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Interesting characters. Intriguing plot. Dynamic prose. My attention was held the entire time. I enjoyed my time reading this one. I’d suggest this story to everyone who loves kids with magic.
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Magic 7 was an easy and quick read and I would be interested in checking out future installments of this series.
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Seven kids get magical powers – one can converse with animals through musical instruments, another can take on abilities and knowledge from the ghost of any sportsman, writer or scientist etc, and so on.  It's a reasonable, if brash, comic for the young – it's just that it's going to be an investment to actually get to the real story.  This, we finally find out, doesn't even unite all seven, so we don't have any hope of beginning the full drama yet.  And for an introductory adventure, this is a little weak.  Of what is at least nine (NINE!!) books in the original, only the first three have been translated so far into English for Europe Comics – so there's currently the chance that by the time it's ready for us, the audience will have long grown too old to have any interest in it any longer.  So make that a high-risk investment...
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Leo, a young boy who can talk to the spirits of the dead and famous, starts his first day at a new school. There, he meets Hamlin, who can communicate with animals through music, and Farah, a girl with fire abilities. Once the school's prized trophy goes missing, along with student belongings, the three team up to find and stop the culprit. Standing in their way is an army of gigantic robots with lethal strength. However, this is only the beginning of a much larger conflict for Leo, Hamlin, and Farah.


At its core, Magic 7 is a fun, fast-paced story about three kids with special powers trying to go about their lives and help their friends. The whole super powers angle isn't exactly new, but it's executed very well here. These abilities aren't just tacked onto the characters. They're part of each character and make a regular appearance. 

Leo, the protagonist, can speak with the dead, and he chooses to use this ability to talk with famous spirits from a variety of eras. Some of these ghosts include Nikola Tesla, Harry Houdini, and Sugar Ray Robinson. There are always spirits around Leo, chattering away and helping him. Moreover, the ghosts have distinct personalities, and they even make little references to their past lives. I thought this was a really neat detail. 

Hamlin is able to communicate with animals through the music he creates. The type of animal he can speak with depends on the instrument used and the notes it can play. At the beginning of the story, it's even mentioned that Hamlin played a harmonica to warn rats an exterminator was coming to the school. This was another clever use of an ability, and the author managed to put a unique spin on it. 

Furthermore, I found the three main characters to be interesting and fun. They all have unique personalities and different issues they struggle with. Leo's upset that his mom typically works late and misses out on time with him. Hamlin is often judged and humiliated by his peers for living in a trailer. Farah lives with very religious parents who seemingly restrict her. These mini conflicts easily make the three relatable, likeable characters. 

My favorite part of this story was definitely the art style. It's gorgeous, detailed, and has plenty of originality to it. I can't say I've ever seen a style quite like this before, and I loved it. The vibrant colors popped out and were wonderful to look at. Additionally, the lines and lettering were crisp and neat, making for a clean, appealing layout. Overall, the art was beautiful, and it's perfectly suited for a Young Adult story like this. 


One of my only complaints with Magic 7 is that the pacing can be a bit odd at times. This volume is rather short, so it's understandable the plot would move quickly. However, I felt it moved almost too fast. I would've liked to see more interaction between some of the characters, as well as more background for Hamlin and Farah. But, it's possible that will happen later on, and honestly, it doesn't detract much from the volume as a whole. 

Final Thoughts: 

In conclusion, Magic 7 is an entertaining story perfect for readers of all ages. It features a cast of fun, colorful characters readers can easily root for, brought to life with detailed art. In addition, character abilities are executed well, putting a unique spin on powers commonly used in stories like this. These factors combine to create a story that's well worth a read. I'd recommend it to readers, especially younger ones, who love stories about teens with special abilities.
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A very fun story, with a lovely art style. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Magic 7. Thank you NetGalley for the book.
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I honestly really struggled with this one. The proof copy really just didn't work with me as the black and white panels lead me to misunderstand what was happening and I was struggling with the font and ebook format. I don't think it would be fair fo me to give this a bad rating as a lot of people have loved this one! I gave it a decent go before deciding DNF this. Hopefully, I can get my hands on a finished copy because the concept sounds really cool!
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Magic 7 completely surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. And if I am honest, it was a graphic novel I was not ready to have end. If the 2nd volume had been available to me I would have immediately grabbed it and started reading.

Technically speaking, I was a little worried at the first page. It looked to be set hundreds of years ago, not to mention an old fashioned art style and font style, but as I turned to the 2nd page everything completely changed. That’s when I realized the first page was only a flashback to some previous time setting the story in motion.

Magic 7 revolves around a boy named Leo who is starting at a new school and just happens to be able to see, talk, and interact with ghosts. To be accurate, the ghosts are historical figures of various sorts from the past. As it is described later in the novel, they are people who are still remembered, but they aren’t all who you think they would be. Some of the individuals include Houdini, Errol Flynn, Sugar Ray Robinson, just to name a few. What makes this even more unique is that they can sometimes lend him their talents, such as Houdini helping him escape from a locker a bully pushed him into.

Besides having his own first day difficulties, a string of school robberies also begin to occur introducing Leo to his first friend – Hamlin, who is immediately looked at with suspicion, but is clearly innocent. As it turns out, Hamlin also has his own unique ability too. The two friends continue trying to figure out who is behind all the robberies, never knowing that there is a master plan behind it all.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable graphic novel with a unique concept of Leo and his ghosts, along with the other kids who have abilities too. It was a different take on magic that worked well together and made for a very interesting and entertaining read. Personally, I was impressed at the variety of ghosts. I listed only three above, but there were definitely others who were very entertaining as they often had conversations amongst themselves when Leo was home, but also others would just show up when Leo needs a specialized skill to help him out. In addition, the pacing and story was also very entertaining as well as they story never grew stale or lingered too long in one place.

Recommended for anyone looking for a graphic novel with a fun YA take on magic. Art style is inviting with bright and vibrant colors.

Rating: 4.5 stars
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A bright and dynamic first volume: this has an intriguing premise, a great art style and an especially interesting build up to the next installment.
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Beautiful illustrations accompany this fast paced paranormal, magical story.

A fantastic collection of interesting characters are introduced in this first installment to this series. A mystery that needs to be solved, bringing together four unique individuals with various powers and forging unlikely friendships.

Really grips the reader from start to finish.

Fans of both Marvel and DC comics will enjoy this.
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Entertaining story with great characters

A first day at a new school is always difficult so as well for Leo. He can talk to ghosts and is always hiding his secret. But when he meets Hamlin, who can talk to animals and Farah, who can throw flames, everything changes. Together they want to find out the secret behind the trophy thieve at school. But soon they realize, this is just the beginning of a bigger adventure.
A fun and creative little comic book. The characters are fun, and I loved, how good they and their powers completed each other. The story was interesting and a good introduction of the characters and their powers. Quite entertaining to read and it leaves the reader with the hunger for more stories. The illustrations are modern, cool and still suitable for a younger audience as well. An amazing start of a new series. Can wait to read more.
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Another book that I devoured as soon as I got my hands on it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed "Magic 7". I came in with little expectations, other than hoping that it would be enjoyable at the very least. I finished it off very quickly wanting more. 

The three main characters are thrown together and fit well with one another. I enjoyed the ride along with Leo and his friends. I'm still stuck deciding which power/ability I'd like to have the most! To talk to famous ghosts or be able to shoot flames through my hands, that is the question! Talking to animals is a dream but also, I'm pretty sure my dogs would have no so pleasant things to say to me at times...

An enjoyable and easy read for all ages.

A copy of the book was provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.
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Thanks NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this fun little graphic novel. I am a fan of children with special abilities battling the evil. A classic story, but I enjoy the getting to know each character process. I want to learn more about their powers/abilities, families (normal or otherwise), and see how they become friends with each other. It was a satisfying end with a little twist. I am now looking for the second volume because I'm way too eager to find out who the other 'Magic 7' kids are. Reminds me of PJO for the adventure and friendship, but definitely on a different alley. Not the biggest fan of the artwork, but I still like it.
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This was so fun! In this story we primarily follow Leo who can talk to ghosts, most of which are historical figures or famous people. He's just had to relocate and is not only dealing with his special gift, but having to start over at a new school. He quickly finds himself thrown into a mystery and meets a couple interesting characters.

I loved the artwork and the way all of the characters fit together but were individual in their own ways. The colors were bright and vibrant, which added to the feel of the story and will definitely make it appeal to its target audience. I would definitely be interested to see where this series goes, as this was a great beginning.
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Magic 7 Volume 1 is a cute little graphic novel that's a lot of fun. It is aimed at a middle-grade audience, but I still really enjoyed it - it's a fun adventure and I liked the way the characters came together & that little mystery at the end. I'm a huge fan of superhero stories, and this little graphic novel fits into that genre, even though it's more supernatural than superhero. 
I really liked all the different powers the characters had and how they tied into the story. Talking to animals or even talking to ghosts are not hugely common abilities in superhero literature because of how hard it is to place it in the story, but it's so well handled here. Both characters can use their abilities to their advantage, and it just works really well. All up, a light, refreshing read.
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Great introduction for this serie, I'd definitely read the others. Characters are well presented, all of them with a special talent that we want to see more of. I finish my read with a lot of questions, which is good. Great book not typical superheroes fan!
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Magic 7: Never Alone is a book/ comic  that centres around a group of kids who all seem to be the outsiders at their school. It starts with Leo, the new kid in town. You know from the start that Leo has a special power to see/ talk to ghosts— we see him talking to the likes of Houdini and Sugar Ray throughout the story. 
On his first day, Leo gets in trouble for running late to class and finds himself in detention. There he meets two other kids who seem  to be, like him, more outsiders than trouble-makers. That day, a trophy is stolen, and Leo and one of his new friends seem to be the prime suspects. From there the story takes us further into the mystery of the trophy as additional objects are stolen, as well as the use of powers by both Leo and... someone or someones else! This is the first story, so we don’t find out all the secrets. But it does a good job of making you feel satisfied with the current story and curious about what might be next.

The illustrations were cute and well-done. It reminded me of a PBS Kids cartoon feel. I’d like to see a little more diversity in the kids going forward, but I really appreciate that they are starting there with a difference in their family and money situations. I would probably suggest this one to an 8-12 year old, who liked history, magic, or mysteries.
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The art work was very gorgeous. The charters different powers were all very unique. The three main characters in this book are well developed. There were robots that came to attack them so they can become closer so now they have to find the other 4 teens.
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**I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**

This was a very cute book with an intriguing end! I definitely want to know more. 3 kids with special powers come together to defeat 'evil' only to find out there are more kids out there with powers. Surprise twist at the end and I'm looking forward to the next book.
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Leo is going to school today.  It is the first day for a new school.  He doesn’t want to go as he has a special gift.  He can talk to the ghosts off dead people.  He discovers Hamlin, a classmate that can talk to animals.  Then he meets Farrah who is a flamethrower.  When the school’s trophy disappears,   They decide to work together to find the trophy.  Who took it?   Why?

I liked how someone who feels “alone” find friends that also have special gifts.  The author has written a plot that covers the theme of being different, a mystery and friendship.  The graphics are done expertly.  I hope that the rest of the series is published.
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A huge thank you to NetGalley for providing the opportunity to read this volume.

The first instalment to this comic was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the premise of the story and the smaller mystery aspect for this first volume. The magic and ability system is intriguing, and the ability that Leo had was really interesting and showed a unique take on being able to communicate with ghosts - but in Leo’s case particularly famous ghosts that are around longer due many people remembering them, and how he was able to utilise this during the first volume. I definitely plan to read the next instalment to see where the story goes and who the other members of the seven are. As with a lot of comics and graphic novels, the beginning tends to throw you in to the story and serve as a build up, so we didn’t get to see as much character growth but the potential is most definitely there and I’m intrigued to see a continuation of the dynamic between the three of them, because I love series with great friendship, It also had a really wholesome feel of the three of them not quite fitting in with different aspects of their life but finding understanding and friendship with each other, Last but definitely not least, I absolutely adored the art style! Each panel looked amazing and the characterisation throughout, and the powers looked great!

Also, I need Hamlin’s power, gosh that would be a dream come true!

I would definitely recommend this graphic novel to the target demographic as it was a lot of fun and really engaging with a premise of so much more to come, and even for those older like me, who love going back and reading such a fun engaging story regardless of age,
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