him knowing what she did was a little off-putting. All things considered, I was more interested in Emmy as the Nightjar than I was with whether or not she would find love. 

I also felt that the "villain's" motives were also unclear. These were stolen crown jewels, what exactly did he think he could do with them? Added to that the stupidity of one of his "threats"? I don't think he came across as fleshed out as the author intended. In fact, I found him to be more scapegoat than a villain. 

As I said above, I'm most likely going to be in the minority with my feelings on this one. I would definitely read more from this author. 

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.
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This was my second book that I have read from Kate Bateman and I can honestly say I am a fan now. This book, for me, was even be a bit better than her last! To Catch an Earl is part of a series on The Bow Street Runners, but each is a standalone story, in there was only a brief mention of the previous characters from the first book. In this novel, Emmy is employed in a rather tricky business, definitely not a wallflower, which I enjoyed and Alex Harland is just trying to uphold the law. The banter between her and Harland is great. The tension between them – exciting, definitely steamy.  This story is full of intrigue and a great storyline that will have you riveted to finish the book asap! I highly recommend. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my review (but it will be a book I look forward to purchasing)
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I had a difficult time getting into this book. At first I though it was just me, but I was sent two other eARCs during this time and finished each of them in less than 24 hours. So, I don’t think it was me—I think it was the book, unfortunately. I felt the pacing was sluggish, and I didn’t feel much connection between the characters. I liked the first book in the series, but this one just didn’t do it for me.
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