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A terrific read a book that shares what it’s like to be an astronaut.Any question anything you thought was private thin vomiting ,bathroom ritual.On to eating the book is honest open hilarious,Perfect for all ages,#netgalley#workmanpublishing,
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Terry Virts is a very nice guy. He tells us his personal story from his beginnings as a test pilot and an F-16 pilot to after his missions as an NASA astronaut and he gives us an idea of the required skills, the trainings, how it is to float in zero-g or to spacewalk, and of the difficulties, pleasures and trivialities involved.

He tells us all about everything, even how astronauts go to the "bathroom" (e.g. ground training potty) and how it's hard for astronauts to put on their suits, and especially for him with his big head. He tells us how he almost drowned in his helmet. He explains why astronauts are more at risk of skin cancer than us Earthlings. He says why subtitles weren't required when he watched "Fifty Shades of Grey" in space even though it was in Russian. lolll He also tells us a little bit about the dangers of the job and the stress involved for the astronauts’ family. And he speaks a little about politics ("No bucks, no Buck Rogers) and the future of space exploration for astronauts and for everybody else with enough money to try it. He reminds us how ISS has brought many countries together in cooperation like nothing else in history and that we should take care of our vessel (the Earth) because we have no plan B.

It’s as if he was an old friend you haven't seen in years, who sits at your table and tells you everything he's been through since you last met him. And he is very enthusiastic. His favorite words seem to be: awesome, beautiful, sublime, fun, wonderful, fantastic... and indescribable.

The only thing I didn't appreciate was his desire to make us understand why he believes in God. Just because you lived 250 miles higher than everyone else doesn’t put you in a better position to judge this possibility. You aren't closer to god!

I urge him to read more about biology and evolutionary science, especially about the beginnings of life on our planet, how it all began without Adam and Eve. He should be able to understand that his comparison with the cup of wine does not “hold water”.

I give 4 stars to this interesting book that I recommend to anybody interested by space exploration or by science-fiction (could make your books more realistic).

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for this free ecopy of “How to Astronaut”.
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This book gives amazing insight into what it's like to be an astronaut. As a huge nerd of space exploration and astrophysics, I was astonished to learn new things. The author gives great explanations on how his journey as an astronaut has been in a detailed yet humble way. This book also contains the answer to many questions I would never be able to ask like showers in space and using the "bathroom". the lessons are not only scientifical but it is also a great reminder that when you look back from space and take in the big picture the world isn't divided and we're all in this together.
Thank you so much to Netgalley and Workman Publishing Company for letting me read this incredible experience from one of the coolest people on Earth and space!
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This book is an entertaining introduction to astronaut training. Who knew fighter pilots and astronauts practice so many types of survival training and practice such a wide variety of skills? Medicine, piloting, and experimental science sure, but hair stylist - that was a new one for me.) Terry Virts has an engaging, conversational writing style and good descriptions. You can feel like you're almost experiencing things with him, minus the sweat and other bodily fluids, carbon dioxide overexposure, freezing, and other discomforts. He is opinionated and writes with all the swagger I expect from an astronaut, which may grate on some readers, but I found relative charming.

It's a very approachable book, and I will feel comfortable recommending it to adults and older teens interested in space travel, offbeat memoirs, or just looking for a funny read. Readers of Bill Bryson, Mary Roach, and Ben Mezrich are likely to enjoy this deep dive into what it takes to get into space.
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Such a  great book with answers you never thought you could easily get.  Interesting, engaging and well worth the read.

Thank you to Netgalley for connecting me with the publisher and giving me the chance to review the book.
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As a new space craft is set to launch im glad to learn more about how to astronaut.  Love that this book answers the questions you've always wanted to know but never wanted to ask.
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How to Astronaut by Terry Virts is not your typical astronaut memoir. If you’re hoping for a full account of Terry’s life, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re interested in his experiences as a test flight pilot, ASCAN, and ultimately a flown astronaut, you’ll love it. He dives into more depth than most astronaut-authored books I’ve read about everything from survival training to pressure suits to acclimating between 0g and 1g, without being too technical for a layperson. The book is so detailed that at times it felt more like an instruction manual than a memoir (but in the best way) - it seems How to Astronaut is quite aptly named!
HtA is also really funny - Terry’s sense of humor is really my cup of Tang (get it?). I found myself chuckling along with his goofy, sarcastic, and sometimes self-deprecating jokes throughout. 
I also enjoyed the format of the book. There are a bunch of short chapters, so it’s highly bingable!
As you can probably tell, I truly loved HtA. I’ve read my fair share of astronaut memoirs and space race history books and tend to keep a mental “top 10” list of favorite space-related reads. HtA quickly launched (PUN INTENDED) into my top 10 (maybe even top 5!) with its unique perspective and granular detail about all things astro. It’s a must-read for all space buffs! 
Thank you to Terry Virts, Workman Publishing, and NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Impressively smart, charismatic and over-achieving even under immense pressure: astronauts are truly a superior species among humans.
To absolutely no one's surprise, Terry Virts has also mastered the art of writing a captivating memoir/guide to space, along with his other countless talents. How To Astronaut has all the delightful behind-the-scenes aspects of what goes into space travel, written with humor, effortless charm, and unquestionable expertise. 
I was particularly mesmerized by the chapter about looking down at Earth from the ISS, marveling at the geographical beauties from a vantage point that so few humans have been able to experience first-hand. Virts has managed to capture the unique beauty and the high stakes of all things that go into being an astronaut.
So, if you are like me; obsessed with space travel (and so SO jealous astronauts), you will definitely enjoy this wonderful book. We are talking about one of mankind's greatest achievements ever, here!
If you pick this book up, I promise that you will walk away with an immense respect (and possibly an immense crush).
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Wonderful! A warm, humorous, personal account of what it's like to go into space and to come home. Touching on everything from the science of zero gravity and potential Mars exploration to the realities of trying to convince politicians to fund NASA, Terry Virts brings his deep understanding of life in space to the layperson. In the tradition of Chris Hadfield's "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth," How to Astronaut is a wide-ranging, "down-to-earth" window into the life of an astronaut. I loved it. I would read it again. Recommended for armchair travelers, space nuts, and dreamers.
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It is a book about space. Everything about reaching in outer space, preparing for it, staying in ISS and then how to come back.

Author is former astronaut who has vast experience of staying on ISS.

Book is divided into 50 chapters. It is full of intricate details of life in space that is presented in a funny and interesting format. It's like he is telling you his experience over a drink.

It tells so many interesting facts, like how they carry out day to day life in ISS;
How it feels while launching and re-entering.

Author also takes effort to glorify astronauts who have lost their lives in pursuit of science for whole mankind. They deserve all the honors possible.
He also discusses how will it be, if humans start journey to Mars. That part is very interesting. Also he describes concept of time dilation.
There is frequent reference to books and movies.
A very good science book showing first hand experience in most interesting prose.
A must read for astronomy lovers.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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How to Astronaut is different from other “space” books in that it’s so… random! And it includes everything! I mean, yeah, it was meant to sequentially tell about the parts of an astronaut’s training, and that makes sense – you go from medical testing to training, to suiting up and all that, but since I’m not an astronaut, the stories still ended up feeling a little random to me. But that’s good! Cause reading this kind of book, you just feel like you’re sitting in the room with the author, and he is telling you stories. Like a campfire evening with an astronaut! That’s a good feel for a book.

Terry Virts is a good storyteller. The essays are detailed, but they definitely have fun in them too. What I liked the most was the level of detail – the kinds of experiments that they used to do on the “vomit comet” (the zero-gravity mimicking parabolic plane that was used for training and experiments and is sadly not a thing anymore) and even the kinds of inappropriate graffiti they may have left on the walls of the ISS! You won’t read about this kind of stuff in most books.

And it’s not just that – some of the things the author talks about will be things you never imagined could be part of an astronaut’s life. For example, survival training does sound like it would be useful, but to imagine astronauts running around grizzly bear woods, hunting salmon and looking at the stars, huddled in front of a fire – and that being part of their JOB – wow, right?

By the way, Terry also shares these sort of little secrets with you. Like how they can call ANYONE from the ISS, if those people have previously agreed to talk to them – no matter how famous, to just have a chat about life and things. And people mostly agree! (I mean, you get to talk to a living, breathing astronaut who is currently stationed outside of Earth. You’d have to be pretty out there to not actually agree, am I right?) Apparently, Terry himself has talked to a lot of big names, but can’t say who. Now I’m curious!

Another thing I really appreciated about the author’s style, or rather – his personality – was how enthusiastic he seemed to be about everything! He seemed to really enjoy the medical training he had to go through to become the medical officer to the craft, as well as nearly everything else he did there – like taking IMAX footage for a movie or literally going out the door of the station. Knowing how tough astronaut work is, I could only marvel at Terry’s unflinching enthusiasm despite the fatigue, risks and responsibility. It’s very inspiring!

Terry Virts was also very passionate about the Earth when viewed in orbit, like most astronauts are usually. There was a whole chapter devoted to how beautiful and incredible the Earth is from above, and what things surprised him or caught his attention the most.

This book is different from other ‘space’ books that I’ve read in that it’s so detailed about mundane, everyday things – even shirt styles and colors they wear at the space station. (Or how your preference for tightly whities may change in space! Ha.) Most books about astronauts will be focused on the ‘grand’ part of the job – while this one focuses on the daily part of it – how astronauts are just people like you and me, with the same needs and likes, dislikes.

Haven’t you always wondered how astronauts shower? How they sleep and even cut their hair? Or how they, well, GO? (There is SO MUCH great juvenile humor in that chapter, I can’t even. I laughed so much.) But what I particularly enjoyed about this level of detail was the part about suiting up. Give me all the detail about space suits! We never have enough!

Turns out, there is also a lot of work that goes into the preparation for spaceflight. That part is also often glanced over, but not gone into too much detail. Terry Virts does the opposite – he talks about ALL the prep. From weightlifting to medical classes, the “vomit comet” and even detailed info about training in the spacewalk pool. You’ll learn about everything.

But that’s not all – a thing even less talked about is the rehabilitation programs after you come back from space. Because after spending a longer time in weightlessness, the body athrophies and has a lot of trouble readjusting to Earth’s conditions again. Terry Virts is the first astronaut to have given me any detail about this process – which I’ve been wondering about ever since I read Endeavor, Scott Kelly’s book, where he talked about the problems he faced just after he returned from the ISS, but never really talked about how he got over them. I’ve been curious for years!

This is an absolute must-read for any space stuff fan. If you’ve read and enjoyed books like Packing for Mars or Endurance, you will LOVE How to Astronaut. (And if you haven’t read them, well then it’s obvious all three are recommended!) I enjoyed How to Astronaut so, so much. I can only hope I’ll be able to read something as good about space soon!

I thank the publisher for giving me a free copy of the ebook in exchange to my honest review. This has not affected my opinion.
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I was looking forward to reading this book because my husband is obsessed with all things space. He always says he wishes he could be an astronaut :) As we read through the book together, we were so surprised and delighted that there was such a vast well of information! Every question you can even think of, Terry answers. He covers everything from training, to launch, to what happens in orbit, space walking, deep space, and even re-entry. Even though he covers essentially every topic, you're still left wanting to know more! I will say this is not a kid's book (there are some topics in the book that aren't suitable for young children), but if you do have kids interested in space, I would recommend reading this for yourself and impressing your kid with all the knowledge you picked up from this book. This is a must read for all space enthusiasts. Whether you're a NASA fan or a SpaceX junkie, there will be something in here for you!
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Review of eBook

“How to Astronaut” is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about what it’s like to be an astronaut.

It’s impossible for readers to fail to catch Terry Virts’s enthusiasm for astronauting; his easily-communicated passion fills every page. “How to Astronaut” is eminently readable, quite a bit like sitting in your living room enjoying a prolonged conversation with this thoughtful author. 
“How to Astronaut” is exciting, compelling, thought-provoking, and important. It is, despite the not-too-distant promise of space tourism, probably as close as most readers will ever get to actually rocketing off into space. 

This book is for every reader who remembers the teacher turning on the radio in the middle of class so that we could listen to Alan Shepard’s flight. 

This book is for every reader who watched Neil Armstrong’s one small step and who, if only in his or her own wishful imagination, has space boot-clad feet firmly planted on the surface of the moon. 

This amazing book is for every reader who ever looked up at the night sky and dreamed. 

A heartfelt and grateful “Thank you” to Terry Virts for this extraordinary, unputdownable glimpse into astronauting. 

Readers, don’t miss this one . . . it promises to stay will you long after you’ve turned the final page.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this eBook from Workman Publishing Company and NetGalley 
#HowToAstronaut #NetGalley
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I very much enjoyed this detail-oriented "you are there" book on what it's like to be an astronaut.  Virts points out that he did not use a ghostwriter, which is clear in some of the idiosyncrasies of style, but i found his voice charming and personal.  I came in thinking I knew a good bit about modern space exploration, but Virts explains experiences and minutiae very well and I ended up learning quite a lot.  He particularly excels in conveying extreme experiences, like what it's like to be in a Soyuz capsule during re-entry or how difficult it is to complete tasks on a spacewalk.  I could have done without his discussion of religion, but then he's the astronaut and I'm not, so who am I to tell him what he should and shouldn't include?  Highly recommended.
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Enlightening, Hilarious, Provoking : All in the same pot.
 I wanted to hate this book. I wanted him to fail because he should have used up his luck by being an astronaut.
I mean what can be cooler than that? 
As if that’s not enough...
A former fighter pilot, a survival expert, a hairdresser (!) astronaut (who is also a father) with profound medical and scientific abilities, a killing sense of humor AND also a brilliant author??!! Why God, why are you so generous with some people? My rebelious instincts act up and I am brimming with envy yet I could not help loving this book!
I kind of expected him to be an arrogant a-hole but he is so sweet, he tells his story with such earnest honesty that it is impossible not to love him! Terry Virts writes with an open heart, with the good, the bad and the ugly and as if what he’s doing is just any other job. His addresses all kinds of audience, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy this book. He captivates and intrigues the reader with interesting questions and topics, I was mesmerized and could not put it down.
Definitely recommended!
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