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Follow those Zebras by Sandra Markle. This book was very interesting I was fascinated on how far zebras really travel. I never realized they could go the distance that they can go. I think if a eight to 12 year old is interested in reading about zebras 🦓 they would enjoy the book.
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I really enjoyed this book, showing how animal researchers solved the mystery of how a herd of 2000 zebras seemed to disappear every year for months before reappearing again. It was interesting learning how the researchers were able to solve the mystery, and also figure out why the zebras went where they did, which led to lands being set aside as parks and preserves, and other things like wells to insure they had enough water being put into place to make sure they could continue their migration pattern. I learned some interesting things about zebras I didn't know before- did you know zebras have tiny, swirling air currents around their bodies? It's because the black areas absorb more heat than the white areas, and the temperature difference is just enough to create tiny breezes! Zebras are wind mages! I think kids interested in animals and nature would enjoy this book.

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Author studies migration of group of zebras in Africa.
How they find their way, go so far and return back next year, to repeat the process.
With excellent pictures she describes how scientists are deciphering this mystery.
It gives insights into animal migration and effect of human Interventions upon it.
A very Interesting and fast read.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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This book explores the mystery of why zebras migrate the way they do, moving a far distance for water even when water is available. They simply vanished and then months later reappeared. We learn how scientists studied this mystery, how they gathered data, formed conclusions, sent their results to a journal, revised their work, and later had this work accepted for publication. Loaded with information, fascinating illustrations and maps, this is an inviting look at how scientists work to learn more about animals. Wonderful for teachers organizing studies of animals and scientific research and for anyone interested in animals. Well written and illustrated.
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Follow Those Zebras by Sandra Markle is a fun book that solves the mystery of a giant herd of zebras disappearing from their grazing spot every year. This book is interesting to both children and adults. It includes many facts about zebras that are not common knowledge so it has something to learn for everyone. The pictures are well chosen to accompany the narration. This is a great book to encourage interest in the natural world. It also includes a glossary, more fun facts, and further reading material in the back.
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If you have an upper elementary reader who is interested in animals, this nonfiction book will excite them in so many ways. With stunning photographs and moderate text, young readers will enjoy flipping page to page as they learn how a herd of zebras has mysteriously disappeared each year only to reappear without anyone knowing where they had been. A wonderful addition to any elementary nonfiction collection. It includes a well prepared resource area at the end of the book.
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This book was definitely a worthy read. I mean who's doesn't love a zebra - and here's a British joke: who doesn't appreciate a zebra crossing?! This is about Zebras crossing scores of miles of terrain (when they're allowed to with farm fences not getting in their way). A herd (sometimes known as a zeal of zebras!) of some 2,000 animals, would disappear periodically and return just as seemingly magically.

No one knew where they went or why, so they fitted collars to some o the mares (who fight less, of course, than the stallions do, so they're much less likely to damage a collar) to track them by satellite. They made some interesting discoveries, and in the light of climate change, a scary discovery, too.

The book for me was a bit too prolix. The 44 pages could have been cut by maybe a quarter and still presented a solid and educational book, but I'm not going to bring it down because it had a few extra pages of zebra pictures, including some young 'guns. The story it told was very educational: scientistic and informative, and it handsomely explained what was happening, so I commend this one as a worthy read.
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I don’t read nonfiction near as often as I should. But in an effort to change that and learn a little bit more about the world around me, I decided to read Follow Those Zebras. Plus, there is a mystery to it which makes it feel a little like the mystery/thriller genre I enjoy reading.

The premise for the book is that 2,000 zebras disappear each year from the southern parts of Africa – Namibia and Botswana – and nobody knows where they go. Thanks to GPS they are able to track certain members of this herd to figure out this mystery.

Follow Those Zebras opens with telling us about the mystery, but before it takes us to how it solves it the reader gets introduced to a lot of terrific information about zebras, African terrain, and wet and dry seasons. I can see this book definitely being used for a book report of some kind because there is information of all sorts along with pictures that bring zebras and the other animals mentioned (e.g. African buffaloes).

This book is perfect for libraries, but also for kids who are interested in wildlife, Chobe River, savannas, how modern technology solves mysteries or just zebras in general. I

Rating: 4 stars
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This is a really interesting informative book that I would definitely use in my classroom. The pictures were gorgeous!
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This is an interesting true story of the disappearing herd of zebras in southern Africa and how they tracked them down.

I think it is a bit too slow and long for a children's book, because some - especially younger - children could lose interest. I would simplify some parts of the story and make it shorter. Maybe older children (at least 12) would be more interested in this.

Otherwise, I like the story and fast facts about zebras that the author included at the end. There are many amazing photographs included. In general, I like it.
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Good, well done and with good quality pictures, not some cheap illustration, which is great. An interesting short documentary on Zebras for kids!
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