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The Wide World of Coding

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The Wide World of Coding is the book not only for advanced programmers, but for those who are interested in computers and the future of coding also.  I read it with a great interest and I recommend to anyone who is interested in this topic. 
The actual rating would be 4.5.
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I truly enjoyed this book it was fascinating and spans information for all types of careers in coding. Although it may not be the intent I found myself laughing at the first photo as someone stairs at a computer as if it is the bane of their existence.... You have no idea how often I have felt that way. I am slowly working my way towards eventually getting a degree in computer graphics and I have spent many a coding class wondering if I would even pass the course. I spent countless hours trying again and again to complete what in my mind seemed like a simple assignment. I eventually not only succeeded but managed to get good grades. I loved the new inspiration to not only not give up but to see all the ways this path can lead so many opportunities. Although I intend to stay more on the design side I have learned a much deeper appreciation for the art and necessity of coding.

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This book is awesome, and as a girl doing a technical degree at the university of applied sciences, I'm always happy to read more about the successes of my line of work. This book actually is quite a handy guide to keep with me during the current semester's project (programming a robot to become an instructor who gives creative feedback on tai chi).
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