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My Review: This is a very cute book about the changes in cats lives when a new baby is added to the family. I like how we got to know each of the cats before the story moved forward, they are each individuals and have their own stories and personalities. I loved the illustration style of the book too. While the book focuses on there being enough love in the family for the baby and 3 cats, this book could be used to introduce the idea to a child who will be getting a sibling, that there will be enough love for them still as well. This book does a great job of being soothing and caring while changes are coming.

My Rating: This is a beautifully done book, I didn't realize until after the fact that it was a translated book as well, the translation was so well done.  I think this book is a great book for bedtime, it is so soothing and has a great message.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!
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The More The Merrier? A Review of Alya and the Three Cats
Written by Amina Hachimi Alaoui, illustrated by Maya Fidawi, and translation by Mehdi Retnani
Published by CrackBoom! Books
Available June 16, 2020

Minouche, Pasha, and Amir have the perfect, lovely life. They are three cats who live a pet-filled life with Maryam and Sami. But one day, Maryam’s belly begins to grow, and soon there is a new addition to the family. What will the cats do with the arrival of a new baby?

This darling picture book by Amina Hachimi Alauoi is filled with specificity: in the personalities of cat trio and the particularities of their worries and adjustment to life with a newborn. These specifics are matched by Maya Fidawi’s intricate illustrations, which have soft and appealing cats as well as beautiful textiles and architecture. The author and illustrator depict the fear and unknown that can accompany a new sibling: parental time can be focused elsewhere, there are new sounds and people afoot, and unexpected changes can disrupt routines. This delightful read reassures even the most fretful mind, “to love is to share.”
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This children's book covers and important issue, a new baby, in a unique way. Instead of a child, it is three cats who are worried how their lives will change when baby Alya arrives in the household. Now this all sounds good, but I felt that the concepts were brushed over with any real solution. The idea that there is enough love to go around is good and identifiable, which is good, but the anxiety of the cats (siblings) was not explained at all. I liked the illustrations and the book is cute. I thought it would be a good one for a family expecting a new child, but I think it falls a bit short.
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A sweet book about dealing with a new baby, this time from the point of view of the family's three cats. The kitties notice the woman's belly getting bigger, and even see it move. When she disappears for a few days and comes back with a smaller belly and a strange wiggly creature that squeaks like a mouse, they don't know what to think! Grandma shows them the baby, and reassures them that there's plenty of love to go around. They calm down finally, and settle in to help take care of new baby Alya. The illustrations are soft and cute, and the kitties are very kitty-like in their behavior and mannerisms. The story could be a couple of pages longer, though, to give more emphasis on the cats' worries over sharing their humans, but overall, a good story to help little ones adjust to the idea of a new sibling.

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Alya and the Three Cats is the story of 3 cats and the arrival of a new baby in their house.   The cats love their owner Myriam and like cuddling on her expanding belly.  Then one day, the belly is gone and there is a new baby girl in the house.   The cats are concerned there won't be enough love to go around, but their family reassures them. 

This is a sweet story and would be a perfect book to read to a child who is anxious about the arrival of a new baby in their house. The illustrations were adorable and the book would be a great addition to any diverse book collection.
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This was a nice story about three rescue cats that have to adjust when their owner is going to have a baby.  It would be a nice read aloud story for primary grade children, especially those with pets or new siblings. The text is fairly straightforward and the illustrations are soft and inviting. I would gladly make this book available in my library. It would have an audience.
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This sweet 32 page book is the purr-fect way to introduce the arrival of a new baby to toddlers and preschoolers.  Instead of siblings preparing for a new arrival, it is three very different cats that need reassurance that there is enough love to go around. 

Minouche, Pasha, and Amir live with their humans Myriam and Sami, and life is good.  Minouche likes to hide, Pasha is regal, and Amir the Siamese is very curious.  One thing they all have in common though, is they like to curl up on Myriam's belly.

And her belly is growing! They are finding it harder to fit, and it even moves. Then one day Myriam and Sami leave early in the morning without even saying good-bye.

Finally she comes home.  She is carrying a basket and disappears in the room without even acknowledging the cats.  The cats sneak in and see a funny little creature that squeaks.

Grandma steps in to assure the curious little cats that there is enough love for the new baby, Ayla, and them.  Feeling confident, the proud cats take on protecting their little human and the family full of love.

There isn't anything Islamic in the book, but it definitely is culturally rich in the names, illustrations and the author is Moroccan. 

The sweet book would be a great way to get siblings comfortable with a new one on the way and let them talk about how the cats thought, felt, and handled the change.  Even children not about to have a new addition will find the silliness and sweetness entertaining and enjoyable.  The pictures are gorgeous and fun and the text and presentation perfect for bedtime, story time, and anytime.
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This book was really cute  adorable, and heartwarming! The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is sweet. I really love cats and have a pet cat, so I really enjoyed this book a lot more than I anticipated.
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This book is ADORABLE!  What a perfect book to gift a young child expecting the arrival of a sibling, with all the uncertainty and worry and even hesitant or overbearing excitement that can bring for a young one!

This is told from the viewpoint of three wonderful family cats who notice their "mother" changing:

"The three cats love to curl up
on Myriam's belly.
But Myriam's belly is growing
every day...The cats' favorite place
to snuggle gets higher and higher."

Haha!  What a joyful scene, and the illustration does just exactly that, communicates joy and sunshine even in uncertainty!  In fact, the illustration is so wonderful that I'd love to find those magical doorways and porch a real place!

Truly a delightful book.  Buy it for the new babe's family, before the new babe arrives in this world, and help a little one understand the changes happening in their little life.

Bravo Amina Hachimi Alaoui and illustrator Maya Fidawi.  Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher Crack!Boom Books for an advanced reader copy for review.  (And HOW FABULOUS is that publishing house name!?!  Love it!)

5 stars all the way around.
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3 cats are worried about the new baby. I do think this is a cute story, however, I just wish the story dove deeper into the idea of the cats new life post baby.
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I love the illustrations! This is a very sweet story about 3 cats who are unsure about their owner's big new belly and soon she comes home with a little bundle. How will she be able to share her love with a new baby and 3 cats? I really enjoyed that each cat had it's own unique personality and they had very relatable concerns when it came to introducing a new element (being the new baby) into their family. I do wish we had spent a little more time with the baby, Alya. We didn't get to see any interaction between her and the cats. I did appreciate the reassurance that there is enough love to share between everyone. The text was simple yet heartfelt and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I really liked the illustrations in this one! The story was an adorable tale of how each cat found their home with Maryam and their confusion with the arrival of a baby. It shows that pets are family and even with a new arrival there is enough love to go around.

It'd be a good read to help prepare a child for the impending arrival of a sibling as the anxiety and questions the cats have would directly translate.

Probably good for 3-6 year olds.
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This is a lovely story of 3 spoiled cats and a baby girl. What will happen with the cats after baby Alya is born? What is the cats story before the baby is born? Who are their owners and what are their plans once the family will grow with one more little member?
When it comes to a children book, it is important that a story - no matter how simple - is told clearly and eventually, in an empathic way. Alya and the Three Cats is one of those stories that you can keep reading night after night not only it makes sense regardless the age of the listener, but also because you grow up love for the characters. Add to the story the gracious illustrations and you have the perfect combo for a good children book, that you would eventually love to pass it to other children or, who knows, to your grandchildren too. Its message resonates out of time and geography.
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Alya and the Three Cats by Amina Hachimi Alaoui is an adorable, little tale full of sweet kitties!

Minouche, Pasha and Amir are little cats who are treated like royalty. They have the best lives any cat could ever dream of! They're super cute and fluffy and full of personality, like all cats should be! Then, one day, their owner Myriam's belly begins to grow! Suddenly, there is a new friend for our litte fluff ball friends to meet. 

I absolutely loved the art style. The pictures were drawn beautifully and attracted enough attention to them but didn't take away from the story. It stands out and is very lovely, plus the colours fit the tone and mood in the story. 

Overall, this book is sweet and cozy! It's a great picture book for young readers.

Three out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and CrackBoom! Books for a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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This is a great read for families expecting a baby. Seeing things through the cats perspective would be a welcome change for soon to be big siblings. The art work is intriguing, and draws the eyes through the story.
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This beautiful picture book shows how scary a new baby can be for the other children in the family. In this family's case - the fur babies are nervous about being replaced. Amina skillfully weaves a kind message of assurance throughout the book. This coupled with the beautiful drawing of Maya create a feeling of comfort, ease and acceptance even during uncertain times.
I highly recommend this book for families expecting a new baby to help ease the transition for the older children. It is also a great example great character description and could be used in a lesson as an example for older students needing an example.
I believe that you will enjoy this book’s beautiful pictures as much as the story it tells. It will delight you mind as well as your eyes.
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Cute story about a new little person coming in to the home. The story had three cats and a new baby was coming. It could represent a new sibling coming into household as well. Explains that there's enough love to go around.
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A short, sweet story about a family of cats who have to adjust to their owners bringing home a newborn baby, This book contains beautiful illustrations. As a Mum and cat lover I thought this book was lovely. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital copy.
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The Low Down:

Maryam and Sami have three cats: Pasha the black angora cat―proud as a pasha really!―Minouche the grey tabby cat found in the street and Amir the playful Siamese. One day Maryam’s belly starts to get bigger and something starts to stir in it. Maryam disappears for a few days and comes back home with something that screams and demands a lot of attention. Their three cats are very confused. What’s going on?

My Thoughts:

I thought this was a wonderful, simple story about three cats who get anxious and curious when their mom has a baby until they learn that there is enough love to go around. Originally written in Arabic, this story does not suffer in translation as I have noticed some translated books do. I really enjoyed it, although there wasn't much to it (the illustrations speak for themselves), and I think it would be a wonderful book to read to children who are expecting a younger sibling.
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Alya  and the Three cats reminds me of the story going on in my daughters house. My daughter has two cats and a 🐶 dog. They are always cuddling with my daughter. I think any child 3 or 4 will love the story.
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