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This was a great book! I don’t know much about The Wasp prior to reading this book but I enjoyed her story and her character development.
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If you love Marvel and superheros in general, this is the book for you! I love that we're getting more YA Marvel books! There are a lot of references to different marvel characters in this, so if you aren't a huge fan or even somewhat casual this might be a confusing read! This book brings major girl power to the table - I loved it!
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The Unstoppable Wasp is back in this all-new young adult adventure from Sam Maggs

After growing up in the Red Room, Nadia Van Dyne is trying to be a Cool American Teen. She’s learning to drive, dealing with her recently diagnosed Bipolar Disorder, working on her project for Stark Industries Like Minds initiative, and having fun with her friends at G.I.R.L. – that’s Genius In Action Research Labs, and becoming a young superheroine. That’s a lot to keep track of. So when Nadia’s step-mother Janet gives her a new Artificially Intelligent assistant named VERA, Nadia decides it’s the answer to all her problems. With the “do less, experience more” motto, Nadia thinks she can do everything on her to-do list. But when she starts becoming obsessed with making VERA better, her friends and family become concerned. Could VERA be the next Ultron?

Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope | Written by Sam Maggs
Set after the events of the second Unstoppable Wasp comic series, Nadia is trying to learn to fit in in America and deal with her recent diagnosis. Nadia’s manic and depressive moods were depicted well. The author does a good job of showing a young woman struggling to come to terms with her diagnosis and not wanting it to define her, which is something I can definitely relate to.

The other G.I.R.L. characters all make an appearance, but this story was more about Nadia’s journey towards managing her diagnosis and learning to trust and rely on her newfound family. While she is a superhero and does use her superpowers on a few occasions, this was more of a personal story that teens can relate to rather than a full-on ‘save the world’ story even though she and her friends do, of course, end up saving the world.

G.I.R.L. Power
Nadia and her friends are great role models for young women interested in STEM fields as they depict positive idols in various fields of study from botany to robotics. They come from all ethnicities, sexualities, and walks of life, and one of them even has cerebral palsy. Showing children and young people with medical diversity is something really important to me as a former kid with medical issues, and it’s great to see that included here.

While Nadia’s friends aren’t a huge part of the story, I’d love to see each of them get their own book where they come into their own as young women using STEM to be superheroes. Thanks to a lab accident, Priya, the botanist, already has budding (pun intended) superpowers which she uses here to help Nadia save the day. I particularly want to see what is done with Priya in the future.

While STEM isn’t really my thing, it doesn’t have to be to read this book. Just like in the comic, there are “Nadia’s Science Facts” to explain things to the reader. I really appreciated this and I can’t imagine how much research it took Maggs to be able to successfully pull this off in a way that a non-science-minded reader could understand. Footnotes are also included to translate Nadia’s Russian and explain cultural differences.

Unstoppable Sam Maggs
Sam Maggs is the author of several non-fiction books, including The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Marvel Fearless, and Fantastic!: Female Super Heroes Save the World, Girl Squads, and Wonder Women. She’s also the author of IDW’s Marvel Action Comics: Captain Marvel title. This is her first Young Adult book. Her first Middle-Grade novel, Con-Quest! was released on June 23rd. Maggs also works as a game developer.

I’m really enjoying Maggs fiction, and am going to have to check out some of her non-fiction titles. She balances light-hearted humor with action and adventure well without it taking away from the story, and I love the inclusion of the pop culture references. The Sailor Moon references in Unstoppable Wasp were especially awesome, as were the ’90s movie references. I look forward to more from her in the future.

Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope by Sam Maggs is published by Marvel and will be available to buy on July 14th.
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I received an advanced copy of The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope through Netgalley, so that I could share my review with you! 

Trigger Warnings: This book contains a discussion of mental illness (specifically bipolar disorder).  It is presented and discussed in a very skillful way, but if you are uncomfortable with this topic, you may want to skip this book.

Finding balance is extremely important, especially when you’re a teenage superhero trying to change the world!  Nadia has a lot of things to focus on, but she’s sure that she can do everything if she works hard enough.  Between thwarting saving the day as the superhero The Wasp and running GIRL (Genius In action Research Labs), Nadia is struggling to keep up with everything in her life.  When she receives a special virtual assistant as a birthday present, Nadia thinks she just might’ve found a way to truly maximize her productivity!  She might not be able to make more hours in the day, but she can certainly make those hours count.  As Nadia becomes more and more lost in her own responsibilities, she beings to struggle to maintain control over her own life.  Relying on her virtual assistant only seems logical, but how can your balance life when things keep changing?

You can get your copy of The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope on July 14th from Marvel Books!

I recently attended an Epic Reads Pride panel moderated by the author of this book, Sam Maggs, which was so much fun!  I quite enjoyed reading this story, as it was one of the most unique superhero novels I’ve read from the Marvel Universe!  Nadia is an interesting character and I thought the discussion of different mental illnesses was very well incorporated into the story.  I’ve previously read quite a few comics about The Wasp, and I think that Sam Maggs did a fantastic job capturing Nadia in novel form.  I’m always a sucker for girl-power science teams, so this book was a naturally good fit for me!

My Recommendation-
If you have been wishing for a superhero story full of upbeat characters dealing with real world issues, The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope would be a great choice for your next read!  If you loved the Ant-man movies, but wished they had focused more on Hope’s story, this book would be a fantastic choice for you!
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OK, so I am not a huge Marvel fan, and I kept getting lost in The Unstoppable Wasp because I didn’t know the backstory or who somebody was or about an event that was being referenced, but my son informs me that that is a me problem, and this is a great book for anyone who loves Nadia in the comics. And I’m going to say that lack of context aside, I loved seeing a bunch of smart girls using science to solve problems — her GIRL (Genius In Action Research Lab) Squad may be one of my favorite fictional team-ups of all time. So if you are a Marvel fan, put this on the must-read list!
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Thank you NetGalley and Sam Maggs for allowing me to read an eARC copy of The Unstoppable Wasp!  

I loved this book, it is all about G.I.R.L. power and using your intelligence for great things!  Nadia is a great character to follow in the story because she has so many things going on, being an ex member of the Red Room, being a superhero, running G.I.R.L., managing bi polar, learning to drive and trying to be a cool American teen!   Nadia really cares about her friends and both of her parents have passed on, so she tries to keep moving forward in her life but has trouble doing it all.  The relationships in the story are wonderful because it wasn't all roses, it had up's and downs, smiles, tears and anger.  I highly recommend this one, every girl should read this of any age!  I will post my review on Netgalley, Goodreads, Amazon and Google play.
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Loved this novel. Nadia was such a likable character and a great role model for readers. This was one of the best continuity advanced from comics to novels and for that alone, it is ranked very highly for me. This level of precision just is usually unheard (or unseen!). This whole novel felt like a little movie going on in my head and I hated that it ended because I want more from her. Nadia is in this stage in her life that she feels nobody understands her and when she finds 'family' it was almost as if she was transformed and it was a great aspect of development for her character. The pop culture references kept this book alive and realistic in it's own way.
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Heh...this is sadly another DNF. It's just time to move on, because this wasn't for me (plus I only have a few days left to read it).

I do have a few thoughts I want to share, though. I thought that the portrayal of the Wasp being bipolar was exceptionally well done. It didn't overtake the story itself, but it was a big point and I thought it was really nicely written. Something else I need to point out is the fact that the villains are just really boring...?! I didn't get it. Also, I thought this read more like a middle-grade novel rather than YA. But I did appreciate how clean the content was!
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I absolutely love that we’re getting more Marvel YA books! This one was really good and about a character I didn’t really know well.
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If you like Marvel and comics and superheroes this is the book for you.
I really enjoyed it. It was like I was in an episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. Be warned though, there are a lot of references to all sorts of Marvel comics characters and of course events in the first half of the book. That’s why, to be honest I like the last half more because there was more going on.
It is a fun, fast read, and I was happy to reunite with some characters I haven’t seen in a while like Bobbi Morse(aka Mockingbird). I really connected with the main character Nadia and the G.I.R.L.s. I can’t wait to read more about them.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Disney Book Group, and Marvel Press for sending me an early copy in exchange for an honest review.  This book was special for me not only is the author Canadian which is always exciting but the book also talks incredibly honestly about mental health and struggles that even heroes can have.  Naida (the main character) has bipolar disorder, and also likely has suffered from childhood trauma it's discussed a bit but not too much and anxiety.  I love how open and honest Nadia and those around her are about her mental health struggles, and the fact that she uses medication and therapy to stay in control and they help to keep her accountable.  Teens don't like to be different and all these teens are different in their own way and are diverse without feeling forced, two of the girls are LGBTQ and dating each other, while the other member of the team has Cerebral Palsy and uses crutches for mobility assistance.  This is my third Marvel novel, and I'm a big fan of the comics and the movies.  This is probably my favorite of the three novels, the story was well done and fully executed I immediately wanted to read more by the author.  There were science facts interspersed through the book that tied directly into what was going on in the story which was a fun way of explaining the science behind what was happening while enhancing the reading experience.  They even included some really helpful breathing techniques similar to what I use to manage my anxiety which can be really helpful and could potentially help readers which I love.  I think people who aren't familiar with Marvel characters, and the world might find it a bit confusing because it is all very intertwined, but for fans, there are tons of cool tie ins to some really big characters while also being able to stand on its own.  The Unstoppable Wasp: Built on Hope is out July 14th 2020!
CW/TW mental illness, bipolar disorder, physical violence, cerebral palsy
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I wish the last quarter of the book had been what the whole book was like, in which case, my rating would have been higher. I loved the found family aspects of this story, and that we have a main character who has a mental illness that does not DEFINE her, as sometimes happens with characters in books. Nadia firmly falls into the "nobody understands me" time of being a teenager though, so fair warning if you can't stand that. A lot of the distance between Nadia and her friends was a large part of the plot, but I also couldn't help but feel that if the friendships were focused on more, I would have enjoyed it more. Nadia tries to handle things on her own instead of sharing with anyone, which made her very isolated. *Big sigh.*
I think this book will really appeal to teenage girls interested in STEM, and this book has a very feminist feel in that regard. There is a lot of diversity with the characters' ethnicities as well, but I also felt that there was obvious prejudice against white people, and I don't know how to take that. It seemed like it was just commenting on white privilege at times, but at other times, it felt less like that and more like actual prejudice. It was hard to tell, and that is probably not a good sign.
Despite some of the issues, if there is a book that comes after this, or plans for one, I would read it. I really want to see the G.I.R.L.s working together more.
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Too much telling and not much happening in the first 50 or so pages. Lots of call outs and Easter eggs/info dumps on other Marvel characters, and I'm sure it's appreciated by someone who is deeply entrenched in the comics, but I just found it dragging. There wasn't much happening to hook me, though I did like the on page rep of mental illness.

Unfortunately, I had to DNF this one.
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The book The Unstoppable Wasp tells a story about Hope van Dyne, aka the Wasp in Marvel Comics. In this story she is trying to learn how to balance all of her competing interests, such as running her G.I.R.L. lab, moving, and learning to drive. However, when she discovers something unexpected left by one of her birth parents, all of these desires continue to be challenged. I enjoyed reading this book. I thought it portrayed someone dealing with mental illness in an interesting and realistic way. I also thought that it dealt with the importance of learning to prioritize as a teenager while also challenging some of the predominant views in Silicon Valley. I thought there where some unnecessary plot holes at the end of the book, but otherwise I recommend it for teenagers.
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Nadia had an absolutely horrid childhood.  She never knew her parents and was raised by the enemy.  But she is a brilliant scientist and invents things right and left.  Although she makes a friend, she and the friend are betrayed and Nadia and her G.I.R.L. scientist friends have to scramble to "save the world" .  For fans of superheroes or just believe in girl power...this book is for you.
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“We know who you we are, we know why we’re here. And we all know that when we’re together, there’s nothing in this whole world that can stop us.” 

I’m not the biggest Marvel comics fan but I do love the movies…with that being said this was such a fun read!  The author adds in a lot of marvel super hero reference that any marvel fan (casual or super fan) would really enjoy. There was also a ton of pop culture references and even though I didn’t know them all, it was still fun to read the ones that I did know! And Nadia’s science facts and all the little footnotes were a nice addition to the story. 

The story is about Nadia Van Dyne (the Wasp) and her friends who are all apart of the group G.I.R.L. However most of the book does focus on Nadia and how’s she’s learning how to manage life, work and having bipolar and learning that it’s ok to need help from the people that care about you. 

My only complaint was the story was a little predictable but let’s just blame that on the fact that most super hero stories usually are. But overall I really enjoyed the book! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC of this book!

*I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a honest review*
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This is a spin off of the Ant-Man Marvel Universe. I liked how there was an influx of new characters and a lot of girl power driving the story. 
Unfortunately, this book isn't for me, however I can see many young adult readers being drawn to it in order to continue to be immersed into the Marvel Universe.
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This was amazing. I am usually pretty critical of the novels written about superheroes, but this one was perfect. The author does a great job of giving background about Nadia's life and her parents. The occasional "science facts" were a lot of fun and helped add to the book and Nadia's character. I also loved how they introduced new characters with a little image and details about them. It made it very easy to keep them straight.
I would highly recommend this book for fans of superheroes, marvel fans, and YA fans.
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The Unstoppable Wasp is a super fun YA novel branching off of the comic series of the same name. As someone only fairly familiar with the comic book story, I felt comfortable jumping into the plot without much context. In fact, the Science Fact sections of the book were enormously helpful and a neat way of introducing exposition to the reader without weighing down the story. 
While I wish more characters had been fleshed out, I was impressed by the way they interacted with one another, making the novel not just about Nadia, but about how she has the support from her team. In this way, being a superhero is not just a one-girl task but instead a venture that one does not have to be alone, reflecting the realities of life (superhero or not). This very much allows readers to feel that Nadia is relatable, only underscored by the fact that the story also addresses mental health -- a very important subject, especially to be introduced in YA.
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I love this book! I am a huge fan of the Unstoppable Wasp comics, and this novel perfectly captures the character’s voice. It is snarky and funny, but also deals with issues like mental heath and feminism. It absolutely did one of my favorite superhero’s justice.
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