Sera and the Royal Stars Vol. 1

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This... this is a comic, and yet I almost dnf-ed it. Can you believe this? I had been so intrigued by the premise of a bow-and-arrow wielding warrior princess (wow) in a fantasy universe inspired by Persian myth (WOWWWEEEE) that actually starting this read felt like slipping on a banana peel. While the artwork is solid, everything else just seems below-average. The plot consists of a search for multiple long-lost "artifacts", the characters lack even the faintest bit of personality, and when I saw the character design for the Evil Uncle™ I compulsively started laughing. I'm sure this will be 100% enjoyable for younger readers just dipping into the genre, but I've dealt with the same story a hundred times before. Ad nauseam.
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I received an e-arc from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved the artwork in this graphic novel. The artist has real talent. The plotline fell a little flat for me, but it is only the first volume so there was a lot of world-building. I definitely want to check out the rest of the series as the plotline had an interesting start. Fingers crossed the next volumes add a lot more to the story!
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First off, MAJOR props to illustrator Audrey Mok and colourist Raul Angulo for their work on this comic, which kept me reading after the plot lost me. 
Seriously, I can’t get over the art in this graphic novel. The consistency of quality blows me away – at no point does the artwork start slipping – from page 1 to the end, Mok and Angulo go 100% on every panel. My God. Please play attention to this series for the artwork alone.

Now to the writing. If Sera and the Royal Stars had less talented artists working on the art, I don’t know if I would have kept reading. 
I love the concept of the story: Sera, a warrior princess, receives a vision telling her to return the Royal Stars in the midst of famine and war(guys, the character design is so good, too) to the sky. Yet, I found the writer Jon Tsuei gave us so much exposition in large chunks that I was feeling some information overload. I wish we had a slower pace to get a bit more character description and world-building. 
Despite the exposition, this series is appropriate for both adults and teens, and the story is original enough to stand out of the tights-wearing superhero crowd. 
I really wanted to like the story more than I actually did, but alas, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to read this series. Although, I’ll definitely flip through to look at the artwork.

3.5/4 stars.
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I was so impressed with this comic that Diamond Books and Comic Vault are my favorite. I'm someone that doesn't often read comics, but I have been so impressed with the amount of content you guys have been putting out, if there's a historical comic, a historical fantasy comic, a comic based on Ancient Mythology, I'll be there to review it.

I really was impressed with this comic.

I did not understand how this comic hasn't been adapted into a live action tv series, a live action Netflix series, or being adapted by the Avatar the Last Airbender creators. This incorporates Persian Mythology in such a rich fashion that I love Sera. I love the uniqueness of the comic, the way the cities and illustration all connote a sense of awe and grandeur, bringing the glory of the Persian Empire at its height. The authors did an fantastic effort showing of all the Ancient Gods interacting with each other.

And I love the Royal Stars! I love the Scorpion, the old Bull and we'll call the last guy, Fish Guy. This guy is great. He's like the clever version of Thoth. Although I would have depicted the Gods with more kindness in my opinion. However that's one part. The second part is the dialogue is amazing, there are many fascinating moments, and something which I think is common, is that humans did dream. Humans dreamt and the Gods were created in their image. What about the afterlife? Is that not also a concept of human thought?

I really want to see the Hindu Gods in the sequel. Because at one point, the Persians ruled parts of India. I really wish to see more comics that incorporate mythology like this and oh man do I wish fantasy novels would do this. I really wish we could go with different settings than only Medieval Europe. Why not Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Ancient India etc.

I loved Sera, and her mother's character showed the resplendence that Persian Queens have had throughout history. She's a brave daughter, and her brother is a noble man.  

Heck why can't we have a pre-origins story? I am so glad that the Persian Empire was chosen as a setting for a fantasy comic. I wish it would be used more in fantasy novels.

I loved this. Keep going! Fantastic work.
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Wow! This was amazing!! I finally found a new graphic novel series to follow (and devour).

Sera and the Royal Stars takes place in a fictional world, rich with mythology and lore. It definitely gave me Avatar: TLA vibes.

The plot was fast-paced and original! Although, I was a bit confused at the beginning but everything was cleared up after a few panels. The illustrations were stunning! Each panel was detailed and beautifully colored.

Sera is an amazing protagonist. She’s strong-willed and determined. I loved the other characters as well. Jon Tsuei and Audrey Mok did an amazing job at writing and drawing the characters to fit their individual personalities. You can tell that Tsuei and Mok put a lot of thought into creating the characters and I applaud them for that!
This is a new favorite of mine and I will eagerly await future volumes!
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As much as I loved seeing this Egyptian-inspired fantasy world and the gorgeously-lush art style, I was quite bored by the general storyline. It was fairly standard without establishing a reason for me to care about the characters. The artwork is truly fantastic and I love seeing the cool character designs, especially for the Royal Stars themselves, so I would encourage anyone who wants to see a different sort of fantasy landscape to pick this one up.
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This is an incredible story, and I’m excited to read the next volume and eventually collect these in hard copy! First off, Audrey Mok’s art and use of color is absolutely stunning! Every page and panel was beautiful. Sera and the Royal Stars is an entertaining and intriguing fantasy infused with mythology and the embodiment of the astrological archetypes. Sera’s father the king has been at war with her uncle for years, and the people are suffering a famine because the seasons have stopped turning. The royal stars (constellations) have been shackled to the earthly realm so that they cannot properly run the cosmos. Sera has been charged by another deity Mitra to set the royal stars free and bring balance back to earth. 

The first volume follows Sera as she seeks out the earthly forms of the trapped stars with the help of a mysterious gift from Mitra. Her quest is not without other magical entities with their own motives trying to thwart her plan. Some of the mythology of other characters that are introduced is a bit unclear regarding how they fit into Sera’s quest and the royal stars, but otherwise it has a flow that makes it a page turner. The story has a good balance of action and heartfelt moments of reflection as the characters of Sera and her family are developed for future volumes. Sera is a convincing hero who grapples with the task she’s been given and the tension she experiences between saving her family from her uncle and saving humanity. 

This story is great for YA and adult audiences who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and superhero based comics and graphic novels. The design of the royal stars in their natural forms is fantastic, and I looked forward to seeing the artwork of each new character as the story unfolded. I highly recommend this creative and exciting story, and I’ll be looking out for more!
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Very pretty and imaginative graphic novel. I liked the diversity of the characters and the overall story arc.
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I really enjoyed this comic and the art was absolutely wonderful. The storyline was a bit confusing and things often just seemed to happen with no real explanation for what was going on or much about the world, but it kept you engaged with the characters and I loved following Sera's journey.
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This was definitely an interesting concept but I think ultimately a lot of the characters felt very two dimensional which is what stopped me from giving it a higher rating. Also it was kind of all over the place in the mythology aspect and while I always like the idea of gods from different pantheons interacting, I do need a bit more explanation and world-building as to why. The art was great though and I think the story could come together well in future volumes. This one just seemed a bit rushed and like they were kind of running through it introducing so many human and god characters that I definitely didn't get a real sense for any of them.
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Another title I enjoyed! The cover is so well done. There wasn’t a time when I wanted to stop reading. I have no problem giving this one a solid  5/5. The pose and dialogue were enjoyable. An interesting story.
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The art is beautiful and I think the character designs are fantastic. The story was interesting and I'd love to learn more about the world this is set in. I was a little confused sometimes, but otherwise I enjoyed it a lot and would definitely read more volumes!
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I really really loved the art in this book. This was an intense and thrilling read with a very interesting main characters. I've loved how different mythologies were thrown into the story. I loved how character-driven this was and how it focused on the familial relationships of Sera and her family! I would love to read more in this universe!
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"Sera and the Royal Stars" is an intense and thrilling fantasy graphic novel about a princess who is pushed into a quest to save her world from cosmic destruction. Though the story felt rushed, it was highly captivating and had me engrossed until the end. I can't wait to see what happens in the next volume!
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I was unable to fulfill this book after multiple downloads. I was really excited and wanted to read it as I am a huge Avatar fan. I will look for the print version.
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'Sera and the Royal Stars, Vol. 1' by Jon Tsuei with art by Audrey Mok is a graphic novel I found original and captivating.

Sera is a princess and warrior in the Empire of Parsa.  Her father is fighting her uncle and her mother has been dead for years.  She receives a vision with an urgent quest.  Leaving her family at this time is bad, but not fulfilling the quest is worse.  She must find embodiments of the constellations and restore them to the heavens.

I loved this story and the concept at it's heart.  Sera is a very capable protagonist and I loved the embodiments of the constellations.  Audrey Mok does great art here and I loved her character designs.
I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Vault Comics, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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This first installment of Sera's quest to save her country from civil war and release the trapped seasons is lush and spectacular. Sera, our main character, is a princess, a warrior, the eldest daughter, a military leader, and chosen by something supernatural to lead her country back from the brink of destruction. Beautiful artwork blends seamlessly with a layered story, weaving together Sera's family relationships on a micro and macro level, from her fraught sibling relationships to her arrogant uncle scheming to take her father's throne. But little does she know that behind the looming civil war are greater difficulties - the Royal Stars are trapped, and it's Sera's destiny to release them. And along the way, she might just solve the mystery of her mother's disappearance and death.
There's loads going on in this first volume from Jon Tsuei and Audrey Mok. The artwork blends seamlessly with the lettering, family ties tug against magical destinies and Sera feels very human as she struggles to understand what's calling her, and how she can and will respond to it. I absolutely devoured this graphic novel, and will return to it again to ogle the beautiful scenery and rich colouring. A cast of PoC (and by of colour, I mean blue, green, and purple) and a female lead who's tough and ready, but soft and vulnerable at the same time. I really thoroughly enjoyed this, and am already impatient for volume 2.
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The art was cool. I loved that the heroine was fully clothed and not a stick figure. She looked real, unlike the sexualized women who often lead the cast in comics and animes. The character selection was also cool. Sera was on a quest to release the stars and protect her family. The way her family was drawn was great. The stars also made sense and were pretty amazing. I am a bit confused about the villains. Why does her uncle look like Rasputin and why were the enemies in the early scenes all wearing Batman masks? There was also some weird Greek mythology stuff going on in the middle of the story. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to help us date the story, or if Sera's quest brought her in contact with gods from another time.

It reminded me slightly of Yona of the Dawn, one of my favorite animes, however the story didn't flow as smoothly as Yona. I am curious how the story will continue as the ending included a twist that made sense, but was not typical in this sort of hero story. I suppose I will have to wait and see where things go from here. It was definitely different than anything I've read from this genre.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and have reviewed it willingly.
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Sadly, I am unable to give a review for this title! The file has continued to fail to download.

Thank you for the opportunity to read this title!
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Amazing! I really really loved the art in this book. So detailed and the colors were so pretty. I also really loved the story. The character were amazingly created and the world is so interesting. One of the best I've seen so far.
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