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This book had an interesting premise, but it just wasn't for me.

I found it quite slow, I am generally a fan of slow books, because slow books are usually great stories. Almost like the author tries to make up for the slowness, by making it a great story for the reader, by making the story gripping, and the characters deep. 
This book did not have that.

The character development was good, but I still could not empathize with the characters sadness, or rejoice in their triumphs, it was all just very bland.
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This book and its contents were not what I was expected and definitely not part of my usual fare. It is a very odd story, and in that light, a delightful one. We meet Frank Lambda, who is a comic book store employee by day and a vigilante superhero by night. He does not necessarily get the acclaim he wants, and the scene is set very dramatically for something to change. There are obstacles, obstacle courses and spy gadgets thrown into the mix as well.

He is approached by a woman who says she can make him legitimate, but despite all his dreaming, Frank is not stupid about his role in life. This last aspect is what makes the narrative tick. Each character introduced to us has an idealistic wish list but when push comes to shove, they actually sober up quite effectively and call the others out on the obfuscation. There are also two different 'families' of mobs in their city, which is what has Frank and his best friend Rauch very quick on their feet on their way out.  It is a straightforward story once the secrets are revealed, and it is a quick read. The combination of all of the above is what might appeal to most readers looking for something different to read. 

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, and the review is based solely on my reading experience.
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