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There stories in one. Romantic mysteries,with rugged heroes and strong beautiful heroines. Not as good as previous stories from this author.
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Bliss's father is in the hospital after suffering a serious heart attack. He feels the need to confess some things to Bliss that she doesn't know. First he never loved her mother,  and second he has been in love with a woman he calls Brynnie for all of Bliss's adult life. She also has two half sisters and he eants her to move back home and be one happy family. This was a good book. Its full of lies and deceit and romance. The characters are real and the plot is good but not exciting. It moves along wuite slowly but it is good nevertheless.
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Thankyou to NetGalley,  Kensington Books and the author,  Lisa Jackson,  for the opportunity to read a digital copy of Envious in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion. 
Lisa Jackson certainly knows how to grab the reader's attention.  I have always found her books to capture the imagination and come alive in the narrative.  This book is no exception. 
Envious is about three sisters who have no idea they are siblings. All are trying to escape the shadows of their past. The characters are well drawn and compelling and storyline was well thought out and written.  I was hooked from the start. 
Well worth a read.
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I Enjoyed everything about this book there was nothing I didn't like about the book. I Like the setting,the writing style,the plot,the plot twists and the characters in the book were amazing.I would gladly reread it again.
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A wonderful book. It has the three stories of the sisters based in Bittersweet Oregon. Liked having all the stories in one book so I didn't have to go and find them!! It was very well written and kept me reading to see how things would turn out. Each story was about a different sister and how they handled finding each other and dealing with their feelings with what life was throwing at them. Well worth the read.
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A wonderful book.  It has the three stories of the sisters based in Bittersweet Oregon. Liked having all the stories in one book so I didn't have to go and find them!!  It was very well written  and kept me reading to see how things would turn out. Each story was about a different sister and how they handled finding each other and dealing with their feelings with what life was throwing at them. Well worth the read.
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As usual Lisa Jackson does not disappoint!! I have been reading her books for years and get excited every time she releases a new book.  I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend this book!!
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If you read the Forever Family series back in the 1990s, as I did, then finding those three stories in one book to read once again will be a treat. If you had no clue about the books previously then Envious is an even sweeter treat for you since you’ll get to experience these stories for the first time. Either way, there is no denying that Bliss, Katie, and Tiffany will draw you into their lives, maybe break your heart a bit, and heal not only themselves but their relationships with women who they’ve only recently discovered are their sisters… eventually.

I enjoyed stepping back into this world once again. There’s conflict, anger, tensions between these three women. Add to that their (collective) father has suffered a heart attack and now is trying to make amends to the women who never knew about each other. With an underlying mystery going on as well there is a lot to keep you engaged throughout Envious. Finding real, true love hasn’t come easy to these sisters but love is on their horizon as they all learn to trust, forgive, and take a chance on a forever love for themselves. I had fun with this combined story, and seeing it with fresh eyes caught things that I didn’t remember from my previous reading of the trilogy. That’s always a fun discovery for me, and one of the reasons I do re-reads for I always find something new.

If you love a good, solid second chance at love romance with a bit of suspense then you’d enjoy the Forever Family trilogy brought together in Envious.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Kensington Books via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Envious by Lisa Jackson was a complete surprise.  I don't know what I expected but it wasn't 3 fantastic stories in one book.  Ms. Jackson has provided three different stories.  John Cawthorne had a daughter out of wedlock that never knew who her father was.  He went on to marry and have another daughter.  During the time he was married he met and fell in love with someone else and had another daughter that believed her step-father was her father.  After John's wife died he was free to marry the woman he loved but a heart attack interfered.   He had a come to Jesus moment and now wants all his daughters in his life.  Each book in this collection is the story of one of those daughters.  These well-written stories are loaded with phenomenal characters, humor, drama, spice, action and a little suspense with the mystery running through all 3 books of where is Isaac Wells.   I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more from Lisa Jackson in the future.  Envious is books 1-3 of the Forever Family Series.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thank you Lisa Jackson, NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book. This is my honest opinion. 

John Cawthorne is an older man who just had a heart attack. This is when he decides to come clean so to speak. His wife passed away a few months ago and he has just declared to his daughter he is getting married again to the love of his life. His only daughter, Bliss is shocked  but that was just the beginning. He now told her she has to half sisters! One older to a brief fling and one younger than her who is the daughter of the woman he’s about to marry. Neither sister knew he was their father till now. Pain, disappointment and resentment is felt by all three. Bliss the middle girl but the one he raised gave his name and treated so well. Or so she thought. Not yet knowing how he changed her life years ago. 

The story is told in three parts. First from Bliss and the challenges of being asked to the wedding of her father to another woman. It wouldn’t be bad except it’s only been a few months and to find out he’s been unfaithful to her mother for years. She struggles with meeting her half sisters. Apparently her father thinks they can now all be one happy family. Bliss left the ranch her father runs, along with other holdings as he did well in business and rancher, after he heart was broken by the love she can’t forget. Having to go back to ranch for a wedding is compounded by learning the man she loved, who left her without a word, has moved back there after his divorce. . Now how can she meet the half sisters how can she not. 
The second part is from the perspective of the oldest half sister Tiffany. Her mother didn’t ever marry and they struggled to survive. Never ever hearing from a dad she though dead or just gone. She is bitter and is trying to survive herself as a widow and mother of a thirteen year old boy heading for trouble and a three year old girl who suffers nightmares since her father died. She really resents. Bliss and thinks of her as the princess. The one who had their dads name and was raised in affluence. 
The third part is Katie, daughter of the woman who had John Cawthorns heart. Her mother has married so many times they run together. But she was told her father was husband number two. Katie has twin younger brothers and she is full of life and boundless optimism. Even finding out who her father really is, although surprising she is excited to meet her half sisters. She is a a bit embarrassed in her mothers part but is willing to reach out to both her family. Katie has a son, no husband and doesn’t talk about him to anyone her son is being quite a challenge and it takes a lot to keep him I going in the right direction. She and her son are fine. Then a new neighbor moves in the ranch next door and things get complicated. 

I enjoyed this book. Reading the different perspectives, the pain, disappointment and the joy and then happiness that can possibly come out of it. Without giving too much away, there are complications in girls lives including the new groom and bride. Secrets come out that could prove to be too much to forgive. There are some explicit sex scenes but they are not overly through the book. Just letting you know. Overall I’m glad I read the book and it held my interest. It’s a romance story, lots of difficulty especially with past love and trying to move on. But old love stays in your heart doesn’t it.
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This book is the compilation of the Forever Trilogy from the 1990's. 3 half-sisters who have no idea the others exist. 1 legitimate, 2 the products of affairs. The story of 3 sisters and the men who love them, with the disappearance of an older man thrown in for mystery.
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A compilation of three previously published stories, Envious takes readers back to Bittersweet. I had read these long ago so it was like reading them for the first time for me.
Three grown women find out they are half sisters. Each book tells the story of one of the women. First up is Bliss and I admit I had some doubts about the other two from this story. However, after reading all the stories you realize just how amazing these women are. Tiffany ended up being my favorite and Katie was much different than I expected. The men in their lives are also very different. 
There is an underlying mystery to the trilogy. The romances are sweet while being complicated. This is a story about finding yourself and letting go of the past. A must read for fans!
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'Envious' by Lisa Jackson and published by Kensington books is a trilogy of the stories of three women. This is the first time that I am reading a novel by the author and I enjoyed it immensely. 

The cover is beautiful but does not in any way relate to the story or give a hint about it. The blurb is crisp enough to eelicit curiosity. 

The story is about three women, Bliss Cawthorne, Tiffany and Katie all of whom have rcntly discovered that they are sisters from the same father. Each sister processes this information in her own way and has her unique perspective to the whole situation. Amidst all the new chaos of news about their father, each of the sisters is going through a life change in her own life. This book is a journey through each of their lives. 

The author has given each of the sisters a unique personality and even though I fell into the trap of judging a sister when I was reading a certain part of the story, I ended up loving each one of them for their strength and personality. The secondary characters have been fleshed out well. The story is not fast paced but it is compelling enough to make me want to read all three stories in one go. With more than one romance and a bit of mystery thrown into the mix this book can be a great companion in the dull times of the present. 

If you love long stories with romance and mystery in it then you will definitely enjoy this one. 

I thank Netgalley, the author Lisa Jackson and the publisher Kensington books for providing an eARC of this book
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This was a fast engaging read that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was well developed and written. Everything that happened in this novel was well-paced. A great read overall.
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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book

an interesting read...about 3 stepsisters...who didnt know each other whilst they were growing up 

bliss the only one to carry her fathers name
tiffany the eldest and very bitter about bliss the princess and the darling of her daddy...
and finally katie the one who was brought up by somebody else

each story has an entertaining twist...but on the whole an enjoyable read from each and love how this trilogy has been put together in one book...and how you can read the whole thing and see how each sisters lives progress...
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I will leave a review on Amazon or B&N on Mar31. 2020

Envious is a compilitation  of three previous books in a series by Lisa Jackson. I have read a lot of her later books, but these were from earlier in her career and I hadn't read them before. I found this to be an enjoyable read, especially having all the stories together in one book. This book is full of love, hate, anger, angst, heartache, and redemption. What would you do if you found out your whole life has been a lie? By reading this book you will come to understand a lot of the emotions involved in that question. I definitely would recommend this book to others.

I received an Advance Readers Copy from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my fair and honest review.
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She is one of my absolute favorite authors.
I couldn't put this book down.
I received the copy from netgalley.
there hasn't been a book of hers I don't like.
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ENVIOUS ..Lisa Jackson
Combined format of 3 novels (700 pages) and the three half sisters, giving us this story. A father when he has a heart attack tells Bliss  of the half sisters, Katie and Tiffany. Getting to know them, and their love interest, each are different, independent and strong willed. Takes place in Oregon, a bit of a mystery when a local man goes missing. Given Arc for my voluntary review and my honest opinion from ?Net Galley and Kensington.
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I was excited to read this book. As I am a big fan of Lisa Jackson. And this didn’t disappoint. I was surprised that I hadn’t read the stories before. As this is a re-release of three previous stories of hers. 
This book consists of three stories about three half sisters, in the series Family Forever. A Family Kind of Guy, A Family Kind of Gal, and A Family Kind of Wedding. These stories are about three half sisters that grow up, not knowing each other. All growing up with different lives. In the first, you meet Bliss Cawthorne. She’s the ‘legitimate’ daughter and grew up with money and a privileged life. The second is about the oldest sister, Tiffany Santini. She grew up with her mother, at first not knowing her father was alive. Then learns he is John Cawthorne. Who suddenly wants to be a part of her life. And the last story is about the youngest sister, Katie Kinkaid. Who grew up with her mother, who was married several times. She always thought that her father was one man, on of her mother’s husband’s. Then she learns of her mother’s lies, and the affair she had with the married John Cawthorne for years. 
All three women struggle with the new life and family they are learning about. And each fight attraction to the men who show up in their lives. 
This was another amazing story from Lisa Jackson. The characters were well written and incredibly likable. The story just came off the page and held your interest. It was a beautiful story of accepting family, and finding love. And all three of these women are strong and resilient. I definitely recommend giving it a read.
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How to deal with the truth and process the grief while riding off into the future united?!
That moment when three sisters learn they are sharing John their father.
Talk about kooky after all this time but add to it the fact that they must now try to get along.
Bliss is first up after having a bad breakup with Mason and now dealing with her father's heart attack which is why he felt pressured to tell the truth of the affair and the sisters she never knew she had.
Now, it's Tiffany's turn to process it all and ask-Should I let him in?
She's struggling to just get by and this added inflammation is not what she needs at the moment and certainly not when she thought he was dead. Add to this JD who she's not sure she wants in her life.
Katie is the lucky one who shares her parents love now that their both married. She was hoping to find her son's father but she's learned he passed.
Enter Luke to save the day.
It's a crazy wild ride but one that's worth the read.
Thank you to Lisa, the pub, Amazon Kindle, and NetGalley for all working together to bring this one to me.
Thank you all!
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