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Coming Home To Seashell Cottage

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I have a habit of jumping into books mid-series, and usually have no problems, but I wish I had started at the beginning of this one. Not that I didn't enjoy this story, because I did, a lot, but because it does contain spoilers for the previous ones. The problem is that I want to read the previous books, I enjoyed this one that much.

Clare O'Connell is an amazing character. She has so much to deal with from her past. When her great-aunt Nuala's letter arrives revealing terrible secrets, it changes Clare's life forever. The emotions I felt while reading this book were so varied. I went from anger to sadness, happiness to despair throughout this story. I cannot believe what Clare went through in her life. She didn't deserve what happened to her and I was so happy to read about the doors that opened once she began asking questions. I have read about dysfunctional families before, but this one takes the cake. People who are cruel in the name of righteousness can be the worst and her father is one of them. Ben, her best friend's brother and her friend as well, is amazing. The way he stands by her and supports her can only be done out of love, but what kind of love?

Jessica Redland has quickly become a favourite author of mine. She writes of friendship and all that goes with it. Secrets, lies, forgiveness, self-searching, growth, following dreams and other themes involving family are all in these pages. There is also some abuse issues covered, so be prepared for that. I will definitely be going back to read the previous books in this series, but I recommend you start at the beginning to follow the stories of the characters in chronological order.
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This was the third book in the Whitsborough Bay series that I've read, and while Clare featured in all of them I didn't really got to know her in the previous books. She was only a bystander there, but now she is the main attraction who finally tells us her whole story. And boy, what a story that is!

There are several issues Clare needs to face, discoveries to make and surprises to stomach. Although the book only has only 344 pages, it felt like a really long story with several bends along the road. However, some things are also a bit repetitive, like the confrontations with family members.

I have to say that, after reading this part, Clare is my favorite of the three friends. She definitely is an interesting character! I already had a look and saw that there are even more books set in Whitsborough Bay, but unfortunately none of them mentions any of the characters I've come to know so far. I would love to have a follow-up on Shannon, Callum and baby Luke!
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There are some books that just take you away to another place and this book did that. I’ve read a few of Jessica’s books now and each one is a joy. Looking forward to her next book.
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Really enjoyed the entire series. The setting was somewhere that I wanted to move to. Nice characters and unusual storylines.
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This was a very interesting book. I have read the other books in the series, and this does not disappoint.
It is the story of Claire who eventually returns to Ireland, to face upto her family and undercovers dark secrets.
Thank you to Netgalley for A.R.C.
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When I started this book, I was expecting a light, easy read... that was totally not the book at all! I read this book within one day and by the end, my emotions were sky rocketing and my mind had been blown by plot twist, after plot twist, after plot twist....

Families and friendships were tested, second chances were given. This was an absolutely brilliant book to the point where I was so sad it had a final page. Lucky for me, this is fourth in a series, so I have three previous books to read, focusing more on the side characters I met in this book. I can't wait!

This is my first book of Jessica's and it will not at all be my last... she has officially become one of my favourite authors!
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OMG. What a book!! Absolutely perfect, I would say. The emotions, the words, the scenes all captured my heart, shattered it and joined it back again with a soothing glow. An escape from the world crisis was what this book was, and I thank author Jessica Redland for giving me moments where I could experience my emotions completely. 

Claire refused to return to Ireland due to events of the past. But when work forced her to go, she had to face her past with a bang, especially when a letter from great-aunt Nuala brought home certain soul-breaking truths. 

Having read many books by this author, I knew I was in for an emotional ride. What I didn't know was how I would be sucked into the story from the get-go, connecting to the main character Claire in a way I had not been able to, in recent times. 

The words chosen by the author were juxtaposed so aptly that the powerful imagery it gave overpowered my senses and immersed me into the depths of the story. I didn't know I would feel my emotions so keenly. This was the most I had reacted for a Jessica Redland book. 

Family and friendship, forgiveness and second chances were the themes the story was based on. But the real core of the book was author Jessica Redland's sheer talent in pulling off the different genre in one. There was mystery and suspense, romance and relationship, twists and humor. What stood out for me was the strength of a woman to overcome all the strives and forgive herself and the others. 

A brilliant book from a brilliant author, she is soon becoming the Queen of my emotions.
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Unfortunately only 3 stars from me. Well written & a great writing style but the story was not what I was expecting it to be like given the blurb & whimsical look of the book.. Had I known I probably wouldn’t have chosen it. It’s an ok book but far too many things going on in it (some too unbelievable too & some a bit heavy for a chic-lit / romance). 
I’m finishing it as I want to know what happens but not really a particularly enjoyable read. 
Sadly, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ definitely applies to this one. I realise rape, miscarriage, deaths etc etc happen, but I don’t particularly want to read about all of them in one book that is meant to be romance / woman’s lit. 
3 stars for the writing style but much less for the storyline, sorry.
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Lovely book to read. It was light reading. Well written and easy going. Nice plot and characters. Something to read when you don’t want anything to heavy.
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I absolutely loved this series & what a rollercoaster this instalment was.  I always knew clares story would be complex but it was one big rollercoaster.   Loved all the characters in this series & will definitely read more by this author in the future.
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Loved this book. Great characters, easy read, uplifting, funny, romantic and charming. A really nice story that is the perfect escapist read.
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We first meet Clare at a wedding, she’s not big on romance and all that nonsense. We also find out that she hates Christmas and New Year with a passion and she’s not close to her family. She has her best friends Sarah (the bride) and Ben (Sarah’s brother), and a new friend in Elise who she becomes closer to as the novel progresses. What I didn’t know is that this is part of a series and Sarah and Elise both have their own stories, I will be seeking them out as I enjoyed Clare’s story.

It’s not all pretty, Clare is hiding some pretty dark secrets, secrets she’s suppressed and hidden not only from her friends but herself as well. We start to see flashes that start to bring these to the forefront of her memory but it’s not until the explosive finale that we fully learn what she’s been through.

Out of the darkness, she discovers her daughter, long thought deceased and not only that, she also has a grandson at the grand old age of 32ish and starts to build a new family life with them. All the time, thinking of her daughter’s father, Daran. He’s the reason she’s never allowed anyone access to her heart but even he has some surprises for Clare.

I enjoyed this story as it was different to my usual reads in that the romance took a back seat, it was there but it wasn’t the primary theme to this book, more just rolling along in the background. This was more about family and friendships and how they bend and shape us into the people we become without us really noticing, it’s also about second chances and learning from mistakes.
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Absolutely adore this series! This author cannot do any wrong in my opinion. I have found this book utterly impossible to put down. 
Fantastic book by a fantastic author.
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What an emotional story! Clare has had a very difficult time in her past, the author slowly reveals her history in such an enthralling and intriguing way.
I love the use of the King to cause Clare to take on many challenges set by the lovely Saint Ben, which illiterates their budding friendship so well.
Some very deep issues are dealt with in a very understanding manner, and ultimately it’s a very uplifting experience.
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An entertaining and engrossing story that made smile and root for the characters.
I liked the plot that flows, the likeable and fleshed out characters and  the setting.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Really enjoyed this and sad to see the end to this series, great to see Clares story play out and explain a lot about her character. Was a bit silly at times , too far fetched at points but still a fun and entertaining read 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Even though I knew I hadn't read the previous books in the series, I thought this would be a stand alone - it is, but it also left me completely lost and then the start totally dragged for me, because it read like a long 'The road so far' recap and I just wanted the story to start. This made the story long and heavy and dragging for me, and I also couldn't connect with the heroine as a result.
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So sad to finish the last book. The story of Clare, but also her friends. A lot of unexpected news for Clare to do with her past. Finally, we learn why she hated Christmas and New Year. Another book full of sadness, happiness and the unexpected. Loved it. Recommend it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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My favourite of the books so far. A little far fetched with all the twists and turns but a good read none the less.
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Really great book with plenty of twists and turns and likeable relatable chsracters, a must read. I look forward to more in the series
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