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The Residence was an OKAY read for me.  Although I appreciated the appearance of various historical figures, the overall development of characters left something to be desired.  I was really hoping for a good, creepy ghost story, but unfortunately found the rambling storyline a bit hard to get past.  3/5 stars for me.  Good, but left something to be desired.
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How creepy!  The Residence is a unique horror novel that mixes historical fiction with supernatural spookiness.  A little slow to begin, the plot really starts to pick up around Part II, which is a welcome relief.  Part I seems to be more focused on establishing the characters and their relationships, but it's definitely a lot slower and made me wish for a faster, more captivating opening.  Andrew Pyper is an excellent writer and does a fantastic job putting in creepy imagery that's effective and original without being campy or trying too hard.  Overall, I definitely enjoyed The Residence and am looking forward to seeing more of this author's work!
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I found this to be an interesting ghost story based on true events. Set in the mid-1800's at the White House, that setting became a character in itself. The events that took place in this book were along the lines of history itself. I found the characters were well written and the story was entertaining. I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
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The Residence is a terrifying story based on true events that happened in   1853 surrounded by US 14th President, President Franklin Pierce, and his wife, Jane in the white house. 
Unfortunate events start to happen when President Pierce's only living son, Benjamin Franklin killed by a train cash their En route to Washington D.C.
After the tragic death of the son, both parents were heartbroken especially First Lady Jane. Been so hard to part with her dead son and face reality, she sets up a bedroom for Bennie, complete with toys, at the White House spending hours in this room.

soon the unexpected, disturbing events start to happen, Strange sounds seem to come from the walls and ceiling, ghostly voices echo out of time itself, and visions of spirits crushed under the weight of American history pass through empty hallways, and they were greeted with her dead son again.
This is a gothic sad story full of thiller/Suspense and a hint of horror. Most of the time I felt sad, sympathy, and grief but not horror, fear, and super scary, and If you want a true horror story this is not the story for you.

Overall I enjoyed the story, the Author's writing style, and the characters.
I'm looking forward to reading more books from Andrew Pyper especially his horror/Thriller novels.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books/ Skybound Books for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchanging my honest opinions.
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I am on a horror/thiller kick and I enjoyed this book. It goes into when spiritualism and seance first started up. It's interesting to see build-up of the events.
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Andrew Pyper + a horror story based off a true incident is all I had to know before I delved into this story. Pyper is a good writer who easily keeps the readers engaged. With this supernatural thriller, I felt the same at the start, although my attention parted towards the middle I was able to enjoy the ending delight. This book is good, but not Pyper’s best. 

Thank you for the arc Gallery & Netgalley. This is my voluntary honest review.
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As much as I wanted to really get into this story...I honestly could not. After multiple attempts I finally gave up. Wish I was more interested in the storyline but unfortunately became very disinterested by chapter 4.
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I thought that this would be more of a conspiracy supernatural thriller, but in reality it is mostly a ghost story that feels like it takes far too long to get going, and then takes the scenic route to get where it wants to go rather than a more direct route. This is frustrating in multiple places, hence the three stars. I think this book had potential, but in order to keep things creepy, the author seems to add things in and fall off course too much. If you give it a chance to bring the story back around, it does have a fairly good and satisfying ending. But I would not be surprised if you DNF it as well. I almost did, but kept with it in order to write this review.
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What a fantastically weird and wonderful book. I'll admit that the premise for THE RESIDENCE had me at "haunted White House book," but Pyper is a truly gifted writer. His horror is visceral and cutting and his emotional framework is equally strong. I found myself fully committed to the Pierces and their story, but even more so to the tale of a regular man tasked with voicing the wishes, fears, and goals of a nation. 

I found that the book dragged a bit midway through, but what Pyper lacked in propulsion at the time, he more than made up for with the book's stellar ending. Pyper managed to make a very tightly focused book feel representative of a history's worth of bad national politics, and it spoke beautifully to our present-day political landscape. This is my first time reading Andrew Pyper, but decidedly not my last.
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The Residence is a terrifying story about a haunting that plagues President Franklin Pierce and his wife Jane in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy on their way to Washington D.C. Pyper expertly weaves fact and fiction to create a gripping historical horror novel that is packed with truly creepy and unsettling scenes that are sure to give you chills. While this novel is a must-read at any time of the year, the atmosphere in The Residence is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season
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This one wasn't for me. Thank you for the opportunity with this ARC tho! I love history. I love horror. I love Abraham Lincoln, I thought this book would be super fun. It was just ok.
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Thank you netgalley and Simon & Schuster for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I have only read one other Andrew Pyper book prior to this one, but it made enough of an impact on me that I was curious about this ghost story. I think this book starts strong, but it also starts so slow that by the time it turns from a more Gothic story to an honest horror story, it fell flat for me. I was never really able to get back into the book after they actually invited a demon into the White House. That should be an exciting turn! But instead it just...all fell flat. 

Also removed a star because I am surprisingly tired of ghosts giving blow jobs to men.
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It has always been said that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln haunts the White House, but it seems spirits walked those great halls long before the death of that illustrious President.
Franklin Pierce, in 1853, while traveling by train to Washington, DC for his inauguration experiences a horrific personal tragedy when the train he is in with his wife and young son derails. There is only one casualty that fateful day; the President's only son Bennie.
First Lady, Jane Pierce can barely handle the pain and sorrow of her loss and alienated herself from her husband while trying to bring her lost son's spirit home.
She is haunted not only by the loss of her child but supposedly by a dark entity that has followed her since childhood. Add this to her anger at President Pierce, whom she blames for Bennie's death. She had not wanted him to run, he swore he would not, could not win, his entry into the race was simply to help his party, and yet he did. If he had not run, if he had not won, none of them would have been on that train that day.
Both historical facts and some historical fiction create a very compelling story. It has it all and is very well written.
I recommend this to anyone who likes a good ghost story mixed in with their history lessons.

Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion.
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Dark and ominous at first glance, I really wanted to love this book as I really loved Andrew Pyper's last book but unfortunately, this book just didn't work for me,  I didn't find it scary and often found myself losing interest.  To that end, it seems I'm just not the right reader for this novel.

Thank you to Gallery Books and Andrew Pyper for the arc.
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I'm not sure what to say about this book. I've not read anything in the horror genre for a long time, so it might be simply my tastes have changed. I do love historical fiction that weave some facts in and that's what made me pick this book up. It was okay. It's in the time of Franklin Pierce's presidency not long before the civil war and on the way to Washington their only living son is killed when their train derails. It goes on to introduce the grief the family went through before really getting into things that happened in the past and how his nearly estranged wife and Franklin have to work together to fight a presence in the White House. The presence wasn't a ghost but something worse or were they just crazy, driven by grief? This was well written but it lacked something. I discovered I didn't like scary books anymore but at the same time the lack of scariness was a letdown at the end. I think it tried to not be a very scary book, but used a very scary premise so when it was wrapped up, it left me  with a 'that's it?' feeling. At the same time, I was glad that it wasn't scarier. I'm on the fence, partly because of my feelings and partly because of the book. I think it's worth reading if you like semi-scary books that deal with some historical references.
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Something haunts the halls of the White House. It's 1853 and Franklin Pierce has been elected President, but the days after his inauguration aren't all that happy: he and his wife Jane move into the iconic home under a grey cloud of grief, having just lost their last son, Bennie, in a train accident. Jane is struggling to move on, and invites the infamous Fox Sisters (a real world duo of "psychic mediums" -- later proved to be charlatans) to perform a seance to contact Bennie. Unfortunately, it's not Bennie they reach, and soon a darker entity is prowling the halls. At the same time, there's a subplot involving the push towards the abolition of slavery, and the appearance of spirits of those enslaved people who died in the construction of the White House. 

There are few things scarier than politics. Pyper takes that foundation and makes it EVEN scarier by adding ghosts and a historical, fact-based framework (everyone knows Old Timey Ghosts, especially Old Timey Children Ghosts, are the scariest of ghosts). The story unfolds in a very cinematic fashion, and the period of real-life characters have clearly been thoroughly researched. This is a spine-tingling spooky tale perfect for anyone who likes to stay up late into the night, flinching at every creak and thump.
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When I read the premise of the book I was excited to read it. Unfortunately, I oftentimes forced myself to read it. I didn’t find it scary. It was just kind of sad. 

Just not the book for me. I’m sure others will like it. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC.
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After multiple attempts to finish this book. I must set it aside.  It just wasn’t the right fit for me.

Thank you to Gallery Books for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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This is a awesome book.  It is a great book and will be a nice additions to our collection.  When this book was given to me I was not aware I needed to read and review, I thought it was something I could just read at my leisure.
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I am sad to say that I did not enjoy this book much.  The Premise of a white house haunting based on some true historical facts made me excited to jump in but it didn't hold my attention very long  There were a few creepy, haunting moments that made me hold on.  But in the end I just couldn't hold my attention and I kept thinking about what I could be reading. I didn't care much for the characters in the story either - which I think makes a big difference.  I love the elements of true story in here, but the horror/haunting pieces didn't work for me.

I see so many good reviews for this book and I'm glad that those folks found this book. Not every book is for everyone - is something that I feel like I'm saying a lot these days... on to the next.

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